Hey everybody! Just wanna say a few things about mineral eyeshadows..

The past few years mineral makeup has been all the rage, because it’s made from natural ingredients. I do agree that mineral makeup is a nice fuss-free simple take on makeup. But there’s a lot that people don’t know about mineral makeup products, especially eyeshadows.

Firstly, mineral eyeshadow is made from mica, a shimmery colourless powder, and the colour comes from oxides that are mixed in, like iron oxides and tin oxides. A mix of these ingredients forms the loose eyeshadow pigments that we see from brands like MAC and such. Most legit brands get their pure pigments from pigment wholesale companies, and then mix them to customize new colours.

However, what people have found recently is that there are tons and tons and TONS of brands of mineral makeup who just purchase the pigments from the wholesalers, repackage them by stamping their brand name on, and sell them exactly the same for like, 6 times more!

Anyway, I wanted to let you know that we, the consumers, can actually purchase the pure pigments straight from the wholesale companies. These wholesale companies sell ingredients for mineral makeup, like pigments and fillers and oils, etc. These pigments (called coloured micas) are what mineral makeup companies sell as eyeshadows, so we might as well get them for a fraction of the price straight from the manufacturers!

TKB Trading is one such company, and they sell samples of their coloured micas (the pigments) for only US$1.50, and these samples come as a whole tablespoon full of powder, which is probably even more than you get with commercially bought eyeshadows. Another company that sells micas/pigments is Coastal Scents, you might have heard of them, but they have less selection.

I’ve been asked many questions about what eyeshadows I’ve been wearing lately, especially the ones I wear for Hollyhoque shoots, and this is the answer, they are simply mineral pigments from TKB Trading! I bought 3 samples online, and they really are great, especially for only $1.50 each for such a huge amount! What I really like about them is that they can be worn wet, for a darker, more intense colour payoff, or dry for a shimmer with less intense colour. The pigments can also be custom-mixed yourself if you’d like to create a new colour, or you can simply darken or lighten colours by adding black or white micas. For more advanced formulation you can also get samples of fillers and additives like magnesium myristate and just mix a little in to improve the texture of the pigments if you like, but this is not necessary in order to use the pigments as eyeshadows. They can also be used as blush, added to lip gloss or nail colour, they’re basically really useful!

I chose to talk about this now because there’s an ongoing spree here at spreesgalore, and it’s just a great opportunity for you guys to get high quality, pure pigments for really, really cheap. TKB trading sprees don’t happen very often, in fact it’s only the second time I’ve seen one, because so little people know about their products, so there isn’t much demand for the sprees so response is quite weak. So, if you’d like in on the awesome, take time to browse TKB Trading’s site and join the spree. Spread the word! Purchase pure pigments direct and cheap instead of getting ripped off by mineral makeup brands!


December 6, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. J replied:

    HI nicole! why suddenly the pics u took you looked so fair and white? anyway how was the facial ? heal?

    • nicole replied:

      hello! i dunno why also! haha. mmm a lot better now! (:

  2. J replied:

    realised you got a unique name uh?! wondering wat’s ur chinese name? hehe… oh that’s great! facial is great but i hate the extraction part which hurts :( RAWR

    when is HH launching?

  3. Nicol replied:

    thanks for sharing! i like that you’re always so willing so share nic! (:

  4. S replied:

    hi babe… you’ve any ideal on hair growing?? my hair seems to b dropping, esp my fringe… tried a few tonic, but don work…=(

  5. YF replied:

    hey nicole! thank you so much for helping me in make up for my prom, it really made shopping sssoooooo much easier, really! only thing is that the eye liner didnt arrive in time ): but i received it alr, and have been wondering, where do you get the sharpener for the eye liner pencil? i tried it on, and was wondering where do you usually apply them. thank you babe!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! You’re welcome :) You can just use any eye pencil sharpener! Buy one from MAC. What do you mean where do I apply them? The eyeliner?

      Sent from my iPhone

    • S replied:

      hi YF, i also ordered the eyeliner, but haven’t yet receive…
      did you ordered urban decay eyeliner from Grace? =)

      • YF replied:

        hmm i forgot who i bought it from. i cant rmb her name, but she was someone who went by the name of viperox. sorry! it was from e bay :)

        yup nicole, where do you apply your eyeliner? thank you so much :D

        • nicole replied:

          Oh you bought from ebay? I have no idea about that.. Be careful you might get scammed. Err I really don’t know what you mean! On my upper and lower lashlines?

  6. S replied:

    that was recommended by nicole on the previous entry?? =)

    n nicole, thanks so much for all the sharings…

    much appreciate…=)

    • nicole replied:

      You’re welcome! Did you order through a spree? It normally takes 2-3 weeks to ship over. If you need one urgently I recommend Dior’s eyeliner as well! It comes with a sharpener :)

  7. S replied:

    hmm… i ordered Urban Decay #6: Spree on the 12th NOv… but haven receive yet… wanted to give it a try for christmas… dono can in time not…=( so many things went wrong, i ordered a curler from UK on ebay thinking to curl my hair on christmas, but 2mth n haven’t reach e curler…. OMG!!!!!

    • nicole replied:

      Which spree community was that spree from? Have you received any updates from the organiser?

  8. J replied:

    care to share what do you keep for coming HH’s new launch :) after looking at the pics, it’s awesome!!!

  9. S replied:

    i joined http://community.livejournal.com/ohmysprees/!…
    Just got a reply from the spree holder that my mail was bounced back… OMG…

    i think i wasn’t veri familiar with that spree so took so long… accordinging to the gals comment, it arrived on the 2nd dec.. n i haven receive it yet… **smack my head**

    • nicole replied:

      Oh haha I ordered from her too! Yeah she’s very reliable don’t worry I always order from her. Yeah shipping from the US to sg takes 2 to 3 weeks! Haha you didn’t take reg mail is it? always opt for reg mail! Singpost is damnnn lousy

  10. S replied:

    hahaha… i think its cause i’m new to her spree… so didn’t follow carefully her instruction… yups.. i opted for reg mail… i also think singpost is a little lousy nowadays…She replied me already, she’ll send out once she’s free… =)
    whee..!!! anyway, can tell me how u drew your eyes… *thumbs up*

  11. grace replied:

    Hi, can I know what product(s )you use for your cheeks? Your cheeks look very radiant & glowy! Thanks!

    • nicole replied:

      NARS orgasm! it’s a cult favourite (:

  12. des replied:

    hey, when you order 1 teaspoon of it, what packaging does it comes in?

    • nicole replied:

      There’s no tkb trading spree open now.. Anyway it comes in a little baggie.

    • nicole replied:

      Anyway if you manage to purchase from TKB, you can get jars from them also if you need, they come with sifters and everything. only about $0.75? They also have the plastic clamshell things which sell for $3 for 20 or something like that called cutie pies.. Haha.

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