Exams are over, so what you waiting for…

…Come party with me!

Tomorrow, Thursday night, get priority VIP entry at The Butter Factory just by going to the door and saying you’re on my guestlist! (Nicole’s guestlist, that is, if you didn’t get my name..)

Yeah no kidding, bring as many friends as you want, guys or girls, ALL FREE ENTRY ON MY GUESTLIST! woohoo!!!

There’s 1 for 1 housepours all night, and 1 for 1 Absolut vodka bottles too! Awesome? Hellz YEAH!!!

See you tomorrow OKAY? Please come say hi to me as well!! :D

If you have any questions at all, just leave a comment :)

Yaaaay partaaAayeee!!!


December 2, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. fi replied:

    omg!! we can bring as many people as we want dearie?

    • nicole replied:

      Yesss of course! The more the merrier! Just say you’re under my guestlist okay? (:

      • fiona replied:

        THANK YOU NICOLE FOR TODAY! you’re super pretty and small in real life! hahas. hope you had fun too!!

  2. popo replied:

    Is nicole in JC or poly?

    • nicole replied:

      Um hi.. I was in JC but not anymore.

      • popo replied:

        ooooh so you’re just done with your a levels? which school were you in?
        just curious so if you’re uncomfortable in sharing then don’t. haha :)

        • nicole replied:

          Nope I finished JC last year. I was in RJ. :)

  3. Meli replied:

    I wanna be there! :O

  4. =) replied:

    hello! u have a private party? cool! how much do they charge u like that?

    • nicole replied:

      Nope it’s not a private party, I just have guestlist at Butter!

  5. nicol replied:

    Damn I wont be back! What’s the occasion (: have another one soon, and what does it mean when u get a guestlist? (sorry im noob at this clubbing shaziz!

    • nicole replied:

      Haha it means you skip the queue, go in for free and get a VIP stamp! Don’t worry there’ll be plenty when you get back! :)

      • nicol replied:

        Awesome! check ur fb msg there’s some sale on the concealer thingy u wanna try on starting friday@12am here, which is i think ur friday night 10pm. haha i sound like im promoting it

  6. mei replied:

    you must be a very very very lucky girl nic. ): you’re rich, pretty, and you have awesome friends and boyfriend.

    your dad must be some high ranking director in a company or smth to let you indulge in so many high end goods like Fendi! (i loveee fendi!!! but cant afford)

    • nicole replied:

      Hey :) Hahaha no la I’m not rich at all. My parents only buy expensive things for me once in a while, not all the time. Its okay next time when you work and everything I’m sure you’ll be able to get nice stuff too! Haha :)

  7. Eka replied:

    Wow nicole this is pretty generous of you.

  8. tisha replied:

    saw you and joe at zouk last night babe! (: looking aweeesomeeeee.

    • nicole replied:

      Haha thanks! Were you at mambo or velvet?

  9. Lina replied:

    you and your boy live together?

    • nicole replied:

      He just staysover at my place most of the time.

  10. y replied:

    HEy hello! CAn I ask how you’re gna manage your relationship while gg for overseas studies next yr? Will your boyf be gg along too? BTW, how long will you be there:)

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! He’s coming too! We’re gonna live together :) hmm 5 years if I continue with my double

      • mei replied:

        wahhh? live together? sounds awesome! haha. is he gonna study in UNSW too?

  11. crosses replied:

    you and your boyfriend are both so rich !!!!!!!!!! lucky coupleeee!

  12. vin replied:

    Hi Nicole

    which school are u currently at?

    • nicole replied:

      I’m starting uni next march at UNSW (:

  13. vin replied:

    i see.what i mean is ur previous institution?

  14. vin replied:

    wow.i see.thanks for ur reply

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