Hollyhoque teaser!

(ARGH this picture didn’t fit when I first published it and no one told meee!)

Sheila’s favourite dress! The yellow looks damn good on her tan skin.

If you wanna know which items in the preview I have, I have the first row 2nd one in grey (wore it in Sydney! and omg I look totally weird in that picture), the first row 3rd one in cream, and the second row first one in grey! I might keep the black version of Sheila’s favourite dress too, what do you think? (:


December 8, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. naad replied:

    you’ve a very pretty face! seriously.. go take part in miss universe or something. guarantee you’ll win!!

    • nicole replied:

      HAHA thank youuu! No la I’m not that pretty. And very short also! Only 1.55 :(

      • candice replied:

        but u dont look short!u really can model to make yourself look tall. :)

  2. teddybear replied:

    Hey, can i know what other colors is available for Sheila’s fav dress? :D hehe it’s my fav too! awesome to the max!! =D

  3. Venuss replied:

    Nic, both u kept is a top or dress?

    • nicole replied:

      The first row second and third ones are tops, the second row first one can be worn as a top or as a dress!

  4. J replied:

    will the puff sleeves looks weird? I prefer the first row 3rd one, which is a top? the puff sleeves looks nicer ? (:

    other than black and cream for the top, any other colors? how’s the back like? normal top? hehe!

    • nicole replied:

      Haha I have that one also! Sheila and I love puffed sleeves :) the puffed sleeves for the dress are puffier I think, and it’s made of thicker stiffer material.

      • teddybear replied:

        what other colors available for puff sleeved dress? :)
        would like to get the dress but afraid might nt b back at hm early for the launch :(

      • J replied:

        yup love putted sleeves too! but i think too puffed will make me look weird haha! love the puffed sleeves for the top more (:

        any other colors for the top other than black/cream?:D

    • nicole replied:

      There’s white also! All very nice!

      • teddybear replied:

        aw i want the white!!! but guess i won’t b able to make it for the launch! :(

        any idea can i order first??

        • nicole replied:

          Haha cannot! Must be fair to everyone :)

          • teddybear replied:

            Haha ok :(

  5. S replied:

    Hey Nicole. You have nice hair, it’s like the natural wavy kind. What kind of perm do you usually do?

    • nicole replied:

      Hey this is my natural hair! Gonna perm it soon though.

  6. Elisabeth replied:

    Can you please do a makeup tutorial? I never tried putting makeup, and is horrible at doing so. Can you give me some advice? Thanks =)

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! (: I don’t do tutorials but if you have any questions feel free to ask! (:

  7. star replied:

    hello! :D 1st row 2nd top what other colours are there? ooh i love this collection! :D

  8. J replied:

    Hi dear, the hair products von intro-ed you is hair mask?

    • nicole replied:

      hair treatment! leave on for half an hour then wash off that kind. but different hair needs different kind! he recommended the redken heavy cream for sheila. i don’t really know whats the diff also!

      • zoeraymond replied:

        Its cause your hair is already very thick! Sheila’s and mine are thin so we need heavy cream to volumize!!!

        • nicole replied:

          Haha my hair is thin also! Sheila said she had to use the heavy cream cause her hair is frizzy! So the heavy cream adds weight so it’ll be less frizzy. Mine isn’t frizzy just dry from my perm last year :(

          • zoeraymond replied:

            But Von says your hair is thick!!!! HAHAHA!!! wait till you see mine. Half of one’s hair is all that i have!

          • nicole replied:

            Hahaha that bad?? Yeah he said your hair was very straight and fine! So i guess my hair is thick compared to yours but i still think it’s thin! Hahaha.

  9. J replied:

    yup it’s so called hair mask treatment (:

    Is your hair dry? My hair is soooo dry after rebonding 2 mths back, after doing hair mask from loreal it’s smooth and manageable but way too lazy to do it 2-3 times a week right? hahahahaha!!!

