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Picture Spam (part 2)

SkankOut 2010

It was actually pretty boring, we spent most of the time waiting for acts and running around looking for certain lost guy friends who disappeared looking for cai the whole night. Ahem. It was just really crowded and sweaty and gross and sandy in general. Won’t be going back next year! Haha best part of the night was leaving to go eat cockles and lala at newton, but we had to walk for an hour to find a cab!

Thank goodness we didn’t pay for the tickets, my uncle managed to get us 6 free priority tickets. I’d be pretty pissed off if I’d paid good money for them!

Sheila and JY’s 6th Anniversary

JY booked a hotel room at The Sentosa, and Joe, Jackson, Janine, Sean and I headed there with him earlier to check in, and when he left to go pick Sheila up, we decorated the room with 99 lightsticks! Damn beautiful, right?


2 21-inch pizzas from Peperoni’s

For some reason we started jumping on the bed!

Got quite drunk and headed to butter and got even more drunk.

Please prepare yourself for a series of gag-inducing pouty photos

Awww so cute

There has been too much Zouk in my life. Haha I’ll always be a Butter girl. It’s homeground! :)

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Picture spam (part 1)

As some of you might know, I just came back from Japan yesterday! I was in Tokyo for a while, then headed to Nagano for snow and snowboarding and skiing! It was pretty awesome, food non-stop, but I’ll leave the pictures for another post.

Haven’t updated in a pretty long while, so I’m just gonna spam random pictures of good times since I’ve been back in Singas!

First time at Filter – it’s a club opened this year by my friends Phil, Langan and Cedric and operates on an invite-only basis.

Gets pretty crowded and hectic!

Phil and I

Sheila and Geck Geck! <3

Joe cut off his long shaggy hair! It took Von 2 whole hours, and by the time he was done there were 2 dustpans full of hair on the floor!

Wakeboarding shots


Hated my makeup that day!!!

Sheila and I modelled for a Rosebullet event at Isetan and some Shu Uemura makeup artists did our makeup but they kinda sucked. Our eye makeup was really uneven and they pasted our falsies really badly. We tried to salvage it after the event but it still looks weird!

Anyway if you haven’t heard of Rosebullet it’s a really popular brand in Japan with super hot Japanese model Lena Fujii as their campaign face. Website here -> Rosebullet


I went to Bali with my family earlier as well, it was mad fun! Love the food there, we found this magical Japanese restaurant that was REALLY GOOD and really cheap.

Had so much fun spending time with my family, they are seriously awesome <3

This is the hotel we stayed in, Padma resort.

Yup, that’s the Hollyhoque 3/4 maxi in grey! (:

My baby bro Nigel surfinnnnn

Beach dude teaching me to surf

And another Hollyhoque top, so breezy and perfect for resort-style

Random Zouking

Janine, Me, Sheila, Amanda, Jac

Me, Philbert, Elena


Best bro

Spent Christmas at my aunt’s house, then met up with the gang at Silas’ house for drinks.

It’s no secret that I LOVE babies and this is my newest cutest nephew!!! So adorable ahhhh




I just came back from watching the Rocky Horror Show with Joe at the Esplanade! He bought the tickets as part of my Christmas present, but kept it a secret that our friends, another couple, Tiff and Daryl were coming along as well! I was so surprised when they sat down next to us! :D Turns out the boys went to buy the tickets together for Tiff’s and my Christmas present! So cute <3

We all went for roast duck pizza at Timbre after cause Joe and I felt like eating some white people food after overdosing on rice and noodles for 11 days, those are seriously damn good. There is nothing like the satisfaction of a full belly! (:

The show was quite disappointing though, some ideas were really cool and worked very well, and the music and singing were fabulous, set design was pretty good too but the acting was very very weak and it just ruined the whole production. I think the actors were more of just singers and it was really obvious that it needed a lot more work. But overall it was a fun performance and I enjoyed myself!

Off to bed now, goodnight folks! (:

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Omg I’m coming back tomorrow! (:

So busy packing all my stuff yesterday and today! I have to move everything out of my room and into my new apartment as well as pack for Singapore and Japan! We bought new luggages yesterday but I still don’t think I can fit everything in! And I have to squeeze in my winter clothes for Japan! OMG.

Can’t wait to come back tomorrow and see my family and friends!!!!! (:

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Hey guys! I’ve FINALLY finished my exams! And then went out a bit and then bummed for a few days. It’s good :)

A few weeks ago it was my birthday, and Tiff and Cayla brought me out for dinner at Zushi! It’s a really cool Japanese restaurant with really really good sashimi, and the tuna tataki was perfect as well. Loved it.

My birthday nails!

They got me a mint and chocolate ice cream giant cupcake! It was sooooo sweet. AND A SINGING CANDLE HAHA.


Thanks girls for the lovely night out! <3

I only got one present this year, besides Sheila’s super early ones. Thanks Cayla! <33 Kinda bummed I didn’t get any other presents though. I remember a certain conversation about reciprocated birthday presents. Isn’t it annoying when you go through the trouble of getting people nice, uncheap presents for their birthdays and they don’t get you anything for yours? Wouldn’t you feel bad if someone got you something nice for your birthday but you didn’t get anything for them?

I’m hungry and grumpy now. Hate how I have no means of transport to go where I want when I want, and at least get food for myself that isn’t easy mac or instant noodles.

WordPress is giving me problems! Everytime I want to update it screws up my font size and spacing and I have to go in and edit the HTML for each post. So annoying! I seriously want to change host. Perhaps I will start blogging on my onsugar account too.

Anyways, stay tuned for my update about my second birthday dinner! (:



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2 papers down and 2 more to go. Marketing’s on Monday, then Biz Law next Friday and I’m DONE!!! I think I did pretty badly for Econ and Accounting though. I really need to learn how to study. And the papers were really hard. Econs in uni is SO much harder than in JC! It’s totally different man. Sigh.

Anyway. Just some luvos with Cayla we took ages ago.

Okay will try to study now! (:

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Just a heads up, I’m in the midst of my exams right now so I probably won’t be able to post many entries between now and the 12th, but after that I’ll be blogging very regularly! Can’t wait for exams to be over man it’s killing me!

See my earring? Haha Sheila sent me those for my second birthday present! Cute right? :)

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Pissed off

UPDATE: they finally replied me asking for a photo! Yay. Hope they give me my refund.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I ordered two items from Love and Bravery, a pair of shoes and a chiffon dress. They arrived at my address in Singapore, and I asked my mom to open the package to have a look at the items (since I share shoes and clothes with her) and told me that she found TWO TEARS in the dress, one at the shoulder strap area and one very big one near the armhole.

I emailed Love and Bravery twice, once on Friday and once on Saturday. It’s Monday and I still haven’t got a reply from them. I know for a fact that it’s not because they don’t work on weekends or whatever because I had actually placed an order for two more items with them a few days back, and they emailed me the invoice for payments on Saturday.

Such a shame because I really like their clothes and their model is really pretty (pleasant-looking model is very important for me in an online shop). This is my second time purchasing from a blog shop (I ordered clothes from Lucyd Acyd before – LOVE.) and I’m seriously disappointed with them. To think that they even stated in the item description that it was made of “high quality chiffon”.

I hope they reply my email eventually. I will delete/update this post if they do.

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Graftobian Pre-order!!! (CLOSED)

Update: PRE-ORDER CLOSED. Those of you who did not receive emails, sorry but I wasn’t able to take in your order. Maybe I’ll hold another one next time!

Hey guys.. This is what you have been waiting for!

Graftobian HD Glamour Creme Foundation

Many of you have heard me raving about this High-Definition foundation. I think it’s a great foundation and it has caused quite a stir in the makeup artist community. I’m not afraid to say I can’t live without it!

First of all, this is a solid cream foundation, and its texture is very smooth, buttery and blendable. It has medium to high buildable coverage, but you only need the tiniest bit to blend over your face to even out skin tone and give a glow. Using too much will definitely cause it to get all melty in the hot Singapore weather!

There are two ways to use this product, you could use a good foundation brush to dab on different parts of the face and then spread and blend it out, going over problem areas again. The second way (recommended by professionals) is to use a damp makeup sponge to apply it, and this would give a sheer even look.

Always set it with a good translucent loose powder that is preferably oil-absorbing because of our gross hot weather which causes skin to get shiny easily. You can find loose powder anywhere, the ones that most good brands sell are fine. (The one I use isn’t available in Singapore, if you’d like me to bring it in for you just leave a comment and I’ll get back to you with more details.)

My skin is combination/oily and it’s fine for me, but if your skin is EXTREMELY oily I don’t recommend this for you since it’s not a matte foundation.

The product doesn’t come in fancy packaging, just a very basic dish, but who cares as long as it’s a good product. Also it looks really small, but there’s actually 14 g of product in it, while most foundations from MAC and stuff only contain 8 to 10 g.

This is a video of my favourite makeup artist talking about it:

A chart of the shades for this foundation is available here:


If you are Chinese, you are most probably yellow-toned and you should look at the “warm” shades. As a reference, I am light-medium, NC 25 and I use Vixen. A rough guide would be:

NC 20 – Ingenue
NC 25 – Vixen
NC 30 – Temptress/Buttermilk
NC 35 – Enchantress

Please don’t ask me what shade you are because I really wouldn’t know! You can try looking for swatches online to find out.

Aside from single shades, I’ll also be bringing in palettes of 5 shades (11 g) containing Graceful Swan, Ingenue, Vixen, Temptress and Enchantress, as well as a corrector palette (see below):

The 5-shade palette is good if you are not sure of your shade, or for those of you who are quite skilful at makeup, you can use this for contouring.

These aren’t concealers, it’s the same texture as the foundation, just in corrective shades. Dab on problem areas! I’ll be getting one of these. Don’t get it if you’re not sure how to use.

If you are not ready to try a creme foundation, compact powder foundations are also available. These would be suitable for very oily skin. I have not tried these, but from what I hear they are highly pigmented and silky. They can be used either dry or wet with the provided sponge. Feel free to search for more information online.


(1) Graftobian HD Creme Foundation (Single) – $38

(2) Graftobian HD Creme Foundation (Warm Palette – 5 shades) – $53

(3) Graftobian HD Creme Foundation in Corrector Shades – $53

(4) Graftobian HD Pro Powder Foundation – $50

Please leave a comment stating:

Your Name:

Item 1

Item:  (1) / (2) / (3) / (4)

Item 2

Item: (1) / (2) / (3) / (4)

Total: $

Remember to enter your email address when submitting the comment. I will send you a confirmation email including my bank details for you to make the transfer. Sorry but I only accept POSB/DBS iBank transfers.


