can’t take me

Joe is fast asleep next to me. Just 10 minutes ago he claimed he wasn’t sleepy at all and wanted to continue watching Entourage! What a doobs.

We met Jwong and G tonight for mussels and champagne at Brusselsprouts, they have damn good onion rings too! And free flow of fries :) And then blackshot and l4d!!! With Pet, Alex and Keith.






favourite shoes!

Nightnight! <3


November 11, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Cherie replied:

    You and your bf look alike :> ikr, ew but it tends to happen srsly!! And what’s gna happen to the both of you when you go to Aussie? Anywayyy dyou rmbr me I’m Cherie hahah frm confirmation camp?! I think I still have you on my msn list am
    gna say hi :B

    • nicole replied:

      CHERIE dude i totally remember you! hahahahaha you qt. oh noo a few people have been saying that recently! haha he’s coming with me!

  2. steffi replied:

    LOL, how do the both of them look alike! i cannot comprehend this.

    favourite shoes tht cannot be worn anywhere vigourous activity is necessary. walk on the road also can scratch. phail.

    • nicole replied:

      they didn’t scratch!! it was merely a piece of dirt. :) damn we are like turning into silas & xinya. jisGUST!

    • silas replied:

      ehhhh. joe is so much prettier PLEASE. hahahaa

  3. ling replied:

    hi nicole, for HH upcoming collection, is the white studded toga dress self-manufactured by HH? are there other colours? it looks really nice on you babe! :)

    • nicole replied:

      hey, it isn’t manufactured by HH but it’s exclusive to hollyhoque! hmm there’s white, black and grey. (: thanks!

  4. Cindy replied:

    hey sweet!

    May i know what blusher you’re using?

  5. 4dd replied:

    Hey Nicole! Youa re really pretty I have to say! :D & I love you see you modelling for HH! May I ask how long are you & your bf alrdy? You guys are really sweet! :D

    • nicole replied:

      thanks! :D it’ll be 3 years on the 29th! (:

      • silas replied:

        i didnt realise it has been so long. haha.

  6. elee replied:

    hi may i know whr u perm yr hair,what mascara u used/

  7. Zee replied:

    Hello nicole, whr u get ur fav shoes?

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