Fire in the hole!

Joe and I got new iPhone 3GSs! I’d been deciding between getting a blackberry or a new iPhone then I discovered the bejeweled app for iPhone! So of course I had to get it. Hooray for brand loyalty. And we bought the app too! For only $2.99! So awesome. Bejeweled wherever I go! I’ve been at it non-stop hahaha. Even while walking around and crossing roads so Joe is threatening to delete it cause it’s too dangerous. Idiot. I’m blogging on my iPhone now! With the wordpress application I downloaded (: and the 3GS comes in 32GB which means I can finally fit all my music into my phone, as compared to the 8GB first gen and 16GB 3G that I used to use.

Anyway my buddy Eka is throwing an after As / ACS (I) IB post-prom party at Supper Club tomorrow and we’re all going!

Entry is 18 & above, tickets are going at $18 and check this.. Drinks are 1 for 1 all night long!!! Nice. If you guys want tickets just let me know! Leave a comment and I’ll get back to you with more details :D

Joe, Sheila, JY and I are at Garrett’s house now! We had a hollyhoque photoshoot then went for supper at newton but our favourite chicken hair auntie stall was closed! :(:(:( we ended up buying from some random stall and it was total shit. So upset. And we were so excited about lala the whole day :( arghhhhh.

Anyway Hollyhoque’s next collection is SUPER NICE! I kept so many of the dresses for myself! :) and the fitting will be especially good for thinner people! Like the tight fitting dresses. The cuttings are so nice! Heehee :)

Edit: here’s the teaser!

Nice? (:

If you haven’t heard, L4D 2 is out already but I haven’t had the chance to play it yet. Can’t wait! CHAINSAW! hellz YEAH!



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  1. WX replied:

    awww why are good stuffs mostly for the thinner peeps? :(

    • nicole replied:

      haha cause sheila makes it according to her measurements! but only some are small, some nice designs are bigger too! :) like the ones that zoe models are bigger!

      • WX replied:

        hahaha it’d be great if she could manufacture them slightlyyy bigger :D

        anw we’re really gonna miss you modelling next year man! You make all the clothes look so good!!!

      • nicole replied:

        Some designs are manufactured bigger and some smaller, the average person should be able to fit into most of the clothes! if you’d like bigger sizes, just look out for the collections that Zoe models (: Yeah i worked at the Christian Dior boutique for a few weeks, I just walked in, talked to the manager and she hired me. Nope, it’s not fun at all I hated it. I had to stand in heels for 8 hours a day, only got 1 off day a week (even though I worked part-time) and the worst part is that not many people actually walk into the store so it’s incredibly incredibly boring.

        Thanks for the compliments! I’ll miss modelling for Hollyhoque as well! <3

        • annabella replied:

          Hmm. Working at the boutique sounds bad. I’m actually considering getting a job there after A’s. Might have to think again. Just wondering, what’s the pay like?? Thanks! :)

          • nicole replied:

            Um it depends on whether you’re full time or part time and how good you are and commission and stuff.

  2. Jasmine replied:

    Hi Nicole! You finally got a blog for yourself! =) I love the Bejeweled app too, it’s the first app I actually paid for, haha.

    Anyway I’m studying in Melbourne and I’m sure you’ll be fine in Sydney. It takes a while to get used to doing all the cooking, grocery shopping, laundry, etc on your own (while trying to juggle studying too!), but it’s all part of the experience! =)

    • nicole replied:

      Hey Jasmine, yeah I did! (: OMG yes i’m totally addicted to it, even when I sleep I see little jewels floating around in my head! Yeah, I seriously need to learn to take care of myself, living in Singapore makes kids so spoilt! It’s quite likely I might die of food poisoning or drown in a pile of dirty laundry though.. Keep in contact! I’m sure i’ll need lots of advice when I move next year! :D

      • Jasmine replied:

        Sure thing babe! Just shout out if you need any help! =)

  3. WX replied:

    oh yeah btw nicole, did u work at some dior place last time? Doing promotions is it? How did u get that job? Is it fun? lol!

  4. YF replied:

    hi nicole i would like to ask if you use foundation or bb cream? which do you recommend? and what kind of eyeliner and mascara you use? any to recommend? sorry if im annoying, i have prom next week and im quite clueless ): thanks alot!!!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey there! Haha don’t worry, I’m glad to help :) I use both foundation and bb cream, bb cream gives better coverage but not as nice a finish i feel, and the weird colours they come in can end up making you look quite flat and pasty. I use it when i’m lazy as a 1-step thing. Foundation doesn’t give much coverage but evens out skin tone more nicely and gives a better finish. What kind of skin do you have? More towards oily or dry, and would you like heavier coverage?