This pre-order will end when I decide I have enough orders.

One last thing. Whatever I said about the items are my own opinion only and not facts. Everyone has different skin and what works well on me may not work well on you. Please google for reviews and other opinions of the products if you wish. Don’t blame me if you buy it and don’t like it! Also this is my first time doing a pre-order so please join only if you’re 100% comfortable with everything!

(Order comments will not be shown for this entry)

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Three things

1. Follow me on Twitter! http://twitter.com/nicoleannleong I have a pretty twitter page! If you don’t have Twitter, go get it now! I used to think it was stupid but it’s actually really fun and addictive. Then you can follow cool people like @britneyspears and @kayascollywogs. and @sheilamansy too of course!

2. I’m thinking of shifting my blog over to self-hosted wordpress in a few weeks time after my exams, and I will commit more to blogging and keeping my site alive and beautiful! Is there someone out there who’s good at IT and design and can help me do it? :) I will love you forever!

3. A lot of you have been asking about my foundation. I use Graftobian Hi-Def cream foundation, and it is really really really really good I cannot live without it. You can try googling for reviews. It’s not available in Singapore so I will be holding a pre-order for you guys, and it will be priced at $40. Please leave a comment if you’re interested!

That’s all.


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School Face

Hola! Most of the questions you guys ask me all concern makeup, so I decided to do a little post about it.

I’ve realised that almost all the photos I’ve posted up of myself are while clubbing or taken during photoshoots, where I’m wearing heavier eye make up.

I’ve also got a few comments asking about what makeup I would wear for a simple everyday/school/work look.

Okay obviously I DON’T NORMALLY WALK AROUND WEARING THAT MUCH MAKEUP. You probably won’t even recognise me walking around during the day if you’ve only seen pictures of me with heavy eye makeup on! I like to classify makeup looks into day or night, day looks involve much fewer items, while night looks require darker colours of eyeshadow, eye liner and maybe falsies!

So here are some photos of my super lazy makeup that I wear to school, and I am wearing:

1. Foundation (Graftobian – it’s not available in Singapore)
2. Concealer (Shu Uemura)
3. Blush (Smashbox)
4. Mascara (Helena Rubinstein)

That is all. The only makeup I’m wearing on my eyes is mascara, no liner or anything.

I want people to realise that the most important eye makeup is MASCARA and it is the only thing that is completely essential. This is because your lashes are your most feminine feature, and thus it’s most important to highlight them. You don’t need eyeliner or eyeshadow, all you need is mascara. You can wear mascara without liner, but you should never EVER wear liner without mascara. Liner without mascara just looks very very harsh and your eye would look kind of bald and weird (unless you are Indian or South American or whatever and naturally have amazingly black and thick lashes of course).


Joe said the super close-up shots look really scary and alienish cause I took them from too close it makes my eyes look really far apart! Haha but I don’t care. And also you can see my carton of Indomie on top of my wardrobe :D 40 packets!

Of course this is a really really simple easy look and if you’re thinking, DUDE NICOLE YOU LOOK LIKE SHIT YOU SHOULD TOTALLY GET MORE DEFINITION FOR YOUR EYES, a good way to add some without the harshness of eye liner is to use a really thin brush and lightly apply some medium brown eyeshadow on your lashlines. I do this when I go out shopping or whatever during the daytime, liner is just too harsh. Another way is to use your pencil eye liner and draw on your upper water line BELOW your lashes. This is really subtle and makes your lashes look thick and beautiful. And always finish with mascara!

Yup hope you guys liked that!

Last night we went out to Hyde Park for some noodle festival thing, I was actually really excited on the way there, hoping to fill my tummy with some noodley deliciousness BUT THE FOOD WAS SOOO CHAT. I had the worst phad thai of my life man. Luckily I also had saffron rice and chicken, but I was left so unsatisfied. So we went to play L4D for a couple of hours, then went for KOREAN BARBECUE again! 3rd time this week! I love pork belly and seafood pancake so much.

Anyway, like my nails? I was playing around and did these free hand.

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under cover, hideaway

Hey there! Sorry I haven’t updated in a while.. although those of you who follow me on twitter would know what I’ve been up to! Life here has been really chill, although exams are in a few weeks and I REALLY need to start studying. I’ve discovered one of the greatest pleasures in life: Korean barbecue + seafood pancakes at 2 am! Yep recently we’ve been driving down to the city in the middle of the night for Korean supper! Korean food here is so amazing cause Sydney’s full of Koreans and authentic Korean restaurants and the restaurant are full of real Korean people!!! Same with Japanese food. Unlike all the fake crap we get in Singapore!

Oh and I’ve been shopping online too much! I think I’m addicted to it. I keep buying and buying and buying.. and when I’m not buying I just keep BROWSING! I can’t stop myself! Ahhhh. This is what I’ve bought online lately:

2 pairs of Tony Bianco shoes
1 pair of wedges from Love And Bravery
1 dress from Love and Bravery
Givenchy clutch (birthday present to myself)
4 x nail polish
12 x nail polish pens
nail brushes
4 foot petals tip toes in SAFARI PRINTS HAHA

And I want to get this pair of MMJ sunglasses that are super cute. And I’m ordering from ASOS soon.

Haha okay anyway, just a bunch of pictures! I really miss my friends in Singapore. Life sucks without them!

SHEILA MANDY THAM, Sean, Jackson, Steffi, Silas, Eka, Janine, Elena, Jacinda, Aruna and Weish whom I have not seen for a super long time, Jwong in Scotland and Kenny Neng in the US of A, I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH.


Like my dress? Amanda loves it and I asked Sheila to manufacture something similar but she hates bustier-like tops! :(

I did not pin up a poster of myself in my room. Think my maid put it there haha.

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Apricot Accessories

Hi guys! If you’ve noticed I’ve done an advertorial for Apricot before, wanna let you guys know that they have just launched their second collection! These are my favourites from this collection:

The last two rings, Royal Gem and Like A Love triangle are made of antique glass and both date back to the 1950s! What I like about Apricot’s rings are that they are available in super limited quantities because they’re made from rare vintage trinkets and so they are really unique. They also come in a pretty little box to ensure that they reach you undamaged!

Here’s some photos of me rocking the two rings!

Like A Love Triangle.

Royal Gem.

Good times + awesome rings.

Join the Apricot fan page on facebook to win a fabulous free gift with every ring purchase!

There are lots more designs in the collection so…



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Oh My God

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Hey there! Most of you who are Hollyhoque customers would’ve noticed that I modelled for the latest collection while I was back in Singapore!

This collection is pretty casual and basic, and here are my favourite pieces!

I just love this lace skirt in all colours! So versatile for day or night. I brought home the one in grey.

I like the cutting of this tank top. It’s perfect.

Took this knit dress home in Mint! Loooove the colour. I actually already have it in grey but this time Sheila has improved the cutting so that the area around the armholes is more fitting!

Perfect with denim cut-offs, but can be worn other ways as well, like with the sleeves rolled down or tucked into high-waisted pants. (Yeah I know there’s a funny shadow on my tummy, no idea what it is.)

Obvious choice. Perfect for uni.

Hope you all manage to snag the pieces you want before they’re sold out! (:



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Yes I have succumbed to peer pressure. Follow me please!


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All That Dazzles: Advertorial/Giveaway!

For that perfect polished look, we all know how important it is to use the right tools for everyday makeup application. Using a bad brush could ruin your entire look, no matter how good your makeup is, give you bad blending, or even feel prickly and painful against your skin!

Thankfully, All That Dazzles by Tiffany is a new online shop which manufactures makeup brushes of the highest quality, and they will be launching their very first products this Sunday, the 12th of September!

In the meantime, I am holding an exclusive giveaway of a Dazzles kabuki brush for my dear readers!

The brush:

A full, fluffy dome-shaped brush specially crafted with extremely soft goat hair, in a short handle. This brush makes application for loose powder, bronzing powder, blush effortlessly & flawlessly.
The quality of brush hair is made with top grade goat hair. We promise nothing but the best we can offer!
The brush comes with it’s own faux leather case.
[Case measures: 3.5″W x 2″H]

In my opinion, kabuki brushes are super useful and should be part of every girl’s brush collection. Because of its short handle and dense, dome-shaped hairs, it gives good control for buffing, so I especially recommend it for applying mineral makeup, and blending out blush and bronzer. Since this brush is made with such fine and soft hairs, it’ll make for an extremely smooth and comfortable application.

Not only that, with the brush’s eye-catching hot pink metallic design, it’s sure to be a stunner when you bring it around in its Dazzle case for touch-ups!

To stand a chance at winning a Dazzle kabuki brush worth $26.90, here’s what you have to do:

  1. Click here and “Like” All That Dazzle’s facebook page
  2. Leave a comment on this post including your name as on facebook, and email address. You can say anything you want in the comment, but bear in mind that I’ll be picking my favourite to be the winner.

Entries close Saturday 11th Sept at 12 pm, and we will be in contact with the winner.

Good luck! (:

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supplies, i’m back!

Hiiii I randomly decided to come home so I’m back here in Singapore for a week! So don’t be alarmed if you see me around. I’ll be leaving next monday the 13th!

BEST FRIEND!! I was trying to do the Sheila face but it’s impossible to make my upper lip touch my nose.

We how brudder.

Singapore is too too much fun!!! I have soooo many photos to post!

Just a reminder, you can fill in your email address on the right under Email Subscription to get updates on my blog!

I also have a very exciting giveaway coming up for you guys very very soon, so stay tuned! :D



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3 years and 9 months

Dear Joe, when I first met you you were short and tiny, and now you are big and fat, but I still think you are the cutest thing on earth.

Remember when I used to fall asleep all the time?

And our trip to California

Happy times at the old Butter

I think you look so good with glittery makeup

Awesome insane birthday surprises :)

You ORD lo

We’ve been through so much, and I can’t imagine life without you. Thanks for always being there to take care of me. I know you’re not perfect, but you’re pretty damn close. You are the only person who knows every single thing about me and gets me completely. Just cause you’re so special (in a chao yang special school kinda way), I give you 1 x PPFFFFBBBBLLLPPP on tummy.
I love you babyboo.

