Slapsgiving Day

We went with Garrett and Philbert for dinner at White Rabbit at Dempsey last night. It was the first time I was there for dinner, and I was really impressed with the food! We had the Steak Tartare and Shallot Tatin for starters, they were really tasty and the quail eggs that came with the Steak Tartare were boiled to absolute perfection. Shallot Tatin was incredible as well. I had the Duck Leg Confit for my main, and WOW it was really tasty, and lightly seared such that it was just a tad crispy. I’d say it tasted even better to me than many of the confit de canard that I had in France.

And then we drove to Philby’s house for drinks! I love how his house is a winter wonderland!

After suitable inebriation, we headed to Butter to join the rest of the gang! And I just realised Elena wasn’t there. ELE YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO MEET US AFTER DINNER!

Ladies, this is my handsomest friend Jackson Ong. He’s extremely handsome.

And today we had our usual lazy stay-in-bed-the-entire-day-and-order-macs Sunday just that it’s actually a Friday. Hmmm.

Bye! Hope your day was more productive than mine!



November 27, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. philbert replied:

    high five to stay-in-bed-the-entire-day. i woke up at 7pm! still hung over :\

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha nice. You didn’t even have that much to drink! Joe had way more
      than you and was way less drunk. Hahahaha. Noob driver and noob drinker!! Want meet us tonight?

      • philbert replied:

        haha joe is an alcoholic! and about driving, it’s only that turn!! hmmm my aunt and uncle are over tonight and prob going for first service tmr so most likely giving it a miss. we need to go for bak kut teh steamboat!

        • nicole replied:

          and “how do i drive to dempsey” and “hmmm. why am i in the taxi queue.” HAHAHA. okayy. mm yah!

  2. jen replied:

    hey nicole! do you know if bareminerals is good? how’s everyday minerals? hee thank you for your advice! (:

    • nicole replied:

      Hello! I’ve used both and they’re both not bad! Everyday minerals is a hell lot cheaper though. And I prefer bareminerals finishing powder to the everyday minerals one. Sheila also uses bareminerals! :)

  3. Jen replied:

    nicole where did you bought ur purple heels? it’s so nice(:
    realised you’re always wearing heels when youre out? hehe.

    • nicole replied:

      Hey thanks they’re from Fendi! Yup I love heels! :) I feel more comfortable in them than in flats!

  4. Jen replied:

    wow from fendi, how much issit?
    is the dress u wore loose on u on the shoulder part? was trying to tell myself not to join the backorder so i can save money but after looking at ur pics i’m so tempted to get them hehe!!!

    • nicole replied:

      Originally around $1100 :) Nope it fits well! Haha are you looking at getting this colour as well?

  5. Sheila replied:

    Whoa Nicole, HH’s walking advertisement HAHAHAHA

  6. T replied:

    wao.. fendi $1100… **Faint**
    i love heels too, but my heels always bits my legs n my bf is not tat much taller than me =(… anyway any secret to not having blisters after wearing heels?????

    i ever tried wearing stocking (skin colour kind, but the feeling kinda weird…haha)

    • nicole replied:

      Haha well, buy good heels that fit well! Where are your blisters? I know scholls had a blister spray thing? I think you spray it on the spots you think you’ll get blisters and it’ll protect the skin or something. :)

      • T replied:

        my blister is always either near the smallest toe or the side of the biggest toe…Dame it!!…
        hahaha.. cool.. i gg to look for the spray… any particular name for tat spray?

        thanks babe…=)

        • T replied:

          ohya… where can i buy tat scroll spray? guardian?

          i even tried ALDO’s heels… still my toe hurts.. shit

          • nicole replied:

            Maybe you have wide feet! I saw it at taka watsons or guardian. Let me know if it works :)

  7. anna replied:

    hi nicole, do you use faux lashes, if so do you know which brand is good :D

    • nicole replied:

      Hmm yeah I wear them once in a while. Get the kind that’s not
      plasticky. Like the ones where the strip is the.. Very thin? They have good ones at some shop in far east.

      • anna replied:

        thanks for the reply (: would you recommend inuovi, heard some good reviews on it (:

        • nicole replied:

          No idea, haven’t tried it. It looks quite dodgy though.

  8. joe replied:

    my girlfriend so pretty. so beautiful. so wonderful.
    joe = luckiest man in world
    nicole = most gorgeous girl in world

    see you later doobs.

  9. L replied:

    Hi nicole, may i know how much did you pay for your iphone? I’m intending to get an iphone but i’m unsure of the price and all :( hope you’ll reply! tyvm :)

    • nicole replied:

      Hey I actually don’t know how much it costs, my dad got it for me. I think it depends on your plan, you can get it cheaper with a more expensive plan.

  10. tisha replied:

    hey nic! whats the shade that you use for bareminerals foundation? light or medium?

    i’m debating whether to get bareminerals concealer and foundation or everyday minerals concealer and foundation!! i kind of trust bareminerals more cause they are more expensive hahahaha but thats the wrong concept yeah?

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! HAHAHA well you get more bareminerals product in one container. The ingredients in both are almost the same, but bareminerals contains bismuth oxychloride, which is a synthetic chemical known to irritate very sensitive skin. Bareminerals has less shades to choose from, while everyday minerals has more, and you can even choose the intensity of the coverage! :) quality-wise they’re both the same in my opinion, bareminerals is just more extensively advertised. I used the light shade, but it was a little too dark for me. Using light neutral for everyday minerals and it’s perfect. I’m nc 20-25.

      • Tisha replied:

        thanks for the advice nicole! :) i just got the entire set from sephora online in medium shade. sooo excited :)
        and you take care and get well soon.

        • nicole replied:

          Oh no but the bareminerals brushes are really horrible! Haha go read reviews on it!

  11. jamie replied:

    nicole! which collection was ur grey dress in? how come i’ve nv seen it before? omg sucha goon really.

    • jamie replied:

      oh ok nvm. haha FOUND IT! :P it looks lil bit different from far. HAHAAHA

  12. snck replied:

    hi is this a HH dress? do u have the link to it?
    or where from? thanks

    • nicole replied:

      Yup it is! From the previous collection. I don’t think it’s available anymore! You can check.

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