I’m at the airport now!

I’m going to Koh Samui tonight with Joe and his family! I’ll be back on the 14th :) hopefully the hotel has wireless so I can stay in touch with the outside world.. Haha. I’ll upload the pictures from Tuesday with the girls soon! :) byebye!

<3 Nicole


December 10, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. J replied:

    enjoy ur trip dear :)
    takecare and drink lotsa water!

  2. anon replied:

    hi nicole, may i know where u got those cuffed shorts (grey and blue) in hollyhoque’s latest collection shots?
    i’m looking for such shorts for the longest time! :X

    • nicole replied:

      Hello! They’re from Cotton On! Cheap cheap :D a lot of ppl have them!

      • anon replied:

        oh.. icic :) but im being doubtful. i’ve seen the ones at cotton on but the material is like very thin. but i see urs it seems like denim types which i couldn’t find it at cotton on. (except for their dark denim and light denim cuffed shorts)
        hope u get what i meant!

  3. nicol replied:

    have fun!!!
    Anyway u shld get the black puff dress, its nicer than the yellow (u look less overwhelmed in it and it suits ur skin tone better).
    and i love the concealer!!!

    • nicole replied:

      Haha okay okay I’ll get the black one! (: Or navy? Haha ok I will get it once I finish mine! Tell me if you know when they’re gonna have a sale again! (:

      • J replied:

        what concealer? hehe care to share? :)

      • Nicol replied:

        I like the black better! (:
        the sleeves dont look as overwhelming on your petite frame!
        How is Koh Samui, sure i’ll let u know (:

  4. anonymous replied:

    hi, i know its kinda random but i really love ur heels in this HH collection.


    may i know where u get them frm? :)


    • nicole replied:

      Hey, they’re from Bangkok! (:

      • jamie replied:

        which part of bkk? :)

        • nicole replied:

          I really cannot remember the shop.. and doubt that pair is still on sale.

  5. venuss replied:

    Hi nic…im going BKK next month, whr can i get the heels? Mine to tell me which shopping ctr?

  6. M replied:

    come backkk! the world wide web and its inhabitants are missing you!!

    .. lol

  7. M replied:

    have fun though hon (:

  8. jamie replied:

    haha which part of bangkok do u get ur shoes from?! i went the other time and it was so hurrrr. boring to the max. couldn’t find anyth i liked. :(

  9. S replied:

    have fun and enjoy to the fullest…
    btw coming back for christmas…?? any good place to intro for christmas party…

    its party time..


    • nicole replied:

      haha hey. the only place i like to party at is butter so yeah.. will be heading there.

      • S replied:

        Butter on the eve or 25th??
        I guess will be super duper PACK +++ long Que….
        i’ve yet been to butter, always so long que… no place to stand i hear from my sisters…

        • nicole replied:

          Hmm? No I’m talking about tomorrow. It’s a good sized crowd, not too packed. Yup no need to queue tmr, because you can use my guestlist!

          • S replied:

            coool.. thanks babe… =)
            more party..!!!! whee…

          • nicole replied:

            Haha are you coming? :)

  10. anna replied:

    hello nicole, may i know if you ever did perming before and where did you do them :D

  11. Silas replied:


    • nicole replied:

      haha not yet la! later. see you soon also!

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