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smoking hot

(Images via Le Smoking)

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Four for whores

Damn I haven’t blogged for so long. Sorry! Sheila was just asking me why I haven’t been posting so.. Here I am! (:

I’ve been in an extremely good mood lately because I just bought two pairs of gorgeous heels from Peeptoes and Tony Bianco :D:D Was extremely upset the last week because this pair of wedges I wanted to get online were completely sold out in my size. Then I found these two pairs here in Australia IN MY SIZE! One pair was even on sale and I got them for just AU$100!!! Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to find shoes here that fit my incredibly tiny feet. YAY. So damn happy. Plus I just cooked awesome chicken thigh fillets so I’m full and satisfied.

Flow Fridays at Equilibrium. Awesome geometric skirt from Nevernude. I say awesome too much. It was a bit loose so I stitched it.

Gay clubbing! In Australia it’s illegal to sell bottles of alcohol in clubs and they have to use plastic glasses (because people tend to use them violently…) so G was extremely happy that he managed to get a bottle of Champagne in Nevermind. Felt more like the good old days back in Singapore.

We detoured to a straight club called Art Factory which is like, the closest thing to the Butter Factory here! Home <3 It’s awesome. They have an indie room and an R&B room as well! The night we went they were playing 50’s music. Extremely cute.

Bad night I chose to wear my new killer heels. We went to 4 clubs that night and because they’re all on Oxford St we WALKED up and down it so many times and ohhhh my god my feet hurt like HELL.



Love Never Dies


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Hi Elena, I tried to paint my nails neatly.

Not bad?

Btw this is my favourite colour! I don’t know what to call it. Blue with a hint of green? Turquoise? Teal? It’s most accurate in the first picture.


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Hello hello! Ahhh school’s so boring. At least I have some classes with Cayla which helps a bit :) she gave me food earrings today!!! Cause she noticed I like food stuff. Like my watermelon shoes and watermelon and banana rings. So she gave me these adorable burger, hot dog, french fries, soda and fried egg earrings! Ahaha I love them. Wearing burger and french fries right now! I think she thinks I’m retarded.

Pictures from Mandy’s birthday!

We had dinner at Blackbird Cafe at Darling Harbour. The place was really nice, we got a nice VIP-like section with good DJ, too bad the drinks and food sucked. Then we headed off to the opening of Zaia at Space! Clubbing in Sydney and Singapore is so different I swear.

Okay prepare yourself for the PICTURE OF THE NIGHT!!!!!

(Disclaimer: I did not take this photo.)



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More Singapore photos!!

Heyheyyy! How was your weekend? I had lotsa fun partying at Mandy’s birthday on Friday night and hitting up the gay bars last night! And had dinner at a sushi train restaurant that was SO GOOD.

But anyway. Yeah. Photos from Singaporeeee!!! :D (I miss everyone so much.)

Sheila and I went to cut hair at Von’s!

Von act cute buay cute

This is a weird photo.



3 x Damn Buff Ruggers

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Tights are so not pants, guys.

Ahahaha, I just read Nevernude’s blog and the girls over there cracked me up, especially Elena on her post Tights Are Not Pants and Jac on her post Tights vs Stockings.

You should know by now that tights are clearly not pants, i.e. never wear them with a tank top or any other kind of top that exposes your crotch. Because:

1. Tights are UNDERGARMENTS and they are not meant to serve as a replacement for pants.

2. I do not want to see every millimetre of your butt cellulite flapping in the wind, jiggling when you walk.


Exhibit A:

Labia, check.

Butt flab, check.

SEE? FUGLY. Yeah and that applies to your gross shiny pleather leggings as well. What the fuck are those things?! Not pants for sure.


Now Jac has brought up the issue of what counts as tights, stockings or leggings?

Basically, tights are the ones that are opaque-y and cover your whole leg including your feet, and leggings are the ones that are footless. And most of us would not be wearing stockings at this time and age.

So, obviously leggings are not pants. Even though half the ah lians in Singapore sport a tank top and leggings as their ah lian uniform. But I suppose they do it to establish their own ah lian identity, and it’s quite kind of them to let us normal people know not to stand too close to those girls wearing leggings as pants lest their ah lian germs spread to us.

But, leggings aren’t just bad as replacements for pants, they are just bad ON A WHOLE. I used to wear a pair under my super short denim skirt when I was 15, but now I realise leggings are just fucking ugly!

YUCKSSSS. Please don’t wear leggings. At all.

Oh, and one more thing. What’s fuglier than leggings? JEGGINGS.


What, you can’t afford actual jeans??

If you are guilty of wearing tights as pants, or leggings or jeggings, please just stop. Now.

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Today was Foundation Day in UNSW! I love how in Singapore Founder’s Day is celebrated with a formal assembly and speeches and stuff, and here it’s just PARTY! AWESOME MUSIC! DRINK BEEEEER!!!!

I haven’t posted these, so… Spam of many pictures from good times in Singapore!

Lunch with Philbert. He’s awesome. Nicest guy ever and such fun to shop with <3

Us Being Swift & Decisive


Cassie’s birthday :)

We went to the Night Festival.




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Sooo super sorry for the lack of updates the past week. I was busy with the start of my semester catching up with people in Sydney! And cooking and cleaning. Yesterday Kylie and I cleaned our toilet! The WHOLE THING. I even mopped the floor! Kylie was very intrigued by the fact that I had never mopped a floor before.

Over the weekend, Joe, Garrett and I went to Hunter Valley, one of the famous wine regions here in Australia. It was a 2 and a half hour drive and we went in Garrett’s new SUV.

We got there super early in the morning and paid some old guy $300 to drive us around for the day while we went touring vineyards and wine-tasting! Found some really good wines. And I found out that Garrett and I have completely opposite tastes in red wines, he likes them dry and acidic with the strong aftertaste, while I prefer heavy ones which are more rounded in taste. And Joe sucks cause he only likes white wine. Ew.

Photos taken with my new camera that Sheila got for meeee! :D:D

k byebye! I hope all of you wished Sheila a happy birthday! <3

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Advertorial: Apricot

Some of you would know that I feel super naked going out without a ring or two on my fingers! Rings are my ultimate favourite accessory, they just add that extra edge to any outfit.

Thing is, it’s often hard to find unique and pretty rings here in Singapore. I’m glad I’ve found a new online shop that sells handmade rings! This shop is Apricot!

They sent me a very special ring to show all of you!

From far, it just looks like a plain but elegant ring.

But if you look closer, you see a hidden Dark Rose!

SEE? How cool is that? When I showed my friends they were so amazed!

There are other cool designs at Apricot too, but they come in super limited pieces, making the rings exclusive and special :) Be sure to head over and get one before they’re gone!

Click here to go to Apricot’s website!

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This place is making me go mad. Why is it so fucking dirty? Why do people leave the rubbish bin OVERFLOWING? The sink all clogged up? I’m not usually high strung at all but my apartment and the people living in it are seriously agitating my inner OCD and soon enough I will be screaming at everyone.

Why are the walls so thin? If the people in the next room are awake til 4 am it means you’ll be awake til 4 am as well. Poor Joe, he’s having exams right now and can’t even have a good night’s sleep.

I can’t wait to move out.

Sorry for the lack of updates and replies to comments during my last few days in Singapore, had a lot of stuff to settle and people to say bye to.

My last night in Singapore was spent with Sheila and Sean, and I gave her her birthday present (her birthday’s on 28th July, remember to wish her!), a pair of Tiffany’s earrings. I was thinking that JY had already given her a TIffany’s necklace, bracelet and ring, so if she had the earrings it would be complete! So happy that she liked them and put them on straightaway haha. Sean came to pick us up from my place and we went to Holland V for ice cream, and stayed there talking til late. I’ll really miss these two.

Didn’t sleep at all when I got home. Started packing and before I knew it it was time to go to the airport. Had breakfast with mom & dad, it was really nice.

My flight was rather horrible though. It was supposed to be a 777 but something probably messed up and we got a super old 747 instead. The seats were so old and horrible. The European woman in front of me got to her seat and exclaimed in her funny accent, “This is business class? DISGUSTING!” And all the steward had to say was, “Err.. Yah.” FAIL. The seats were really really horrible, the screen was in the armrest and tiny, and the backrest couldn’t even recline 180 degrees. To make matters worse, when I asked the flight attendant to help me put my DFS shopping in the overhead compartment, she didn’t seem too happy. Bitch. AND she had the ugliest green eyeshadow on. Why do people do such things?! IT IS NOT FLATTERING.

Luckily in my sleep deprived state, I quickly fell asleep as soon as the plane started to take off and stayed asleep the whole flight. In the stupid seats which made my butt numb.

Soooo upsetting, considering I had such a LOVELY flight going back to Singapore from Sydney. The seats were the newer design where the backrest pulls down to form a proper 180 degree bed, and the cabin crew were SO NICE and kept talking to me. And did not wear ugly eyeshadow.

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I’m leaving for the airport in a minute..

And I’m super sad to go. Again. Just got used to life back here, being taken care of, and all my awesome friends. I DON’T WANT TO LEAVE SINGAPORE!!! :(



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so much food, so little time

So. I’m going back pretty soon, not even sure which day yet due to some complications. And as you might know, food is my favourite thing in life, so I just wanted to make a…

Checklist of Favourite Singapore Food

  1. Hokkien mee (must be the traditional dry kind on the leaf thing, not the gross wet kind) – check, multiple times
  2. Nasi Padang (with a lot of assam curry) – check, multiple times
  3. Newton lala (from Chicken Hair Auntie stall) – check, multiple times
  4. Newton BBQ sambal stingray (also from Chicken Hair Auntie stall) – check, multiple times
  5. Chilli crab – check, twice
  6. McDonald’s Garlic Chilli – check, kept some packets to bring over, yay!
  7. Chicken rice – check, twice
  8. Roast duck noodles – check multiple times
  9. Carrot Cake – check, one time only need to eat more
  10. Kiam Chai soup – check, 1 x itek tim, 1 x mommy cooked which owns the one from Ivin’s
  11. Nagomiya Japanese BBQ – check
  12. Ayam Goreng (from Es Teler at Far East, with lots of sambal and kechap manis) – check
  13. Char kway teow – check
  14. Special tom yum fish noodle thing – check
  16. McSpicy – NO CHECK! OMG!!!

I think I need more mommy-cooked food as well. I’ve only eaten her cooking twice this trip :(

Every time I’ve eaten something yummy I’ve taken a photo of it with my phone and immediately posted it on Joe’s fb wall to piss him off! Ahaha. It worked.

Nice. Mmm, food.

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yay spain

Just watched the world cup at G’s house! Fell asleep for most of the 90 minutes but luckily nothing happened, woke up just in time to watch extra time! Yay spain!!!

