It’s Joe’s and my 3rd anniversary today!

And I’m sick! :( I don’t know what it is, my body just feels very queasy and weak. We’re going to Basilico for dinner tonight, hope I feel okay enough to eat all the yum food.


November 29, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Net replied:

    Hi Nicole, may I know what did you use for your hair care? Because I have a long hair too but is a bit dry and frizzy. Conditioner doesnt really seem to work. Haha! And usually how high is the heels your usually wearing? Thanks =)

    • nicole replied:

      Ummm I use johnson’s baby shampoo haha. And I beleive in either high high heels, like 4.5 or 5 inches! Hate short kitten heels.

      • Net replied:

        Ohhh ok. Haha! You apply anything on your hair after you washed it?

        • nicole replied:

          nope! maybe you could try buying some hair treatments or something?

  2. lynn replied:

    take care babe!! and happy anni :D
    have an awesome celebration!!! ;)

    • nicole replied:

      hey thank you! i’m feeling better already :)

  3. silas replied:


  4. Meli replied:

    congrats on your 3 year anniversary!! *confetti
    all the best with your boy^^

  5. Harlina replied:

    Hi Nicole,

    I am Harlina lim/gloeblessed and emai is
    Can i have sheila’s personal email or even hp number?
    I damn worried as she hasnt reply my verification on my payment made on 27 nov for Bo items (structured dress and puffed dress). Already so many days.
    I tried to send her few emails, put up on her blog comments but was ignored. I asked forum girls who purchased from HH made payment and already got verified except me. i dont know what is going on. Is it my email acc problem?I checked my transfer history i really truly transferred to correct account, hers.
    I really wish and hope u can help me by telling her about this matter.

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! Don’t worry about it, they won’t run away with your money! Sometimes they’re just a bit slow. I’ll ask her about it okay? Promise you’ll get your verification soon! :)

      • T replied:

        hahaha.. I’ve purchased a few times at HH… Excellent service…**Thumbs Up**
        i believe they won’t run away too… but I think maybe cause sheila ihaving attachment, so there’s slight delay or over look… i can tell you TP’s attachment at either birdpark / zoo / sentosa is super tiring and horrible…
        Be a little patient, i believe she’ll get back to u asap…

  6. Harlina Lim replied:

    Oh thanks Nicole for reassured me but i just worried that i could not make it for the BO as it was closed yesterday and verification paid was not responded since friday. At least u responded me here, appreciate that. I asked a few forumers who purchased from HH. They had received their verification of payment except me. I really wonder where my mails gone to. Hope to hear from you and her.
    I forgot to wish a happy anniversary, babe..

  7. Harlina replied:

    I got replied. The problem is solved. I think my email account got scam as a result Sheila kept replied to other directed account. Thanks a lot, Nicole.

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! Haha that’s good! No problem :) enjoy
      your HH clothes!

  8. Tisha replied:

    hey nic! any brushes you would recommend for application of mineral makeup? both mineral foundation and mineral concealer. thanks babe! :)

  9. shannon replied:

    hehehe nic.. care to share how you and your boyf met. haha, you 2 look very sweet and loving!!

    • nicole replied:

      Hello! Haha thank youuu. Truth is the sole aim in our lives is to annoy each other to DEATH. hahahahaha. We met through mutual friends! :)

  10. noyx! replied:

    HELLO NALSY i just found out about your blog from PHILBERT THE BIGMOUTH!
    hahaha anyway congrats on your 3rd anniversary! i will always remember the time we went to ikea (and you ate all those prawns) and you were all unsure about this but i’m so glad it worked out for you(:(:(:

    <3 lots of love!

    • nicole replied:

      HELLOOOOO. PENIS! HAHAHAHAHA. yay thank youuuuuuuu. i miss you! next week want to meet? yes i still eat a lot of ikea prawns HAHAHA. <3<3<3

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