      I use Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil. It’s really the best eye pencil ever! Only thing is it’s not available in Singapore, and since your prom is next week I don’t think you have time to order it online. The next best ones I would recommend are MAC powerpoint eye pencil (make sure it’s the powerpoint one) and the Dior eye pencil. The Mac one is more smudge proof, but it doesn’t come in a very black black. The darkest shade, engraved, is still slightly charcoal grey. The Dior eye pencil comes in a very black black (the shade is Trinidad black) and this one glides on more smoothly and is easier to blend and smoke out. However I find it does smudge a little after a few hours. For mascara I use Helena Rubinstein’s Lash Queen, I really like it. For prom you might want to consider wearing falsies though, but make sure you get very very natural looking ones or it just looks stupid.

      Having said all that, you might want to seriously consider getting your makeup professionally done if you’re not too experienced yourself. It’s pricey though, good makeup artists charge roundabouts $200.

      • YF replied:

        thats really pricey ): my skin is a combination of slightly oily at the T zone area, otherwise its just normal skin. do you apply loose powder after foundation? what brand do you use? i’ve read reviews on Laneige and MAC having better products for the skin. whats your opinion? im afraid if i perspire it’ll run or sth? not sure! does it happen to you? your skin always loook sssoooooo smooth in all pictures. thank you nicole, you’ve been a grrreeeaaattt help! <3

      • nicole replied:

        I use mineral powder as foundation! And I’d recommend it for you as well if you have normal skin, it provides light coverage and makes your face looks more glowy. Haha. Try bareminerals or everyday minerals! Bareminerals is available at sephora. Get the foundation as well as the mineral veil, it’s a finishing powder. Hmm I think you’re talking about liquid foundation, I don’t like using that.. Mineral makeup is much lighter and not cakey. And it doesn’t run. Oh if you want mac you can try their mineral foundation as well, I heard it’s good!

  5. Elee replied:

    Oh what eyeshadow brand u used n the col wise?

  6. Elee replied:

    Oh what brand u using now?

    • nicole replied:

      um, i use eyeshadow from a lot of different brands?

  7. WX replied:

    hahaha! then what made you want to work at the boutique? I think there will be more customers at the counters in department stores right

    • nicole replied:

      I was bored. Haha. Nah I don’t want to work at deparment stores, more interested in high end bags, shoes. But retail is really not my thing. I don’t have the patience.

  8. Elee replied:

    Oh so far which brand u think it’s gd?

  9. WX replied:

    Theres no victoria’s secrets outlets in Sg right? Or is there one at changi airport?

  10. WX replied:

    haha just thinking of buying some stuffs from VS :D

  11. Zee Zee replied:

    Wow really nice collection!!!
    which dress u kept for urself ar??
    When HH new launch? I cant wait already..

    • nicole replied:

      Haha not sure, when Sheila can find the time! I kept the top right one, and the 2 at the bottom right but in grey (not shown)! I really love the fit! haha :D

  12. Jen replied:


    i think you got to ask sheila to put on hollyhoque wordings on her hh’s pics or so..
    cause i saw the blogshop, copying you!!!!!

    even the, Do drop us an email at should you have any enquiries (: Thank you! it’s the same -.-

    • nicole replied:

      As in they copied the backorder item status wordings? Haha! Sigh. What can we do.

  13. tg replied:

    hi nicole, is the pink piece (1st item) a dress or top? what other colours are there? =)

    • nicole replied:

      Heyy! it’s a top! White and either navy blue or black i THINK. can’t remember!

  14. steffi replied:

    lol. nic my love, you were already bad enough at crossing roads. now with bejewelled, your chances of getting hit just increased severalfold. STOP PLAYING GAMES WHEN CROSSING THE ROAD, FOOL.

    • nicole replied:

      :( My #1 most likely cause of death is and will always be while crossing the road. Hurry up and finish your exams, big.

      • steffi replied:

        Small, I’m finishing on Tuesday! Let’s go out! :) HAHA. I think crossing the road will be ALL OF OUR #1 cause of death if Elena was there. “Car, lah. Car. Lah.”

        • nicole replied:

          HAHAHAHA. “Car lah. Car lah.” “Huh what Elena?” “Car lah.” “WHAT?” “CAAAAAAR!!” *crash die go to hell* of course go out la! You can’t come for dinner tonight right? Philbs Elena Jackson Garrett and i are going to dempseyyy. Oh btw i’m going to visit your auntie soon! :D

  15. elee replied:

    hi how u purchase gurlain pdts?
    pls guide me/!

    • nicole replied:

      Err just go to any Guerlain counter at departmental stores?

  16. Jen replied:

    Yeah loh can’t do anything abt it :(

    do you have any idea, when applying mineral powder
    issit applying in circular motion or upwards? :)

    • nicole replied:

      Circular motion! It’s called buffing! :D

      • Jen replied:

        Okok thanks :)

        love ur skin, ur clogged pores recover already?