G’s flying back to Sydney tomorrow, and I’m leaving on Friday, tentatively.

I’m down with a super bad cold right now! Nose won’t stop leaking and I can’t stop coughing and my throat is super painful. I hate that cloudy feeling in my head. Grr. It started on the day of my Hollyhoque shoot but now it’s even worse :(

Anyway, remember the party on the Clarke Quay bridge I was talking about earlier? It turned out to be pretty cool! There was a Doc Martens fashion show, good music, and most importantly, OPEN BAR! Free flow of red and white wine, beer, and spirits including 42 below vodka! The staff were really nice and generous as well, I was very impressed. We headed to Butter after, where Steffi puked up the excessive amounts of wine consumed earlier like, everywhere.

Right before Steffi puked on us.

With Top 20 most gorgeous Tim Hue ahaha

On saturday I went for a manicure at far east with Sheila! She had her nails done in Orly Shine from the Foil FX collection (borrowed from me :D) and I had a french twist manicure, OPI’s Jade is the New Black with black tips. Love it!

Then we headed to Ivin’s for dinner with Sam and Annabelle! Itek tim <3

And then we went to Jan’s new studio apartment for some wine and champagne, and after that, BUTTER!

Two of my best fwens! <3


The cream/black dress I’m wearing is from Hollyhoque’s upcoming collection! I think it’s FAB and got many compliments wearing it out that day. Watch out for it! And remember to pair with killer heels!

This dress I wore to the Sex & the City Tuxedo party will also be in the next collection! Simple and elegant.

I should go and rest now. I seriously hope my throat gets better so I can eat more spicy food. Heh heh.


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We went down to 313 to surprise Elena today! BE HAFF BIRTH ELEN!!! <3<3 I NUMYOOOO.

She was so happy! :D Look at her face.

And we went to some bar for drinks. I <3 watermelons. Annabelle made that ring!

Oh yes remember to support Nevernude!

How hot is Jac seriously! Her legs are like ENDLESS. And she’s sooooo shy. Haha.<3

Nightnight! :)


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Ooh I just found out that for the party on the Clarke Quay bridge on Saturday there’s FREE FLOW from 10 pm to 12 am! So you get free entry under my guest list + free flow! How awesome. Let me know if you wanna come and just say you’re on my guest list at the door for free VIP entry! (:

Hehe last night was sooo funny!!!

Sheila and JY came over for dinner cause my mom cooked, she made yummy kiam chai soup which Sheila loved cause it tastes like Ivin’s itek tim.

Then Sheila and I went to pick Annabelle up and we went to Movida for Moet & Chandon’s Sex and the City party by Elegantly Wasted! The theme was Black & White tuxedo so Sheila and I wore two of Hollyhoque’s upcoming black dresses. The place was so nice! All black and white with black and white chequered floors and white and black balloons. We were given party props at the door too, all of us got black feathered masks and I got a silver hat! Needless to say, we took about 250,289 photos. Even though I was wearing my massivest heels I felt superrrr short cause all the girls there were so tall! Haha. Photos are with Sheila again! I need to get them from her. Wish she knew how to use facebook :) We drank soooo much Moet Rose. Haven’t had champagne in such a long time cause in Aussie we only drink moscato.

Then we went off to butter with everyone, managed to squeeze 6 girls in the backseat! And I had a hotdog in the car that was really good, cause it was a cheesy sausage and I spammed ALL the sauces mayo mustard tomato and chilli and onions and pickles hahaha. I was sitting my bony ass on Naomi and when she took a bite of the hotdog she dripped sauce on me so she licked it off, and there were all these suggestive things said and the guys in front were like, we should totally record this. Ahaha.

Normally I don’t go to Butter on Wednesdays cause I don’t really like the Wednesday crowd. Who does. We spent most of the time there running around cause we’d be dancing and some random would come over and be like, “Excuse m-” but then we’d be GONE cause we’re NINJAS. Haha it was hilarious. I figured out how to keep Sheila sober! Continuously feed her ice cubes the whole night. I really like dancing with Anna and Sheila! <3<3 Even though the music was hip hop. Oh and there were so many old uncles in the VIP how gross.

The few photos from Sean’s camera:

Yah I know I’m fat :(

Andrew busy DJ-ing

Okay gotta go surprise someone. KEKEKE. BYE.

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happy birthday Annabelle!

Finally had some Nagomiya with the girls last night! The food was still delish (pork rib and beef tongue… ZOMG), and Cindy our favourite waitress was so happy and surprised to see me! But sadly, they’ve jacked up their prices quite a bit which makes me kinda disappointed cause you know, it’s just against principles. Small good restaurant moves to a nicer place and they promise they would still be the same and not jack up prices but eventually when they get popular, they still do. They even tried to change the menu! Which made Sheila have a total fit. It’s so different now that even Cindy the waitress says she’s not happy working there anymore and is leaving soon. So sad! I doubt we’ll be going back there much more when she leaves also. I hope she’ll teach me the secret of marinating those pork ribs and beef tongue before she goes! Hahaha.

Sheila and I bought Annabelle a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, and Sam was like 2 hours late (what’s new). Hope Anna likes her present! (: After dinner we went to Anna’s house to finish the durian cake that her family got her. So yummy! I looooove durians. She says it’s from Goodwood Park hotel. I wanna go there for high tea soon!

And Anna has this thing about people not sitting on her bed or even TOUCHING it, so we were just lying and rolling around on the floor, it was quite funny haha. It’s been pretty long since all of us hung out together, it was really nice talking rubbish with them again.

And I don’t have pictures cause they’re in Sheila’s camera! We made Cindy take soooo many pictures of us hahaha! And and and I’m so incredibly stupid I forgot to bring my camera charger back from Aussie. So I stole Sean’s camera! It’s so small and cute, much like his.. er, face. HAHA.


On Saturday (3rd July) I’m heading down to Read Bridge at Clarke Quay for the closing party of the Singapore River Festival! DJ Kidda from the UK and The Mix Up Crew from Thailand will be spinning that night, and there will be an exclusive fashion show too!

I love parties at random places, and I think it’s super cool that this one is on a BRIDGE! Like, BEAT THAT! Haha. In case you’re not sure of which bridge, it’s the fat one at Clarke Quay. Yup, that one.

Entry for this party is strictly by guest list only, so just leave a comment to let me know, and mention that you’re on Nicole’s guest list at the door for VIP entry!



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Why is Singapore always so full of drama. Sigh. I love my friends and wish all of them were happy. I wish they would just talk to each other and hear the different sides of the story instead of judging, cause after all we’re damn good friends, what’s there to judge. It seems like there’ll always be outside influence somehow fucking up our clique.

Nothing much more to say, met up with all my friends over the weekend. Damn happy to see them. Got drunk. Talked to a wall. Had a ball. Don’t remember taking half of the pictures.

Gotta go now, meeting Sheila & Sam & Annabelle. <3


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Advertorial: NEVERNUDE

Nevernude is a brand new blogshop by Jacinda, Elena, Janine and Amanda!

“According to Arrested Development, Nevernude is “exactly what it sounds like”, a disease or a phobia where the sufferer finds it impossible to be naked. We, at Nevernude, have a mission; to make you love our clothes so much that you find it difficult to go nude. We are four girls with very different styles who share a passion for fashion, and Nevernude is our fashion project.”

Their first collection has just been launched!

Some looks I like:

Chic, huh?


Have fun shopping! (:

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I’m back, yall!

Omg why is Singapore so hot??? I touched down and started perspiring immediately.

Sooo happy to see my family again. It’s just so nice to be at home with people taking care of you. My brother’s taller than me now! But still way skinnier haha. Hi Nigel if you’re reading this :D

Met Elena last night at the prata house for supper then she came over to watch TV and paint nails. Missed her so much! <3

Gonna head to Butter tonight finally!

Anyway if you didn’t already know, Hollyhoque launched a new collection this morning!

The highlights for me would definitely be the Shoulder Embellished Side Ruches Dress and the Diamond Cut Out M-Shape Top!

I love the interesting silhouette. It’s edgy and pretty at the same time.

And this is so elegant! Perfect for partying or dinners.

Another nice piece is the Strip Across Knit Top, chic and comfy. I’d wear this to Uni, or for a lunch with girlfriends.

Go check out www.hollyhoque.com before these lovely designs are sold out!

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Coming home tomorrow

Exams are finally over, and I’m finally coming home tomorrow. I’m so excited to see all my friends and family back home (and big comfy bed and princess treatment), but I’m gonna miss Joe :(

Time has passed so quickly, half a year has gone by since I came to Australia, and I think I’ve changed a lot. I’ve been through so much, learnt so much and I’ve really enjoyed it. Life here is so different from in Singapore where I never had to lift a finger, every single thing I wanted was provided for, and I took all the small things for granted. The basic stuff like having to wash dishes after you eat. I had no idea what a complete bother it was. Back home after eating I’d just walk off and everything would be magically cleaned and taken care of, but here the mess doesn’t magically go away. I have to wash every single piece of cutlery or plate or pan. I didn’t realise there was so much trouble involved in having a meal. Back home when I got ready to go out I’d try on clothes and just leave them in a pile on the floor, on my bed, EVERYWHERE and when I came back everything would be perfectly neat again, but here the mess doesn’t go away. Everything requires discipline. Don’t leave the dirty dishes in the sink and walk away, remember to hang your coats up.

Anyway, Garrett’s here now and he’s gonna start at UNSW in semester 2, I’m really happy that he’s here. He’s coming back to Singapore for a week as well. I spent the whole day car shopping with him and his mom yesterday (coolest mom ever <3) and we found a nice jeep! And had drinks at my apartment again at night, with Cayla and Jamie as well. Which ended up with Cayla and I giggling uncontrollably and doing pirouettes around my kitchen. I don’t know.

Pictures from a night out at Verandah! Clubbing here is so different as well.. The culture is completely different, there’s no tables to book and drink at, everyone just stands, and there’s no VIPs or VIP area or anything.. And all the clubs I’ve been to are TINY. People generally don’t dress very well. And the music is pretty bad. Haha. And the worst part is we actually have to pay for entry! The boys were like OMG. Sigh. But we have fun anyway.

The two girls are Cayla and Jess, the two best friends I’ve made here! <3

Ok gonna go pack now, see you all very soon! :):)


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Zomg it looks awesome!