    • nicole replied:

      Oh haha really? Sheila straightened her hair at Von’s and it was super smooth after that! I think cause he adds a lot of treatment when he does hair! Haha yeah super leychey but what to do.. If I don’t get my hair back into good shape then cannot perm!

      • J replied:

        Oh i see. mine is smooth but the only thing is whenever i’m awake from my sleep my hair tangle like crazy :( ya!!!! if dont treat it, you permed alr more worse. but why do you wan to perm? it’s nice this way, natural (:

        • nicole replied:

          Haha I just like it very very wavy! I hate straight hair :(

  10. venuss replied:

    Hey Nic,

    Y don consider the yellow dress instead?

    U look very nice on that:)

  11. venuss replied:

    Its nice la dear…u got too many black dress already!!! hehehe…..

    • teddybear replied:

      Hehe, i agree with venuss :) u look nice in yellow dress! :)

      Heyyy Nicole, may i know where u get the white rose hairband in ur collection 66? i’ve been searching high and low for this type of hairband, hehe.

      • nicole replied:

        Hey thanks (: the hairband is Sheila’s! Don’t know where she got it from. I’m gonna start making floral hairbands! But I need to go buy nice ribbon first.

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha don’t have!

  12. memoriesndreams replied:

    heya nicole! u got naturally wavy/curly hair like me! :) how do you keep it frizz free? as in, what products do you use? do share. tks!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey, my hair’s naturally not frizzy so I don’t really know! Hmm I use Johnson’s baby shampoo, and I just bought Paul Mitchell conditioner and the Goldwell Kerasilk treatment thing last week cause my stylist said I needed to prep my hair for perming!

  13. M replied:

    you’re not short! you are fun-sized! haha :D
    and about the puffed sleeved dress.. the black one looks nicer on you, I reckon! but OMG the yellow one is soo flattering on Sheila! I so love her skin tone <_<

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha! FUN-SIZED. Like an m&m pack. Yeah I think so too! Yellow looks weird on my skin tone right. It looks nicer on tan skin! But then again I would look so weird tan.

  14. jamie replied:

    hey babe! you’re size 35 for C&K right? what size do u get for fendi shoes? do they even carry our size??! most of the brands dont :( so sickening

    • nicole replied:

      Hello! I don’t buy shoes at charlest & keith so I don’t know my sizing there. But usually I am a size 35. Yup Fendi has size 35! Haha which brands don’t? Dior even has 34!

      • jamie replied:

        seriously?! :O i think tods doesn’t have or smth? wow cool. do u know when the sales are on? :D

        • nicole replied:

          No idea I don’t shop at Tod’s! Nope I don’t know.

          • jamie replied:

            hahaha i meant fendi sales! u reply very fast btw

          • nicole replied:

            haha yeah i have no idea! haha yes i know. cause im online now! waiting for sheila to pick me up :) and i use iphone too so even when i’m out i can reply! haha

  15. dramamamamia replied:

    babe! u very cute lehs.u noe ur readers going ask u which items u keep for urself, so in e end u just gan chui blog it out w/o us asking le. HAHAHAHA=p

    actually u look equally nice in the yellow puffed sleeves lehs :)

    btw is HH going to sell the balck vest in 2nd row 3rd item?

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha! Yeah I knew ppl would ask so I just posted it. Haha thanks but I just feel the colour looks weird on my skin tone! And yep the black vest comes with the top :)

  16. C replied:

    Haha I just noticed that Sheila is barefoot in that photo she took with you. LOL!

    • nicole replied:

      haha YEAH cause when she takes pictures of me she likes to walk around barefoot!

  17. vin replied:

    Nic,where is ur hairstylist located at?

  18. H replied:

    hello u look really pretty! i love ur fair skin tone, not like me tan :( btw when will u be launching this collection? and the 1st dress 2nd row, does it comes in other colours as well?

    • nicole replied:

      Hey thanks :) Sheila will be launching on thursday! Yup it comes in blue, white, black as well.