        • nicole replied:

          No haven’t!! I dunno why leh, suddenly last month became super clogged then got like little bumps :( Going for facial on thursday! For the first time in over a year. Hope it works! haha :D

  17. Althea replied:

    Hi nicole, i really do like your sincerity in replying the comments and it’s rly nice to see you model for HH. Just a question though, are there really ALOT of things to shop in BKK? i mean my friends went and they all went CRAZY.

    • nicole replied:

      Haha hey thanks! Well the clothes in bangkok are just really really dirt cheap. The quality of the clothes isn’t very good, but I guess you get what you pay for! I prefer to buy accessories there made by the local designers! They’re more expensive but they are really nice! Are you planning on going to bangkok? :)

  18. V replied:

    hi nicole! u look so great in HH shoots! anyway is the last pic of the right a dress? :) thankss

  19. Althea replied:

    Haha! i know right, my friends ramble about how cheap the stuffs there are. Oh i see! Will check the accessories out when i’m there. Yep! I’m going there next month and i’m damn excited! :D Ahh, i notice your accessories you usually put on during photoshoots for HH. Did you get them there? It’s really nice. Nice and glad to see your reply pretty! (:

    • nicole replied:

      Haha, yeah some are from bangkok. I got the lightning ring and the cloud ring there! And of course all the cloth bangles! :) Hope you enjoy yourself on your trip!

  20. Jen replied:

    Oh i see, where you going for facial?
    i think there must be smth you use wrongly that cause clogging? :)

    you always use bb cream or only foundation?
    you never use mineral makeups?

    • nicole replied:

      I use mineral makeup for my foundation! Although I’ve tried other brands in the past like MAC and Lancome and NARS. I’m going to my friend’s auntie’s shop! Yeah I think so :( then I always itchy fingers go and scratch the area and stuff then it gets all RED. Hahahaha.

      • Jen replied:

        Oh i see! must takecare of ur skin!!! dont be like me :( it’s too late cause i’ve got reddish like scars on my skin now!

  21. Kellie replied:

    Hi nicole, may I noe wad other colors are available for the knitted top?
    Bec i’ll be working if it launches this thurs, I may get my friend to comment for me :)

    • nicole replied:

      theres.. 2 kinds of blue, one is greenish and one is plain blue, there’s pink.. and cream i think? not very sure. ask sheila!

      • Kellie replied:

        Alrighty thanks for ur prompt reply ;)

      • Kellie replied:

        Oh ya, do u keep a piece for urself? If so which color? TIA :)

      • nicole replied:

        Nope I didn’t, Sheila did though, the non greenish blue one. She wore it to the photoshoot!

      • Kellie replied:

        The non greenish blue is the one which is on the preview?

  22. Jen replied:

    hi nicole! did you trim or cut ur hair?
    you hair looks shorter in the hh’s shoots! hehe

    • nicole replied:

      Yeah i did! It was getting quite out of hand. Haha.

  23. Zee Zee replied:

    hey dear, what colour u kept for the top right one?

    • nicole replied:

      The colour shown in the picture! (: I really love it and my boyfriend says it looks really nice too!

  24. Venuss replied:

    Hey nicole, can i check wat other colors r available for the Two colour bod dress? Was thinking to get one and which one color u kept for urself?

    • nicole replied:

      Hey, there’s white and grey also, I kept that one. I like grey.

  25. Vanessa replied:

    Hi Nicole!I hope you enjoy the iPhone 3gs it’s super good right?I totally love mine man!can you share what colours there are for the grey dress with the belt on the top right.thanks!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! Haha well it’s kind of the same to me cause I’ve been using the 2G and 3G.. Hmm. There’s a dark blue and white i THINK. haha. :)

  26. YF replied:

    nicole! sorry for my ignorance, when you refer to mineral powder, is it the same as mineral foundation? cos you mentioned abt getting the foundation as well as the mineral veil, which is the finishing powder. im tad confused ): ): also, regarding the Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on eye pencil, how long does it take to arrive? thank you so much (:

    • nicole replied:

      if you join a spree, about 2 to 3 weeks. yeah mineral makeup consists of powder foundation, as well as a finishing powder.

      • YF replied:

        thank you! i’ll come tell you if i look pretty that day. hahaha :)

  27. val replied:

    hi nicole :) i totally get what u mean abt liking those tight fitting dresses with great cutting! cant stand it when some shops try to accomodate to more sizes and make them too big. at least have them in different sizes. heh btw, wanna ask u where u got your black beaded bangles that u use to wear in previous photoshoots?

    • nicole replied:

      Heyy! Haha yeah I know it’s so hard for us smallies to find clothes right? Most shops outside don’t even sell small sizes! Especially all the European and American brands! That’s why it’s great that Hollohoque caters to us! I got them from the Island Shop and Topshop!

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