The new iOS 4 features multi-tasking! Which means you can run apps simultaneously and switch between them. Like, Bejeweled, read and reply SMS, then straight back to Bejeweled. This is a very crucial feature that has been lacking with the iPhones and iTouches and iPad (ew) so far, and it’s something I’ve been hoping for for a long time. Nice job, Apple!

The phone is 24% slimmer, and encased in scratch-resistant glass on the front, as well as on the back, giving it a super sleek, sexy, sophisticated look (I alliterate). It’s also got an amped-up display which has supposedly 4 times the resolution of the current iPhone 3G. The camera is also now 5 megapixels, and has an LED flash.

The point they’re trying to sell the hardest is the forward-facing camera, which lets you make video calls. This is pretty neat but it isn’t new, so why are they trying to make it sound all revolutionary?! Also it only works in wi-fi zones. For now.

It comes out in Australia and Singapore in July, a month after its release in the US and 4 other countries. Needless to say, having owned every other version of the iPhone, I WANT THIS ONE!!!!! (The black one. The white one looks really ugly from the front.)

Click on the image below to jump to Apple’s website (if they haven’t already SPAMMED your inbox), where you can read more about it and watch videos of Steve Jobs and other balding men talk about how great their product is.

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crush a bit little bit roll it up take a hit

Aaaaand… No hangover. My liver is brilliant.

My blog views has taken a serious hit thanks to me being lazy and not blogging for so long.. :( where are my loyal readers! Haha..

Wow my life seriously revolves around food. Since I wake up in the morning I start thinking about what I’m gonna have for lunch, then after lunch I look forward to dinner, deciding what flavours I should add to my cooking, or where to go if we’re eating out. And then after dinner I start marinating meat for the next day’s dinner! And one thing about me is that when I’m set on eating a certain food, I MUST HAVE IT. If the restaurant I wanna go to is closed, or they don’t have the dish I want, I THROW A HUGE TANTRUM. Hahaha.

Anyway, this is a roast pork leg that my roomie Kylie and I roasted in our sucky oven! Yummyyyyy. I’m getting really good at making gravy from scratch as well! Caramelised red onions + beef stock + butter + milk + rosemary + black pepper + red wine + DRIPPINGS FROM ROAST then quick spin with corn starch to thicken. Easy peasy, and VERY yummy. So, the roast:

The crackling was so delicious and crispy!

Last week my friend Cayla brought me to her favourite cupcake shop in the city.

This is what we got.. Chocolate, Passionfruit,
Strawberries&Cream and Black Forest!

I shall end off with some camwhoring shots. I don’t actually take pictures of myself very often. Not one of those girls. But indulge me please.

Shopping outfit. Very memorable day. Haha.

My camera sucks.

And yup, that’s my bedroom. Pathetic, huh? It’s about 1/3 the size of my bedroom back in sg. :(

I would really like to upload my photos in a larger size, but the text column is too narrow. If you click on a photo, then click again I think you’d be able to view it larger. Anyone got a solution? Maybe I should change my layout!

Hmm, later!


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Winter, officially

It’s winter here but in Sydney it doesn’t snow, the sun sets at 5 and it just rains and rains and rains and the winds kill you. On days like these I just love to snuggle up warm and comfy in bed with Joe all day.

It’s what is a Didi’s 22nd what is a birthday today! I’m gonna cook some yummy herbed drumsticks for dinner, then everyone’s coming over for drinks. Just a little party cause he hates making a big fuss over birthdays.

Some Hollyhoque goodies that Sheila has sent should be flying towards me now, I’m so excited to get my hands on them! She’s sending me a jacket and a couple of dresses, and some random stuff she bought for me in Korea, and some dresses for my friends as well! Thanks Sheila! <3 I’ve shown the Hollyhoque website to a few of my friends and they love the clothes and their super affordable prices.

Also, has anyone noticed that Joyce looks super different in the Hollyhoque shoots nowadays? She’s looking better and better for each shoot! I really like the way she does her make up nowadays, with the thick falsies and all. She looks like one of those Taiwanese models yeah? It’s sad that she’s coming to Australia to study as well, and now we need to find a new model for Hollyhoque! Let me know if you know any pretty girls who’ll look good in Hollyhoque’s clothes!

Hmmm these days I seem to be addicted to shopping online.. I wanna order heaps of stuff from ASOS cause of their cheap international shipping! I need to get some good boots but I don’t know where to find them in size 35 here!

Oh yes, this is long overdue, but a couple of readers sent in their nail polish shots and I really love them!

Rachelle’s Zebra Konad manicure with OPI’s Done Out in Deco! Really cool and pretty well done! :)

And this is Nicole Neubronner’s favourite polish, Ate Berries in the Canaries from OPI! A lovely bright creme!

Thanks for sending in those photos of your nails, girls! Keep sending photos in to nicooole@gmail.com to be featured on my blog if I loooove your nails!

Now for my silly nails of the week:



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Right now I wish I were…

Sprawled on the TSD (Theatre Studies & Drama) black box floor back in RJC in my acrylic paint-covered PE t-shirt and fbts designing and shaping some grotesque theatrical mask from brown parcel paper and patience with Steffi next to me, knowing that the end product was going to be fantastic no matter what, cause making masks was what I did best.

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I have neglected you :(

School has been driving me crazy with so many projects due at the same time and tests, and when there are none I just want to curl up and my bed and SLEEP, get drunk, or watch gossip girl and how I met your mother and house and scrubs.

Exams are in a week, and I haven’t started studying. Completely and utterly screwed. Well at least I’ve done pretty damn well for all of my projects, which make up a large proportion of my final grades.

So it’s been intense. I’ve had such horrible times, not sleeping for days, but also fabulous times out with my girlies. I promise to do a proper long post after my exams! They end on the 18th, and Garrett is coming over on the 19th, it’s gonna be mad fun, I can’t wait. Stay tuned!!

And one last thing, I’m coming back end June for 3 weeks!!!!!!!!! CANNOT WAIT.

Ciao! xx

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Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been so busy this week! School’s started already, and omfg it’s sooo boring. Not to mention I don’t know anyone in half of my classes, and since I’m the kind of person who really needs someone to talk to all the time, it’s so annoying sitting in a 2 hour lecture alone! Sigh :(

Part of why I’ve been so busy lately is cause Garrett came up to visit us this week, so we’ve been taking him around and going out to dinners and stuff!

Anyway, since you guys would know how much I LOVE nail polish, and if you love nail polish just as much as I do…

I want you guys to send me photos of YOUR nails in YOUR favourite polish at nicooole@gmail.com (and please include the name of the shade), and I’ll pick my favourites to post up here! (:

Alright? Come on fellow nail polish fanatics! :D

Going to watch Alice In Wonderland now! Finally. BTW I just paid A$21.50 for a movie tickets which is like S$28!!! WTF?!


lotsa <3, nic

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I am now the proud owner of Nfu Ohs #51 and #52!!! yayyyyuhhh

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I think people should really learn to spell and type properly.

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Boogie Down Butter on thursday

Heya, even though I’m not in Singapore, you guys can still use my guestlist this thursday!

Drink promotion will be March promo: Chivas bottle at $198 & 1 for 1 all night on housepours by glass and jug.

Just go to the door and say you’re on Nicole’s guestlist ya!

Cheers (:

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Online at last

Hiiii I just got my internet plan! Internet here is so expensive.. And I can’t get an unlimited plan either. :( Our roommates and Joe and I just cleaned our ENTIRE FREAKING APARTMENT! Washed the floors and toilets, vacuumed the carpets and washed two fucking filthy balconies. WOOHOO.

We found a super good Indo restaurant, thank god.. The sambal there is sooo delicious.

Here’s a picture of us at our uni!

At the airport when we left :(:( Some of our friends even stayed over at the airport because ours was a super early morning flight and they didn’t want to oversleep. Thanks guys! <3<3<3

These are the VIPs of our lives <3

Sydney Opera House

And some shots from our last night out in Singapore! At Butter, of course.

Last wakeboarding in Singapore.. Joe got himself an awesome new board! It lights up when he jumps. Which of course you can see because we go wakeboarding in the middle of the night. Real smart.

And this is Essie Mesmerize! Taken in my old room.. Which I miss to bits. I want my big bed!!!


<3 nic

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I’m alive!

Hellooooo! Omg this is the first time I’m online since I got here.

Sydney is awesome! I just had the most amazing peking duck at a Chinese restaurant Dai-wen brought us to!

These 2 days have been incredibly busy, we’ve been literally setting up house, buying sheets and pillows and pots and pans, unpacking and organizing everything. I feel so grown up! BTW we got really really awesome pillows that I’m super happy about, the full comfy micro fibre kind. They’re like comparable to the gel fibre ones that I used in Singapore!

I was really worried about what my roommates were gonna be like, but THANK GOD they are cool and nice to chill and drink beer with. They’re a really tall couple from elsewhere in Aus (I always end up hanging out with tall people huh, G and Steffi) and I mean REALLY TALL the girl is taller than Joe! And they listen to good music which is super important.

I’ll take pictures of my room and post up when I’ve tidied it proper so you can see what it looks like :D I’m trying sooo hard to be neat. I’m naturally a very messy (and lazy) person, so it takes a lot of effort. Living on my own really makes me appreciate all the small things my mom and maid used to do for me, like buying lunch and picking up all the crap I leave around on the floor, folding clothes and getting drinks for me.

Luckily my dad is here with me to help me get everything (and pay so I can get good quality stuff..) and set up all my crap.

Currently very proud of myself for finishing my unpacking and setting up everything! :D:D

Update again soon!



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nicole is sad to go.

leaving in 11 hours.

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Chinese New Year!

Hi everyone! How was CNY? Did you eat lots of bakkua? :D

I really enjoyed CNY this year cause I got to spend lots of time with my mom’s side relatives (the side that I’m closer to), and since she has 11 siblings, which means I have tons of cousins, it’s always such a noisy fun time!

Reunion dinner and the first day’s gatherings were the last times that I’d get to see them before I leave :( I’m really going to miss all of them! For reunion dinner we went to my cousin’s penthouse, and the kids and I hung out on the lovely roof garden the whole time. And on the first day of the new year we went to this cool temple where my maternal grandparents’ ashes are kept! It’s really interesting to see the elaborate interior of the temple and all the monks chanting! At night we went to my uncle’s house, and I had my favourite kiam cai soup that he cooks only once a year! All of us look forward to eating it every year and we have many many bowls each, it’s soooo yum!

Oh yes, my aunties and cousin and Joe’s parents also gave me bonus angbao because I’m leaving! Yayy :D I’m gonna try and save most of it though!

