Wow I’m up really early today! I’m quite excited about our Sydney trip on thursday. Super last minute, we just booked our tickets and got our visas done! Eric is bringing us to the legendary Japanese restaurant of sukiyaki and sake fame! :D:D

Last night Sheila, JY, Joe and I went to the Jap restaurant AGAIN. They should reward us with VVVIP status there man. And we brought little Nigel! Hahaha Joe and I are getting really sick of bbq food! Don’t think we’ll be going back there for a while! Nigel enjoyed himself a lot though. Then we dropped Nigel back home and Sheila made us watch My Girlfriend Is An Agent. It was SOOOO BAD. The boys fell asleep halfway. Lucky them.

Anyway, today is officially Joe’s ORD day!!! He’s gone to camp now to collect his pink i/c (which is why I’m awake). Civillian Joseph Chen!


ORD parade last week!




Commando boi-bois

K I’ve decided to go back to sleep.



November 10, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. J-en replied:

    Aren’t you using lancome eyeliner anymore? hmm….
    Anyway nicole, for the black dress issit in V,U or normal back? :)

    cannot wait for the launch,
    can ask sheila to launch on thurs? hehehe.

    • nicole replied:

      hello! i changed already. lancome’s eyeliner is very smudgeproof, but it’s not creamy at all so it doesn’t go on that smoothly and very difficult to blend. urban decay eyeliner is really really good like the perfect eyeliner! haha my friend from the UK recommended it to me. only problem is you can’t get it in singapore! :( the black dress is U back but it’s not the low kind. hahahaha sheila is super busy.. have to wait until she has time! cause once she launches it means she has to sit at the computer for the whole day and reply emails. once she sat there for 10 hours without eating!

  2. JOE replied:

    I ORD ALREADY!!!!!!!!

    • nicole replied:

      what the. hahahaha i just just woke up like 1 minute ago! haha are you using jwong’s blackberry? are you done? :D quickly come baaack

  3. JOE replied:

    back home already. cant wait to see you later!

  4. J-en replied:

    Oh i see…..
    Does the dress fits you very well?
    you’re so petite lah…. i’m v petite too, but you’re taller than me!!! what’s ur weight? hehe…

    pretty girl!

    • nicole replied:

      haha are you sure i’m taller than you? i’m only 155 cm you know! haha i fluctuate between 37 to 39 kg. heehee thank you <3

    • nicole replied:

      and yup the dress fits me well! and you can yank it up according to how short you’d like it to be. only thing is it’s a little thick, so make sure to wear it to airconditioned places! or else you’ll end up sweating! haha. :D

  5. J-en replied:

    yeah shorter than you, only 151cm & i’m 40kg :(
    oh i see cant wait for hh launch!!!

    • nicole replied:

      ooh haha yay for shorties! :) hahaha yeah everyone is saying that! :)

  6. J-en replied:

    hehe yeah!!!! shorties arent that bad… :D
    cheers for long-lasting r/s to you and ur bf!

    weather very random these days
    do takecare :D

    • nicole replied:

      awww thank you! you take care too! :)

  7. lynn replied:

    hey babe! where’s your bag from?
    its really pretty!! and do you know if the black dress will be too short/big for 1.61m uk4-6? TIA!
    ps: envy!! my bf started NS june this year. longggg way to go! + our long distance r/ship. sucks max!

    • nicole replied:

      hey! my bag’s from Prada fall/winter collection. hmm, my pit to pit for clothes is about 12.5 to 13.5 inches, and it fits me perfectly. if you like to wear your dresses short (like me!) then this would be fine. sheila is about 1.6 and it fits her.

      haha stay strong! i was long-distance with my boyfriend for a year too when he was studying overseas. back in ’07. :)

      • lynn replied:

        thanks for your reply babe :)
        yup it has been 2.5 yrs & still going strong! YAYYY we proved that long distance r/ships work :P was about to wish you happiness but i guess i dont need to. i’m sure you’ve a lethal/max dose of it already hahaha ;)

        • nicole replied:

          haha you’re welcome! thanks dear :)

  8. onesquare replied:

    haha nicole! tell you one of the reasons why i love buying from hh cuz i’m the same height as you! so i dont have to measure and stuff unlike other blogshops haha. sheila’s stuffs getting nicer and nicer too!! :D and you’re so light! thats so unfair!
    p.s i hope sheila launches on friday night instead of thurs night. cuz i still got paper on friday! )):

    • nicole replied:

      hahaha omg hooray for shorties! yes i <3 sheila's clothessss. eh i help her find stuff to make also okay! HAHA.

      • onesquare replied:

        haha yay! nice nice all the clothes! haha mind if i know your shoe size in case i decide to get the heels she’s bringing in? then dont have to measure and stuff. haha you’re like my template! LOL. mind mailing me how to order the make up too and Von’s no.? ((:

        • nicole replied:

          huh you can’t judge shoe size like that dear! well i wear size 35 for that pair of shoes. it’s just your normal shoe size! hahaha.

          • onesquare replied:

            oh haha cuz i wear 35 too! so was hoping that you’re 35 so i can see hows the fit (:

  9. Sheila replied:


    • nicole replied:

      hahahahahaha maybe cause you gave it to me? since when did you have this email address. omg actually it looks quite familiar is it from very long ago?

  10. zo replied:

    hey babe…
    how u purchase your liner n make up??? =)

    • nicole replied:

      emailed you! (:

      • tin replied:

        hi babe,
        can i oso noe how you purchase ur eyeliner and mascara?> =)

        • nicole replied:

          hey i got the eyeliner from urban decay and mascara from helena rubinstein.

  11. C replied:

    hey! I’ve seen you a few times before! :D can i ask if joe’s your bf? how about the one you went bangkok with? same person?

    • nicole replied:

      haha hey! yeah joe’s my boyf. the one i went to bangkok with is garrett, my bestie! :) joe couldn’t go cause of army.. but no more of that now! :D

  12. bc replied:

    i agree with onesquare.. I am also same size as you. lol. nice top/dress you got there.

    • nicole replied:

      haha thanks, it’s from sheila.. like most of the clothes i wear nowadays. haha. (:

  13. zx replied:

    Hi babe!
    Can I know how you purchase your eye liner and mascara too? :)

  14. zo replied:

    thanks babe…=) stay pretty….

  15. philbert replied:

    have fun in sydney and dabao a harry’s chicken pie for me! see you all next saturday or something

    • nicole replied:

      haha FO SHO philbs! want anything else?

  16. woohoo replied:

    Hey nicole. where do you get your top from?! It’s nice!

  17. =) replied:

    hi where is yr necklace from?

    • nicole replied:

      the cloud9 one? it’s from marc by marc jacobs!

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