Off to Sydney tonight!

I’ve somewhat finished packing! Somewhat.




The answer, my friends, is TRULY AND TOTALLY. I wore the black version to mambo last night, and whoa they are SO comfortable. My feet didn’t hurt at all! LOVE. Watch out for them in Hollyhoque’s upcoming launch (probably tomorrow), as well as my birthday dress! The 3/4 sleeve dress!



And that’s me standing on my bed looking like a retard. Shut up. Have you ever been in a sea of balloons? It’s like playing in one of those colourful ball pits when you were young!

Watch out for this flutter-sleeve top too! I love the sleeves! So pretty!




And the purple thing-things on my face and um, decolletage were airbrushed on by this wonderful super sweet French lady who told me she was inspired by my “delicate features”! HA HA!

OKAY I better go shower and finish up packing otherwise Josie will nag me for being late. Ta!

<3 Nicole the Amazing Duck-billed Platypus


November 12, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. J replied:

    HEYO~ haha those purple thangs are so cool! Oh yeah wanna ask you if we should like buy one size bigger than our normal charles and keith size or buy exactly? :D

    • nicole replied:

      errr i’m not really sure cause i don’t wear charles and keith.. but for me i wear 35 for all my shoes and 35 for HH’s shoes fit me perfectly! (:

  2. tingting replied:

    I LOVE THE BALLONS… so many so big and so NICE… but lucky u small size enough to squeeze though them… wat happen to the ballons in the end?? Throw? =)

    which is more convinent for you?
    to email u or leave u a comment?


    • nicole replied:

      hahaha YEAH the balloons were so awesome! hahaha my friends went crazy and popped all of them. and it was in the middle of the night think they woke all my neighbours up! haha you can just comment it’s fine :)

  3. Jen replied:

    hey nicole!
    do you have any skincare regime?
    do you apply moisturiser before putting on ur makeups?
    your skin is great xD

    enjoy ur trip!!
    when will u be back?

    • nicole replied:

      hey! yeah i just use cleanser toner and moisturiser? no particularly brands.. just keep changing. my pores are very clogged right now! haven’t gone for a facial in like a year.. must go soon haha. i’ll be back next friday or saturday!

  4. Sheila replied:


    • nicole replied:

      hahahaha YES SHEILA. want anything else?

  5. elee replied:

    hey girl?whr u had yr hair cut n what skincare regime u used?

  6. `mich replied:

    hello nicole!
    was wondering whether your feet are broad? am afraid i cant fit those lovely heels! oh btw, how high are they? (:

    • nicole replied:

      hello! my feet are.. normal width? haha. i’m not sure of the exact measurements, but i’d say around 4.5 inches.

  7. Meli replied:

    Bon Voyage! (:
    come visit Perth someday!^^ granted it’s pretty much booooring here, but well..

  8. dramamamamia replied:

    babe!! we are gonna miss u modelling for HH ))): 5 LOOOOONNG yrs!! gosh…by then i also become auntie le. TSK ): HAHAHAHA!

    anw all the best to ur studies ah. hav a safe trip & do blog occasionally to keep us updated yah?! ohh u look nice in the purple airbrush thinggy ((: & the heels looks really awesome, but i suck at heels ): i cant walk….!!

    • nicole replied:

      hey i’m just here for a short trip! hahaha will be back next friday. i’ll only be leaving for my studies next year! hahaha thanks! <3

      • charmaine replied:

        hey nicole! you’re not modeling for hh anymore? where’re u gg to study?
        you make sucha excellent model (:

      • nicole replied:

        heyy i am! i’m just in sydney for the week. haha thanks. i’ll be studying in unsw next year :)

  9. Jen replied:

    Oh i see!!! scrub your face twice a week den put on a hyrdating mask, it’s good :D ! your pores are very clogged now? hmm, then you must be using something that is not suitable for ur skin….

  10. Jen replied:

    how much will sheila be selling for the dress uhhh?!

    • nicole replied:

      no idea! the HH dresses are always 20+ anyway

  11. J replied:

    which country u gg this time?? so good gg on a holiday…=)

    ohya, btw, for the Helena Rubinstein lash queen mascara, which particular one do you use? leopard packing one? waterprrof? etc?
    casue i went dfs, there’s a few, see till my eyes blur..hahah=)

    • nicole replied:

      haha i use the leopard print (RIS LOW!) one. but i guess they’re all good, up to you to choose the kind of effect you want? mine is more of a volumising one. i like it because it’s very, very black.

  12. bc replied:

    may i know where u got that red belt from?

    • nicole replied:

      i really don’t know where it’s from! haha.

  13. steffi replied:

    hi nicole, may i know where you got body from?

    ANW BUY ME BACK NICE STUFF KTHKSBYE. don’t bankrupt me can already.

    • nicole replied:


      • steffi replied:

        xoxo. such love. HOW’S SYD.

      • nicole replied:

        haha it’s okay! it’s very expensive. even at the fairs and markets the accessories are like A$30 which is like S$40 and they’re not even nice. and food is super super expensive!

  14. WX replied:

    hello!! (: Which brand of shoes do you recommend? Like, its comfy, reasonable priced, with nice designs? :D

    • nicole replied:

      err well i like aldo because they actually have my size (i’m a size 4/35), but my friends have topshop and zara shoes and say they’re comfy, and i love some of the topshop designs! too bad i can’t wear em!

  15. joan replied:

    how much did you get the aldo grey heels for? is it still retailing? thk!

    • nicole replied:

      hey i’m not too sure, it was around $150. don’t think they sell it anymore!

  16. Elee replied:

    Hi what brand of lipgloss n blusher u used?

    • nicole replied:

      i use nars orgasm blush, and for my lips lately i’ve been using this tinted lip balm thing i made cause my lips get really dry. and i don’t really like lipgloss.

  17. Zee replied:

    Hi dear, from sheila’s 63 collection. do you think the Tri colour braided top in lilac or the white one is nicer? :)

    • nicole replied:

      i really can’t say! i think they’re both as nice but just not my style.

  18. Elee replied:

    Hi what eyeliner u used?

    • nicole replied:

      urban decay 24/7 glide on eye pencil :)

  19. elee replied:

    oh whr to buy?btw what facial mask/facial care u used/

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