Since Garrett has my memory card, I’ll just post pictures that I took with my iPhone – all the teeny tiny little babies! Heehee I love babieeessss. These are all my newest nieces and nephews!


Ashlynn! I looove her chubby cheeks and funky hair!


My favourite niece Gabby! She is such a little sweetie! <3

Kimberley and Gabby! They are sooo tiny!

Took these 4 pictures at the playground of my grand-uncle and grand-auntie’s house that we visit every year!

Gabby and sleepy little brother, Gavin. Awwww!

So many cute babies!

Oh and for Vday, Joe got me a Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch! I love it so much!

I’ll update again later and post more pictures when I get my memory card back! And also post up pictures of Butter on friday and last night’s dinner at il Lido!

Happy Chinese new year!



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The Pull at The Butter Factory TONIGHT!!

Oh yeah I totally forgot to tell you guys!

Still looking for that special someone to spend your Valentine’s Day with??

Welcome to the 2nd Edition of “The Pull”
We’re bringing you our own twist on speed-dating, meets business networking, meets general merrymaking at your favorite neighborhood watering hole The Butter Factory.

Sick of going to a club so packed and loud that you couldn’t have a proper conversation with someone?
Spotted a cutie by the bar surrounded by 10 friends and you’re too shy to walk over?
Hate the possibility of the embarrassment of being brushed off or ignored?

We take the awkwardness out of approaching that cute guy or girl you really wanted to speak/flirt/dance with.
Let our cupids do the work. This time we’ll have 5, you heard it, 5 cupids doing matchmaking so you’ll be guaranteed to meet at least a handful of others over the evening.

All you have to do is go to the door and say you’re on NICOLE’S GUESTLIST for free priority entry! I have unlimited guestlist so don’t be shy, and bring as many friends as you want! (:

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Good morning! Haha yesterday was so fun! Joe and I went shopping, he bought a cute polka dotted polo and I bought new shorts for wakeboarding cause I have so little um.. sporty clothes. It’s so hard to find awesome board wear for girls cause they usually have stupid floral prints and stuff like that but I totally love Volcom! The other surf brands like Ripcurl and all are so disgusting.. Only Volcom has awesome prints! Joe’s fabulous colourful boardshorts are from there too! I also bought a Shu Uemura foundation, because as you can see I’m like 10000x tanner now and needed to get a new one so I decided to try something other than mineral powders! The sales assistant was saying my skin is damn dry, and it’s already so much better compared to last week. Last week it was peeling like MAD! :( Having combination skin is such a hassle.

Then we met up with Sydney friends Eric and Dai-wen and Emily, and headed to Holland for dinner and ice cream. Jwong and Garrett came too! After that we went to Eric’s place to have Joe’s bottle of ice wine and some beers. And then at 2 am we went mad, suddenly decided to strip down to our underwear and jump into the pool! Omg FREEZING much! Haha it was sooo hilarious.

Anyway, I wanted to show you one of my favourite polishes, it’s a holographic one, China Glaze Let’s Do It In 3D.

This is with topcoat, under flash:

Just painted! So messy! :(

Haha my hand looks like a baby hand next to Joe’s!! This just looks so ridiculous!

And this is the same polish with Essie’s Matte About You topcoat, which transforms polishes to give them a matte finish:

Amazing!! You can’t see it properly from the pictures, but it’s like translucent, feathery, completely matte graphite! I love both versions just as much!

I’ve been asked about my preferences in polishes, and I must say my usual colours would be bright or dark vampy cremes. I hate hate HATE shimmer polishes, they just look so ugly, as well as sparse glitter ones, which just look plain unsophisticated. However, I loooove polishes where the whole thing is packed FULL of glitter spam (with no space in between), and the glitter has to be complex and fascinating to stare at. Ahhhh! Basically I only like very unique colours, with absolutely no tolerance for pretty pink ones (and the kind of people who wear them), or even worse, PALE PINK AND SHIMMERY OH MY GOD YUCK JUST DIE RIGHT NOW. And one of my most hated colours EVER is yellow that’s paler than a perfect bright sunny egg yolk yellow. I’m sure you know what I mean..

–> The right yellow. All other yellows are wrong.

I want a polish this colour that comes in a good formula, with absolutely no shimmer.

Oh yeah, Skins series 4 is out already, have you guys seen the first two episodes? Btw, if you don’t know what Skins is, you’re sorely missing out.. It’s a British teen drama that is absolutely brilliant. And fucked up. And the best thing ever. Go watch now!!!



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everytime I look into your eyes I see the future…

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me and I apologise for my little hiatus. 10 days left in Singapore now, I’ve been so occupied preparing and settling stuff, spending time with the people I’m gonna be leaving behind here.

The guys threw us a surprise farewell barbecue yesterday at Garrett’s! They bluffed us it was his housewarming party, and while we were sitting down eating, they randomly shouted, “SURPRISE!!” which was really confusing. Haha thanks guys!! :D Steffi, Jac, Elena, Janine, Dwi, Eka, Sonia, Jackson, Kenny, Hermann, Jwong, Peeyoomet and Garrett WE’LL MISS YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCHHHHH :(:(:(:(

Some snapshots of my recent life:

Marshmallows are always the best part of barbecues!! Who wouldn’t love the crispy-outside, sweet and gooey inside PURE DELICIOUSNESS? ‘Cept Jackson of course.


My friend Elena who has a butt on her chest. YOUR CRACK’S SHOWING!

Dinner at Jewelbox at Mt Faber! Nice place, nice view, so-so food.

Got sunblock?

We’ve been going eating at interesting places a lot! We’ve already planned dinner for the whole week and next too! MAKAN GANG.



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I am nail polish crazy. Really crazy. I’m painting my nails allll the time and I have tons of polish which clutters up many rooms in my house. Joe once asked me if I had to choose between him and nail polish, which I would pick, and of course I said polish! :D

Okay and these are the polish I want!

OPI Dating A Royal

This is a pretty old shade, it came out in 2008 I think. I saw this for the first time at a nail salon but they didn’t want to open the bottle for manicures. Forgot all about it then I saw this swatch online today! I already have a very similar blue, Essie Mesmerize, but this is such a perfect blue, I don’t know if I can resist! (:

China Glaze Four Leaf Clover

This is from China Glaze’s spring 2010 collection Up and Away! What a gorgeous, gorgeous colour. As you can probably tell, I’m incredibly impartial to blues and greens and this is blue AND green, my absolute favourite colour! I have a whole bunch of colours like this and I’m not gonna stop collecting ’em! Woohoo I looove this.

New York Summer Amaranth

This is such a pleasing medium dusty-looking green! Totally the kind of colour that attracts me hah!

The elusive NARS zulu!!!!

Omg this one is my ultimate dream polish. A green, almost black JELLY polish, THAT I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET because it was a limited edition color and extremely extremely EXTREMELY hard to find :(:(:( I LOVE IT SO MUCH THOUGH. :'(

If anybody knows where to get a bottle, PLEASE LET ME KNOW I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER.

Nfu Oh #51

WOW. Normally I am anti-glitter (the sparse kind) and anti-shimmer (still very much am) but this is just AMAZING. It’s a flaky polish, with large iridescent flakes in a jelly base. The Nfu Ohs are almost impossible to purchase here in Singapore though (trust me I’ve done my research!) and aren’t available on the common e-tailers in the states like transdesign.com! I’m trying to find some way to purchase from Aussie retailers but they’re all out of stock at the moment as well!

Nfu Oh #52


Nfu Oh #60

Less eyecatching but very cool still. Looks like burning embers.

If you know any place in Singapore that sells the Nfu Ohs individually please let me know!! (:



p.s. Photo credits to respective photo owners who have stamped their names on the pictures.

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Live Fast And Die Young

Hiiii. From today, there’s officially exactly 1 month before I leave for Sydney. I’m just preparing myself for the huge changes to come, thinking about how I’m going to cope. Spending time with friends I’m gonna miss. I seriously don’t know how I’m gonna survive without you guys.

Dwi’s birthday muffin!

Camwhore friend Peeyoomet!

Peeyoomet’s house for dinner and drinks!

Jac, Marese and me! DANCERS <3

Rachel was back from New York!

Me and Shaun

Camwhore some more (YELLOW NAILZZ!!)

And Rachel bought a hell lot of champagne when she doesn’t even drink.


Coolest Kid

BOARDING ON SATURDAY omg we had so much fun!! Don’s boat is like the biggest boat around and it has hugeass speakers with damn solid bass. Joe did a 25 minute-long electro mix beforehand and he mixed in a recording of me going “PEEYOOMET!!!” at the funniest times, like during the chorus of Bonkers and Pon de Floor and we blasted it on the boat and it was fuckingggg funnyyyyy. Towards the end Dwi, Steffi and I got on the back of the boat and started blasting super old school secondary school clubbing days hip hop JAMS like Walk It Out and Get Low and started dancing super retardedly and all the other boats were staring at us :\ BUT IT WAS SUPER FUN HAHAHAHA.

We stayed on the boat for 6 whole hours that day, and rode back under the setting sun, lying on the deck with Time To Pretend playing. Magical. (:

Instructor Don and Dwi!

It’s quite a nice feeling to communally piss in the ocean

Wow the pictures took extremely long to upload. Seeya!



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THE PULL @ The Butter Factory – A Speed Drink Dating Party

Thursday, January 14th, 2010, 9pm to 3am


1) “The Pull” starts promptly at 9pm, and ends at 3am

2) All guys must reserve a table to participate in the matchmaking

3) Ladies will be introduced to guys at the tables by our cupids.

Ladies that have reserved tables can get our cupid to introduce guys to them too.

4) Ladies – you’ve got to be sporting and sit down for at least one drink with all guys introduced to by cupids. Once you’re done with that drink you can stay for another or move on.

5) Ladies on the dancefloor are off limits. If you don’t want a cupid near you, keep dancing!

FREE ENTRY FOR BOTH LADIES AND GUYS by going to the door and saying you’re on Nicole’s guestlist!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment! (:

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Hollyhoque launch in less than an hour…

Here’re a quick preview of my personal favourite from this collection!

This is the dress I wore to Butter (in the previous post)! Really love the metallic neck details.

The back of this dress is completely smocked from side to side so it can stretch to fit those of a larger PTP! And I was wearing a regular strapless bra for the shoot, this dress won’t reveal the back of your bra don’t worry! (:

Perfect for a dressed-down, yet stylish day.

Another dress with an interesting back! The material of the dress is linen, gives a very laid-back feel.

