Hello from Sydneyyyy!

We just had a yum barbecue at Eric’s. The weather here’s quite lovely! Cool with a fair bit of sun. We’ve just been eating and eating and eating. Lots of Japanese food! And booze. I’ll update y’all with pictures soon! :D

I’ve been discovering more and more things that I’m gonna miss when I’m here next year! Like, they don’t have mac delivery here. IKR. And they don’t even have green tea!! And roti prata goes for A$3.50 a piece. And milo dinosaur like $10. It’s gonna be so hard cleaning up after myself and learning to cook and wash and everything. Scared :(

Anyway we’re coming back on friday evening! Back to the humidity. I’m gonna gobble as much hokkien mee and nasi padang and sambal nasi goreng and indo ayam goreng and newton lala and stingray as I can the next couple of months. :(:(:(

Here are pictures from mambo the night before we left :)


November 17, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. mel replied:

    heyy. you’re working at Dior right? just curious; what do you do in the job and how did you get it?

  2. ash replied:

    Hey do you mind telling me how you order your mascara & blusher? thanks :)

    • nicole replied:

      hello! i got my nars orgasm in the states. think you can get it from sephora.com. they might even have it at sephora in singapore but i’m not sure. helena rubinstein mascara is available at dfs galleria!

  3. anon replied:

    How can you stay so skinny?!?! Do you eat very little? Or just.. naturally skinny.

    • nicole replied:

      umm, i think i eat at least as much as the average person? haha and i’m not that skinny! been putting on weight already hahaha. :D

  4. charmaine replied:

    well, cheeer up! at least u get to find milo dinosaur and roti prata!!
    macs in melb dun even have chilli sauce.. faints..! and the food here is so expensive even for asian food tt’s not nice. ((:
    do treasure ur time in sg (from experience!)

    • nicole replied:

      hey there! hahaha YEAH and they make you pay for the sauce so stupid right. food in sydney is expensive too! most of the meals i had were at least A$30! for not so good food also :( hahaha yeah i will! thanks dear <3

      • charmaine replied:

        yar! cheapest is like AUD$9-10??!!

  5. Sheila replied:


  6. Jen replied:

    Hi nicole! was wondering if you do apply moisturiser and sunblock everyday?

    • nicole replied:

      heyy! moisturiser yes sunblock no.. although i know that sunblock is very very important. mostly because i hardly go out in the day!

  7. Jen replied:

    Oh i see so you put on moisturiser before putting on ur makeups? :) i went to skin doc and the doc told me nt to put on moisturiser often as our skin naturally itself have oil by putting on moisturiser everyday will clog pores!!! arghh

    • nicole replied:

      huh serious? but moisturiser doesn’t necessarily have oil. even oily skin needs to be hydrated!

  8. Jen replied:

    not dear nicole. that’s what my skin doc told me :)
    he told me putting on sunblock is important :)

    • nicole replied:

      hahaha yeah i know! but i mostly only step out of my house after the sun sets. so not much need! if you go out in the daytime it’s super important!

  9. Jen replied:

    but normally before putting on makeups what do u apply ? :)

    • nicole replied:

      hmm i usually put on makeup after washing my face, so i guess just moisturiser?

  10. Jen replied:

    oh you dun apply toner after cleansing den makeup ? :D

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