details make the girls sweat even more

Thursday was such a looong day! I woke up early in the morning to go for my medical checkup after sleeping only for 3 hours because of mambo the night before! Took a train down to Paragon with mommy. She has this weird thing that when we go to town without my dad she refuses to drive because she doesn’t know how to park at any carpark except the one at Shaw Centre. And it was only the fifth time she’s taken a train in her life, so she’s all lost and confused in the stations but she insists on walking really really fast and disappears in the crowd and ends up at the wrong exit or something then I have to go get her. Sigh.

Then during the medical they take my height and weight, and the doctor calculates my BMI and tells me that I’m just shy of a “healthy” BMI of 16, I actually need to be 0.15 kg heavier otherwise they need to do blood tests and lots of nasty stuff on me, so I’m like, “BRB” and I ran down and stuffed my face as fast as I could. Ran up again, trying to figure out whether I managed to eat 150 grams worth of food. Then the nurse weighs me and I find out I’m a whole kg heavier! I managed to eat a whole kg of food in 10 minutes!

Oh yes I wanted to perm my hair the other day, but my stylist said my hair was not in good enough condition cause I’ve never done any treatments or anything before so if I permed it then it would get really dry, so what I had to do was buy products and make my hair all nice and soft first THEN I can get it permed. So mommy and I had an excursion down to Toa Payoh, got lost everywhere trying to find the Magical Shops of Hair Products that Von told me look for. We found it in the end and I managed to get my hair stuff!

And my cousin Trish is back from Melbourne, so everyone went for dinner at east coast, we had lots of seafood and chilli crab! So good.

Mantous + Chilli Crab = BEST THING EVER.

And then off to butter for Boogie Down Butter! I think the party was pretty good! But we left early and headed to Velvet to watch Phay spin. He’s really good. Jwong was so drunk by the time we got there and he kept falling down the whole night and injuring himself, as well as being a ninja and disappearing once our backs were turned.

I’ll update with pictures later this afternoon! Gotta go for photoshoot now :)



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  1. J replied:

    what hair products? :) my hair is so dry!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey my hair stylist recommended goldwell kerasilk or kerastase oleo something for me!

  2. jo replied:

    hi nicole! I’m intending to go perm my hair soon as well, may i know where did you intend to perm your hair at? Also, what are the hair products that you purchased? Hehe, sorry for being so nosy!

    • nicole replied:

      I bought goldwell kerasilk, my stylist recommended it! I’m
      gonna perm at von’s. Sheila’s going too! When our hair is in better

  3. C replied:

    Hi! Where is Von’s? May I know what are the rates like? Cos I’d like to do hair treatment and some trimming but I cant find good salons.

    • nicole replied:

      Hihi it’s at holland v! Tell me if you want his number I’ll email it to you. Hmm a trim for my length wouuld be about $50.

    • zoeraymond replied:

      Treatments are about $100 before a 10% discount (: There’s 2 types at Von’s! Usual leave on ones before wash off or a hair steam which is better!

  4. zoeraymond replied:

    Yo babe. You gotta get them to quote ZOE to get a 10% off!!!!!! (: Did you get the bottle back from Ervine’s?

    • nicole replied:

      Haha hi zoe! Yupyup. I forgot to tell you! I FOUND IT AT HOME. HAHAHAHAHAH omg.

      • zoeraymond replied:

        OMG! Check out who’s fast with replies!!!!

        • nicole replied:

          HAHAHA. I’m like uploading pictures on wordpress now! it’s &^%$$$$ slowwwww

          • zoeraymond replied:

            LOL! Try using! Can upload all at once and wait for them to publish to codes! Very fast!

          • nicole replied:

            Is it! Omg I’m so noob at this.

          • zoeraymond replied:

            Go to and sign for for an account. Then select all the pictures you want to upload and upload all at once! Do up the words then copy and paste in the html codes when upload’s done! Very easy!!!!

          • nicole replied:

            you use wordpress also?

          • zoeraymond replied:

            Nope! Using blogger! Know nuts about WordPress! But the photo codes should work the same (:

  5. C replied:

    Oh, can you email me Von’s contact number and shop address please? Thanks! :D

  6. C replied:

    Btw, when you said trimming for your length is $50, does it include washing also?

    • zoeraymond replied:

      92995052 VON! Cut Wash Blow (Straight or curls!) (: (:

      • nicole replied:

        hehe tell him you know nicole and zoe!

  7. -e replied:

    hey nicole! (:

    how do you make the red-blue-yellowish effects for the last two photos!

    • nicole replied:

      if you have a canon camera just set the flash setting to slow synchro under the manual mode. if not you can set your camera to a slow shutter speed with the flash on. this only works when the lights are colourful, the slow synchro just captures the colours of the flashing lights.

      • -e replied:

        ohh okay thanks! :D

  8. jac replied:

    HAHAHHA i like the part about you stuffing your face to put on 150g more

    • nicole replied:

      hahahaha! yeah man. it was tough. i’m coming back todaaaay! see you soon :D

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