Omg Sheila and JY came over for dinner last night and my mom cooked two HUGEASS MT EVEREST piles of lala. AND another dish of pacific clams because Sheila has an obsessive thing with all kinds of clams. There was also yakiniku, yummy steamed egg to mix into the rice and super yummy soup! I should have taken a picture! The piles of lala were really humongous. Think newton chicken hair auntie $15 lala x 3. Each. And we managed to finish everything! Omgggggggggg. We are clam-eating machines.

I’m going for facial now! For the first time in over a year. Steffi the last time I went was with you! While we were still in school all. I’m scared it’ll be painful :\ and later my face will be all red when I go for dinnerrrr! :( Damnsit.

If you have any facial places to recommend, please comment and let me know! :D

k byebye!


P.S. Check out my bejeweled blitz high score! HAH.


November 26, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. fi replied:

    nicole!! where’d you go for facial!! hahas i haven done mine in ages too :/

    • nicole replied:

      going to steffi’s auntie’s shop! i have no idea where to go for a good facial! hahaha.

  2. fi replied:

    ooo where’s that at?? (: lemme know if its good and i’ll go try it out too! hee

    its amazing how you manage to look so awesome without facials!!!

  3. K replied:

    Hi Nicole,

    May I know the brand of eyeliner and eyeshadow that u’re using? Also, is the color of your eyeshadow black or grey? Thanks pretty!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey there! I’m using Urban Decay eyeliner. In the last shoot I was wearing the brown shade in YSL ombres vibration duo, and a smokey greyish purple (?) loose mica pigment called Smokey XXX! haha.

  4. janice replied:

    which uni in sydney are you gonna study at? are you studying med?

    • nicole replied:

      Hello! I’m going to UNSW, doing commerce and arts double! Are you studying in Sydney too?

      • li replied:

        Just curious- why aussie? Why not somewhere more ‘exciting’ like UK/US? heh

        • nicole replied:

          Haha I wanted to go to New York but my dad said it was kinda dangerous and i wouldn’t be able to do anything fun cause I’m not legal there. So better go to a nearby boring safe place first while I learn to at least take care of myself first then when i do further studies I can go to the states.

  5. shuwei replied:

    hi! i was looking at sheila’s blog for HH’s preview n came across ur blog! rly like u to b HH’s model, glad u’re back. :))

    anw i knw a plc gd for facial, it’s near bugis. i always go there n when my facial is done, my face doesnt redden too much n yet e clogs are effectively removed :) feel free to email me if u need more details! :D

  6. Jen replied:

    Hi dear, where are you staying?
    i always did my facial at bukit panjang and the auntie is shifting to her house now for facial means its a home base one (:

    she’s a nice auntie which tells me what to use, eat to have a better complexion (:

    • nicole replied:

      Oh, where does she live? I live nowhere near bukit panjang!

  7. Jen replied:

    she stays at bukit panjang(:
    the shop currently now also at bukit panjang.. due to an increase of shop rent, she’s shifting to her house (:

    you may want to try!
    after doing facial at so many places, some really turn me off!!!! the auntie that i recommend is really good :D

    • barbie replied:

      hi Jen i stay in Bukit Panjang too, can u drop me an email as well?? I’m looking for a long time facial salon to go to.

      Thanks so much hun!

    • sheralynnn replied:

      Hi jen,

      could you mail me more about the details too !! Have been looking for some facial places too !!
      Include the prices and how to book appointments too yea !! THANKS! mail me at

  8. Jen replied:

    Nic, for the Duo Colour Bod Dress is the shoulder loose for you as in keep on dropping off from shoulder?

    will it appear low cut?
    cant make decision between white and grey! argh1

    • nicole replied:

      Nope not loose! That dress is just SUPER fitting! Haha I kept the grey one :)

  9. T replied:

    hi babe….. hmm.. regarding face, i’ve a doctor to recomment… my frenz already have almost flawless complextion, and she went.. now her face is flawless, no need power also sooo smooth…hahaha… if u interested to see, email me ya… =) hahaha!!!