  19. J replied:

    any idea whats the time of the launch? is sheila feeling better already? :)

    • nicole replied:

      No idea sorry! Yeah she’s quite okay already, now I got runny nose :(

  20. J replied:

    hoho! oh my! take care of yourself alright! weather nowadays are super random :(

    Drink more water and eat more fruits!

    • nicole replied:

      Yaa i keep falling sick these days :( haha thanks dearrr

  21. C replied:

    I think you might be falling sick because you’re sleeping so late? Haha replying comments at 4.30am! omg. Rest more, weather’s horrible :X

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha but I’ve always been sleeping late! I’m nocturnal!

  22. J replied:

    yeah sleep early, have enough rest! dont hit to the club too often :D:D

  23. sheralynnn replied:

    Hey !! Do you happen to know if sheila still has the crotchet Trimmed Blouse in white ?? Coz she has sent me the one in grey instead =s

    • nicole replied:

      Sorry I have no idea! You gotta ask her! Tell me if you really cannot get her ok?

  24. teddybear replied:

    Hi Nicole! :)

    Do u know whether bling sequin collar top is manufactured by HH or? haha is it color exclusively at HH? :)

    Sorry to trouble u :(

    • nicole replied:

      Hey, Its’s not manufactured by HH but it is probably exclusive to HH. Not too sure about the exclusivity! Haha just wait for the launch and you’ll see!

  25. miyaku replied:

    hi babe,
    may i know where did you get your heels from?
    the one you were wearing when you took the pic with sheila.
    which store too..

  26. Dee replied:

    Hi Nicole. Is the first row, second from left a dress or a top? What other colours are there? (:

    • nicole replied:

      It’s a top, there’s white grey and black :) Sheila was wearing the black one when we went out today!

  27. M replied:

    I love how you take the trouble to answer each and every one of your readers’ comments!
    you are absolutely lovable Nicole! (:

    • nicole replied:

      Heehee thanks! I really appreciate all the nice comments also! :D

  28. rose replied:

    Yeah i second that! You are always so accommodating and nice in answering everyone’s questions even if it means repeating yourself countless times! If it were me I would be so annoyed heh!

  29. jamie replied:

    nicole! hahaa u’re really very free eh? what’s tt in the first row last pic? is it a dress/cardigan? confused :/ oh yeah any idea when sheila is gg to update???

    • nicole replied:

      YES I AM. hahaha going for photoshoot soon though! I always reply very fast cause I always have my iPhone with me! It’s a black dress that comes with a cropped embellished jacket thing. Pretty cool! Comes in navy also :)

    • nicole replied:

      She’s launching later today! After photoshoot so should be sometime in the evening :)

      • jamie replied:

        HAHAHAHAHAH! u shld be sheila’s manager or smth. help her answer all questions regarding HH! i thought the photoshoot was over! ok thanks darlin :)

        • nicole replied:

          Haha it’s for next week’s collection! Anyway I’ll be overseas for a few
          days so next week there’ll be a new face! Hahaha.

  30. J replied:


  31. inotfat replied:

    eh nic u actually look big/tall in that picture.

    but we ALL know what a small piece of shit u are.

    see u this weekend! :D

    p.s. i love joe.

    • nicole replied:

      this weekend cannot la i told you i’m going overseas! haha next weekend for sean’s commisioning! :) then after that we can all go eat the jap bbq!!! (Y)

      p.s. joe loves you too

  32. rei replied:

    you look great in the yellow puff sleeve dress that u took with sheila..

  33. 4dd replied:

    Hey Nic! May I check with you, the second row first pic is it too short for a dress? I am 156 tall. Do you think it is too short for me?

    • nicole replied:

      the toga thing? it’s kind of adjustable. like the tight band at the bottom thing so you can pull it as short as you want. i’m 155 and i wear it as a dress so i guess it’ll work for you too.

      • 4dd replied:

        Thanks! :D Hopefully it won’t be too short for me. & you brought that piece too?

        • nicole replied:

          Yup I kept the grey one for myself :)

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