This oversized sweater is definitely one of my top picks! Comes with a button-down back for an interesting twist!

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Where’s yo head at????

HELLO. Sorry I haven’t been posting these few days! Been very busy over the weekend. I went wakeboarding again! This is the fourth time I’ve went already, I can move about quite a lot and cross the wake both sides!! YAY. We went on both saturday and sunday because the guys are very ONZ about it. Saturday was SUCH A BAD DAY not funny. Wakeboading was horrible because it was sooo crowded and there were so many boats there, each time a boat came near us there would be horrible rollers and it would get choppy and I would just fall. Think I wasn’t used to the boat also cause we went with a different guy, it was so so bad. All of us kept falling down, even Steffi the experienced pro. AND. MY FUCKING NEW MARC JACOBS SUNGLASSES GOT KNOCKED OFF MY FACE BY THE ROPE AND FELL INTO THE FUCKING WATER!!!!!! And now they are at the bottom of like, the punggol sea. OMGGGGG. So pissed off. Now I want new shades!!!

Wakeboarding on Sunday was super good though, we went with yet another guy and his boat is hugeee and beautiful and he has amazing speakers for blasting music :D That’s when I finally managed to cross the left wake! Elena the noob came also, but she didn’t really manage to get up at all :( What a waste, hope she manages to stand up properly next time!

By the way I am SUPER TAN now okay. Think I’m darker than sheila!!! But my face is peeling and nose is red and eyebags super bad. ARGH.

Okay okay, who actually wants to read all these words that I’m typing.. I say, PICTURE TIME!


Joe’s snazzy new Volcoms

Steffi being sex

Me err eating or something

It is very fast.



My new boyfriend Tom. What a total hottie.

Me Garrett and Bobby being totally schmexy.

Anyway the dress I’m wearing will be launched in tomorrow’s Hollyhoque collections! Even though you can’t really see it properly. It’s damn gorgeous!

We <3 Fash!

I finally got to watch Sherlock Holmes last night! It was damn good! After I went with Joe Garrett and Peeyoomet for 21 inch pizza!! Omg so yum

And today I went for a HH shoot (yes with disgusting burnt face and gigantic eyebags) with our new pretty model! (:(: SECRET. Aren’t you excited!! Yes she’s taller than me -.- about 1.63 m and UK 6-8! Haha you’ll get to see her on the new Hollyhoque.com next week! You guys will love her as the new face of Hollyhoque!

Ok I shall be getting to sleep. Joe’s already asleep sprawled all over my bed. Oh dear. Goodnight! <3


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Heyyy! This is just an appeal to all Hollyhoque customers, Sheila’s been really super busy and stressed out lately, I’m really worried for her! Juggling her internship and Hollyhoque is really not easy at all, and it’s taking its toll on her health, she’s fallen sick yet again! So please please try to be patient and understand if she takes a little longer to get back to you and stuff, and try not to bug her with questions that are not extremely pressing, cause you may not know this but even replying emails and answering questions take hours and hours of her time everyday! And please try and be understanding if there are little mistakes made, she’s really trying her best! A healthy Sheila = pretty clothes for everyone yeah? (:

If you have some time do drop by her blog and give her some encouragement too okay? (:

Take care Sheila! <3

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salad cream

I woke up super early again this morning cause I was drinking last night at zouk! Something wrong with me.. Joe’s still fast asleep, and he just tapped me and told me to hurry up go get my stamp so we can go into zouk. That boy sleep-talks the funniest things. Once he told me he loves me very much, as much as 21 pieces of kfc chicken!! Wtf!

Anyway just another reminder that all of you are welcome to use my guestlist for Butter tonight, feel free to tell all your friends about it too! Everyone gets free entry! The party will be taking place at FASH okay? Pop hits and hip hop jams will be spinning all night! And drinks are 1 FOR 1!!! :D Just go to the door and say you’re on Nicole’s guestlist for free VIP entry! (:

These first few pictures were taken at the recent readysetglo with THE BLOODY BEETROOTS!! They’re fucking awesome! <333×10000 and they are so cute with their venom masks. 1, 2, WOOP WOOP!

My boyfriend’s cheeks are pinker than my blush!

Yucks Joe! Haha

You know you’re a true bro when your guy friends call you Nicholas.

Damnit Steffi why are you always so cute?!

Woookayyy BYEBYE!


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Free entry to the Butter Factory this thursday!

Bring as many friends as you want, guys or girls, just go to the door and say you’re under Nicole’s guestlist for free entry! Drinks by the glass and jug are 1-for-1 all night too (:

The event taking place is Boogie Down Butter, which specially caters to a more exclusive and VIP crowd, and the music spinning will be really good to rock out and dance to, from old school hip hop jams to new school top chart hits!

I’d recommend everyone to go at around 11 pm cause that’s when the party really gets started!

Hope to see all of you, let me know if you’re coming okay? Any questions just leave a comment!



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undercover overground

Good morning, just woke up! So sleeeepy. Joe’s in Malaysia playing golf with Eric! I’m so bored. I realise Joe accounts for 90% of my entertainment! He’s always doing stupid things like making stupid noises and trying to disturb me. But he’s coming back in a few hours yay!

Yesterday I had a photoshoot for Hollyhoque’s next collection! The clothes coming up are SUPER NICE by the way! Some party dresses, some day dresses and some warm comfiness! :D Then we went back to Sheila’s place to launch last night’s collection! She pressed the button at 830 sharp! Haha just in time. Sheila and I were so hungry and JY refused to drive us to eat so we literally RAN to Ivin’s! HAHA two hungry gnomes! The chicken curry there was damn good but no itek tim :(:(:(:( then we went back and I did invoicing until 2 AM! Bloody tired and blur. If any of you received invoicing mistakes, SORRY! :\

I just realised I still haven’t uploaded these! Hahaha <3 our bi-annual photoshoot at umm. Secret location. HAHA it’s damn obvious.

Dinner at Chikuyotei <3 Sam’s arm looks normal here! Haha it’s just your stupid hi-tech camera Sheila!

My sparkly nails at the time

Her hi-tech camera

My low-tech one :(

Our matching camera straps cute right! I love my retarded monkey.

Ok WAO so many pictures from last decade. I’M SO BORED! :(

Can’t wait to wear my new Hollyhoque stuff! :D:D:D:D

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Hollyhoque launch coming up soon!

Heyhey! There’ll be a pretty big surprise with this launch! Heh heh :D Look out for all the lovely dresses exclusively manufactured by Hollyhoque in bright, beautiful colours! Here’s a teaser:

Haha silly pictures with Joe. He was especially fat when this was taken! Look at his chubby face hahaha.

Excited? Me too! (:


Nicole Ann

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Hi everyone! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! My Christmas Eve dinner was at my aunt’s house, and there was lots of yummy food, like the turkey my mommy roasted! She soaked it in some special sugar and salt brine so that it would be really tender, and it really was! Yummiest juiciest turkey I’ve ever had!

My Daddydoo, Chief Turkey Carver

This is my newest niece! Isn’t she sooo chubby and adorable? Love the ‘do!

After dinner we went to Eka’s new house! His aunt lives 6 floors up so we chilled there first, and got lectured about the art of opera singing by his weird British uncle. Then we went back down to Eka’s and sat around for the rest of the night. Btw I <3 myojo’s tom yam cup noodles! Anyway Eka’s new house is nice, I like it a lot.


And my little brother is a Christmas Eve baby! So a few days ago my cousins and I took him out for a little surprise celebration. He’s 13 now! But he still looks like he’s 9 or 10! Even smaller than me! But not for long :(

Nicole and Nigel

And these are some pictures from our pre-Christmas mambo!

Jac and me!

Jac, me, Chris and Janine!

I’ll post up pictures of my Christmas loot soon! Stay tuned! (:


Nicole! :D

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Pictures from last weekend!

I haven’t been able to upload these! Too caught up with Christmas shopping!

Last Saturday was Sean Poh XBY’s officer commissioning parade, so the whole gang went all the way to Jurong to watch!

Kenny, Sean, Jackson, Joe

Mike and Joe

Janine, Mike and me

All of us :)

Then Joe and I headed back to his place for a dinner party his parents were throwing. Jwong came too! My favourite part was roating marshmallows over a tea candle. And then, off to BUTTER! (:

We managed to get 2 tables in the VIP area even though we didn’t make reservations so we hid out there most of the night.

And in celebration of my Great Wakeboarding Success, Garrett decided to open a bottle of Dom Perignon! Assuming one bottle = 6 glasses, one glass would come to over $60! And I couldn’t even tell that much of a difference between this and normal Moet. He says we should have got Krug instead.

Garrett <3 his expensive bottle

Me with Zul and G

Our very excitable DJ Adrian Weeeeee! Hahaha he’s awesome.

Jackson fail. Sorry sean!

The boys!




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Hope you have a wonderful time tonight and tomorrow!

Much love,
Nicole! :)

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I bought neither!

But thanks for all the comments guys! Well Marc still wins cause I got this baby…

(well technically Joe bought it for me :D)

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Marc by Marc Jacobs


Second from left, Burberry

I REALLY CAN’T CHOOSE. Everyone’s telling me to get the Marc by Marc Jacobs one cause it’s cute and suits my retarded personality and I really do like it but I like the Burberry one as well! And I don’t own anything Burberry yet but I already have a bunch of Marc stuff. They’re both casual watches and suitable for everyday wear.. the Burberry is just more mature and classy while the Marc one is kiddy and fun? ARGHHHH HELP!!!

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Joe and I have a cool new sound :D

Anyway wakeboarding on Friday was unexpectedly really fun! At first I was sooo scared because of all the horrible things Sheila said about the last time they went, and I was the only one who hadn’t done it before so I was terrified that I was going to make a complete fool of myself and like, drown in the disgusting dirty Singapore sea. But it turned out to be a nice and chill afternoon on a boat, and our instructor Bobby was super cool and super nice!

And the best thing is, I CAN ACTUALLY WAKEBOARD. I, hater of anything sporty and sport-like and exercising, actually managed to stand up on the board on my very first try! Which Bobby said less than 1 out of 10 people manage to do! SUCCESS! And when I stood up I saw everyone’s jaw totally dropping for like 5 seconds then they started yelling in shock ahahaha. Joe kept saying how proud he was of me! (:(:

The rest were really good! Steffi, seasoned wakeboarder of SMU wakeboarding club (!!!) and Joe started doing little jumps on the water, and Garrett, wakeboarding semi-noob, was pretty good and managed to move around a lot as well.