    • nicole replied:

      Ooh sounds awesome! Okay will email you :)

  10. fi replied:

    hey T which doc isit!! hahas care to share?? (:

    • E replied:

      Hi, you can try this doctor, it’s near holland v.

      John Chiam Medical Centre Ghim Moh Rd Blk 11
      he’s really good when it comes to acne, or any facial stuff. it’s more of a medication + cream treatment, over about a year and your face will be quite flawless. but it’s a little bit on the expensive side, about 200 odd in total for the supplies. and you have follow ups and such. but its really good.

      • fi replied:

        hey E!! do u go to him? hee u can email me for more details?? thankies! (:

      • nicole replied:

        Oh $200 all inclusive of the consultations and the supplies? I’m just looking to clear up my clogged pores and get rid of a bit of scarring! Thanks for your information I’ll go check it out! :)

    • T replied:

      URE!!! haha..
      hmm… heard of “Niks Maple Clinic”??
      They’ve a few outlets… attached are the details..=)But the que is really super LONGGGG!!!

  11. lynn replied:

    hey nicole, is the white portion of the Duo Colour Bod Dress sheer? and how about VPL? TIA for your help! :D

    • nicole replied:

      Nope i don’t think it’s sheer, I was wearing a black
      bra for the shoot, and I don’t think you can see it in the pictures.

  12. fi replied:

    hey nic!

    can i check with you? cuz i commented for the duo colour dress but imma ptp around 16-17″ it will fit me eventhough its fitting for you yea?? (:

  13. sher replied:

    hey T, im interested in the doctor too!!

    mind sharing with me more? (:

  14. T replied:

    SURE!!! haha..
    hmm… heard of “Niks Maple Clinic”??
    They’ve a few outlets… attached are the details..=)But the que is really super LONGGGG!!!

    • Rach replied:

      hi, can i have your email? i would like to ask you regarding the facial stuff. thanks!

    • S replied:

      Hey T, I would love to have your email too!
      Is the doctor really effective? And does the doctor treats acne skins or scars?

  15. joan replied:

    is the top part(white part) for “Structured Colour Block Dress ” sheer?

    and is the Puffed Sleeves Shirt Dress loose on you??


    • nicole replied:

      Hi! Nope it’s not sheer. I just wore it out last night for dinner and clubbing and got many compliments :) the puffed sleeves shirt dress fits me just right! It’s my favourite from this collection. My boyfriend loves it too! :D

  16. Venuss replied:

    Hey nic. did u kept the pull and bear inspired cutout crochet sleeved top for urself?

    Which colors nicer as i can mk up my mind which colors to get? Pls HELP!!!

    Thanks dear….

    • Venuss replied:

      I cant mk up my mind…typo error in the previous post…

    • nicole replied:

      Hey, I like the white one! :) all the colours are on backorder already though.

  17. S replied:

    Anw, how old are you nicole?

  18. T replied:

    SOOOOO YOUNG… i wanna go back 19….!!!!!

  19. steffi replied:

    Holy crap, yeah, come to think of it, my last time was that time too! :o No wonder them pores are screaming out in agony. Anyway 3x Newton Lala sounds monstrous. Very proud of you, Nicole.

    • nicole replied:

      Harh you went for the beautyworld facials what! And like 3 weeks ago also!

  20. steffi replied:

    OMFG I just noticed the icons ———->
    are MONSTERS! And really nasty annoying ones at that!
    +20 points!

  21. nicol replied:

    hey nicole, hope your facial went well! I go to a personal beautians home at woodlands, she is amazing. will let u know the details if you want.

    i ordered stuff from HH, you look gorgeous babe and you are so photogenic!! if she didnt reply me does that mean i ordered too late? i was so sad!! i ordered as soon as i got the email!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey yeah the item is probably sold out, or maybe she didn’t get your email.. which item did you want? Thanks (: So did you manage to get and use the makeup with good results? Haha.

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