starpower, over me

Hi, kids! Here’s my very first post in this dandy blue blog.

It’s been a very sober weekend, spent on good dinners, ice cream, movies and friends, after the past weeks’ flash-bang-bang of happenings.

Pictorial update of the mayhem:





















I should get to sleep.


November 9, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. cheri replied:

    Hey nicole!

    may I know where u gt that black dress from? thanks! (:

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! You’re a Hollyhoque customer right? It will be launched in Hollyhoque’s next collection on thursday or friday! :D

  2. silas replied:

    HI NICOLE! <3

  3. Elena replied:

    Get a Xanga you nub.

    • nicole replied:

      xanga can suck my balls. i already have one btw

  4. tingting replied:

    hi nicole…

    wat make-up brands do you use for your eyes.. they’re so pretty..
    can tell us how u draw your eyes??=)

    • nicole replied:

      hi there! i use urban decay eyeliner, it’s the best! and helena rubinstein lash queen mascara.. also best mascara ever haha! thanks <3

  5. Meli replied:

    Nic! <3 Love you Halloween dress!
    gonna miss seeing you on HH! :(

    • nicole replied:

      haha thanks! it was an old tutu. decided to wear it like an hour before leaving my house! lol. well still got a few more months before i leave (: meanwhile sheila is still searching for a small-sized model to replace me! hahaha.

      • j replied:

        where are you leaving to?

  6. Meli replied:

    oops typo *your* halloween dress

  7. T replied:

    those mascara n eyeliner brand i’ve yet see at department stores… u bought them online??

  8. T replied:

    hi.. nicole…
    can tell me how to purchase e liner n mascara u got? i’m currently using mac’s liner n mascara.. but can have your effect…

    • nicole replied:

      emailed you! (:

      • xx replied:

        Could I have the email for the mascara and eyeliner too?? You use black for both?? Thks, babe =)

      • melody replied:

        Hi! i want to know which urban decay liner and mascara you use and order from.
        And the blue nail polish you always have.

        • nicole replied:

          hey i use the 24/7 glide on eye pencil and helena rubinstein lash queen mascara. i order from either urban decay or sephora. which blue nail polish? the light blue or dark blue?

          • melody replied:

            Is there a dark blue? haha
            dark blue from HH’s post #61 and light blue from the post (#56) with sheila.
            Both are nice~~

          • nicole replied:

            haha thanks, both are from essie!

  9. shiling replied:

    hey babe,
    im keen in the hollyhoque’s model tingy,
    do u know which email i can send to?
    thanks! (:

  10. j.o. replied:

    hi, would oso like to know how to order the eyeliner and mascara u using. tks!

    • nicole replied:

      hey i got the eyeliner from urban decay and mascara from helena rubinstein.

  11. j.y replied:

    i like ur hair! did u perm it quite a long time ago?

    • nicole replied:

      Yes more than a year ago! Gonna perm it again! Once my stylist deems my hair to be ready. hahaha. Thanks btw (:

      • j.y replied:

        what type of perm u did? look nice (: welcome! :D

  12. Jiexin replied:

    Hi Nicole, do u model for other blogshop beside HH? Me and my partner do really like u to be our model for our blogshop for a collection :) Prices negotiable. Do keep us inform if u are interested :)

  13. H replied:

    Hey Nicole, what foundation do you use?

    • nicole replied:

      Currently I use Graftobian but I don’t think you can get it in Singapore. I also use Shu Uemura’s face architect.

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