An autistic kid we picked up


Joe Boodooboob

Stefster getting some air!

“oh fuck I’m gonna die..”


Me again

Me again again

And again


Wet & Salty…


And then we went to eat the best ramen in Singapore and have beers. That’s the life man! :)

<33333 Nicole!

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Oh mannnn…

I had way too much to drink last night. And drinking makes me wake up the next day really early, feeling really refreshed! Not shitting you. Boogie Down Butter (the event at butter on Thursday nights) gave out 6 complimentary bottles of Nikka whisky to the first 6 VIPs who RSVPed, and Garrett, being extremely up to date with emails cause of his Blackberry, got a bottle for us! Japanese whisky tastes really.. Japanese. It was all clean and crisp! I also have vague memories of whisky dry’s, Russian Standard and cranberry, jagerbombs.. Hmm.

Joe’s so nice he sent me home, heated up chicken rice for me, watched me eat then tucked me in before he went home, when he had to wake up super early this morning for his golf game with his daddy. (: You’re the best, Joe! <3<3

Pictures pictures! My top is from Hollyhoque’s next next collection! :D

Nicole, Steffi and Aruna! We made our boyfriends take so many shots of us! :DD

No pictures of Joe cause he’s FAT. HAHAHA. That boy is sooo fat now. RIGHT SHEILA!! He put on 7 kg in 1 month! But luckily he loses weight quite fast when he wants to. I’m going wakeboarding later with Joe, Steffi, Garrett, and Pet! So exciting I’ve never gone before!

And here’s some viral marketing for you..

Check this video out, it’s two of my buddies from Stellastory, Silas and Narpal, doing an acoustic piano cover of Bad Romance!

You can catch them live this at St. James this sunday for the flea market party thing-thing. I’ll be there! Right in front screaming. HAHA.

Here are more of their videos:


Seeya! (:

<3 nicoleeeee

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Hollyhoque’s next collection! (:(:

Heyhey! Doesn’t this collection look lovely? Here are some pictures of my picks!

All 3 colours of this dress are sooo gorgeous! <333 And the brick red one is perfect for Christmas!

With Joe’s sister Siyi in Koh Samui!

Wore this one in Koh Samui too! I think it’s so versatile and flattering!

This one fits up to UK 10! Love the colour.

Haha I’m blogging from Sheila’s house now! The launch will probably be on Friday evening! :)

P.S. :P you Joe!

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Free entry at butter this thursday!

Hey guys! Boogie Down Butter is happening again this thursday (and every alternate thursday) at The Butter Factory and if you didn’t already know, it’s a glorious event when you can bring as many friends as you want, go to the door and say you’re under Nicole’s guestlist, and get free priority entry for the night! If you’re wondering why I have unlimited sign-in privileges, it’s because I’m an ambassador for thursday nights! So please do come down and use my guestlist and don’t be shy because it’s unlimited.

As usual, drinks are 1-for-1 all night long! And I’ll be there of course so I really hope to see you all! (:

<3 nicole

Hate taking pictures with giants! :(:( Cheryl Eunice and Steffi are all above 1.7 m :(:(:( IMMA GNOME.

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I’M BAAAAACK! again.

Hellooo! Sorry for the 5-day hiatus. Didn’t get the chance to use internet in Samui! The holiday was really great. Hotel was wonderful, and we just lazed around by the pool the whole time and ordered room service. Haha! I love bummy holidays :) I’ll put up loads and loads of pictures shortly! Meanwhile, here are my long overdue anniversary photos from Basilico..

What a perfectly, perfectly grilled tenderloin. Beautiful colour. I absolutely cannot stand people who order their steaks medium or medium well. Yuck.


<3 nic

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I’m at the airport now!

I’m going to Koh Samui tonight with Joe and his family! I’ll be back on the 14th :) hopefully the hotel has wireless so I can stay in touch with the outside world.. Haha. I’ll upload the pictures from Tuesday with the girls soon! :) byebye!

<3 Nicole

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Hollyhoque teaser!

(ARGH this picture didn’t fit when I first published it and no one told meee!)

Sheila’s favourite dress! The yellow looks damn good on her tan skin.

If you wanna know which items in the preview I have, I have the first row 2nd one in grey (wore it in Sydney! and omg I look totally weird in that picture), the first row 3rd one in cream, and the second row first one in grey! I might keep the black version of Sheila’s favourite dress too, what do you think? (:

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Hey everybody! Just wanna say a few things about mineral eyeshadows..

The past few years mineral makeup has been all the rage, because it’s made from natural ingredients. I do agree that mineral makeup is a nice fuss-free simple take on makeup. But there’s a lot that people don’t know about mineral makeup products, especially eyeshadows.

Firstly, mineral eyeshadow is made from mica, a shimmery colourless powder, and the colour comes from oxides that are mixed in, like iron oxides and tin oxides. A mix of these ingredients forms the loose eyeshadow pigments that we see from brands like MAC and such. Most legit brands get their pure pigments from pigment wholesale companies, and then mix them to customize new colours.

However, what people have found recently is that there are tons and tons and TONS of brands of mineral makeup who just purchase the pigments from the wholesalers, repackage them by stamping their brand name on, and sell them exactly the same for like, 6 times more!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that we, the consumers, can actually purchase the pure pigments straight from the wholesale companies. These wholesale companies sell ingredients for mineral makeup, like pigments and fillers and oils, etc. These pigments (called coloured micas) are what mineral makeup companies sell as eyeshadows, so we might as well get them for a fraction of the price straight from the manufacturers!

TKB Trading is one such company, and they sell samples of their coloured micas (the pigments) for only US$1.50, and these samples come as a whole tablespoon full of powder, which is probably even more than you get with commercially bought eyeshadows. Another company that sells micas/pigments is Coastal Scents, you might have heard of them, but they have less selection.

I’ve been asked many questions about what eyeshadows I’ve been wearing lately, especially the ones I wear for Hollyhoque shoots, and this is the answer, they are simply mineral pigments from TKB Trading! I bought 3 samples online, and they really are great, especially for only $1.50 each for such a huge amount! What I really like about them is that they can be worn wet, for a darker, more intense colour payoff, or dry for a shimmer with less intense colour. The pigments can also be custom-mixed yourself if you’d like to create a new colour, or you can simply darken or lighten colours by adding black or white micas. For more advanced formulation you can also get samples of fillers and additives like magnesium myristate and just mix a little in to improve the texture of the pigments if you like, but this is not necessary in order to use the pigments as eyeshadows. They can also be used as blush, added to lip gloss or nail colour, they’re basically really useful!

I chose to talk about this now because there’s an ongoing spree here at spreesgalore, and it’s just a great opportunity for you guys to get high quality, pure pigments for really, really cheap. TKB trading sprees don’t happen very often, in fact it’s only the second time I’ve seen one, because so little people know about their products, so there isn’t much demand for the sprees so response is quite weak. So, if you’d like in on the awesome, take time to browse TKB Trading’s site and join the spree. Spread the word! Purchase pure pigments direct and cheap instead of getting ripped off by mineral makeup brands!

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details make the girls sweat even more

Thursday was such a looong day! I woke up early in the morning to go for my medical checkup after sleeping only for 3 hours because of mambo the night before! Took a train down to Paragon with mommy. She has this weird thing that when we go to town without my dad she refuses to drive because she doesn’t know how to park at any carpark except the one at Shaw Centre. And it was only the fifth time she’s taken a train in her life, so she’s all lost and confused in the stations but she insists on walking really really fast and disappears in the crowd and ends up at the wrong exit or something then I have to go get her. Sigh.

Then during the medical they take my height and weight, and the doctor calculates my BMI and tells me that I’m just shy of a “healthy” BMI of 16, I actually need to be 0.15 kg heavier otherwise they need to do blood tests and lots of nasty stuff on me, so I’m like, “BRB” and I ran down and stuffed my face as fast as I could. Ran up again, trying to figure out whether I managed to eat 150 grams worth of food. Then the nurse weighs me and I find out I’m a whole kg heavier! I managed to eat a whole kg of food in 10 minutes!

Oh yes I wanted to perm my hair the other day, but my stylist said my hair was not in good enough condition cause I’ve never done any treatments or anything before so if I permed it then it would get really dry, so what I had to do was buy products and make my hair all nice and soft first THEN I can get it permed. So mommy and I had an excursion down to Toa Payoh, got lost everywhere trying to find the Magical Shops of Hair Products that Von told me look for. We found it in the end and I managed to get my hair stuff!

And my cousin Trish is back from Melbourne, so everyone went for dinner at east coast, we had lots of seafood and chilli crab! So good.

Mantous + Chilli Crab = BEST THING EVER.

And then off to butter for Boogie Down Butter! I think the party was pretty good! But we left early and headed to Velvet to watch Phay spin. He’s really good. Jwong was so drunk by the time we got there and he kept falling down the whole night and injuring himself, as well as being a ninja and disappearing once our backs were turned.

I’ll update with pictures later this afternoon! Gotta go for photoshoot now :)


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Exams are over, so what you waiting for…

…Come party with me!

Tomorrow, Thursday night, get priority VIP entry at The Butter Factory just by going to the door and saying you’re on my guestlist! (Nicole’s guestlist, that is, if you didn’t get my name..)

Yeah no kidding, bring as many friends as you want, guys or girls, ALL FREE ENTRY ON MY GUESTLIST! woohoo!!!

There’s 1 for 1 housepours all night, and 1 for 1 Absolut vodka bottles too! Awesome? Hellz YEAH!!!

See you tomorrow OKAY? Please come say hi to me as well!! :D

If you have any questions at all, just leave a comment :)

Yaaaay partaaAayeee!!!

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It’s Joe’s and my 3rd anniversary today!

And I’m sick! :( I don’t know what it is, my body just feels very queasy and weak. We’re going to Basilico for dinner tonight, hope I feel okay enough to eat all the yum food.

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Slapsgiving Day

We went with Garrett and Philbert for dinner at White Rabbit at Dempsey last night. It was the first time I was there for dinner, and I was really impressed with the food! We had the Steak Tartare and Shallot Tatin for starters, they were really tasty and the quail eggs that came with the Steak Tartare were boiled to absolute perfection. Shallot Tatin was incredible as well. I had the Duck Leg Confit for my main, and WOW it was really tasty, and lightly seared such that it was just a tad crispy. I’d say it tasted even better to me than many of the confit de canard that I had in France.

And then we drove to Philby’s house for drinks! I love how his house is a winter wonderland!