Free entry at butter this thursday!

Hey guys! Boogie Down Butter is happening again this thursday (and every alternate thursday) at The Butter Factory and if you didn’t already know, it’s a glorious event when you can bring as many friends as you want, go to the door and say you’re under Nicole’s guestlist, and get free priority entry for the night! If you’re wondering why I have unlimited sign-in privileges, it’s because I’m an ambassador for thursday nights! So please do come down and use my guestlist and don’t be shy because it’s unlimited.

As usual, drinks are 1-for-1 all night long! And I’ll be there of course so I really hope to see you all! (:

<3 nicole

Hate taking pictures with giants! :(:( Cheryl Eunice and Steffi are all above 1.7 m :(:(:( IMMA GNOME.


December 15, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Kaelyn replied:

    I hope to go but i am overseas! Is there any next week(24th dec)?

  2. rebecca replied:

    hey nicole i really really really adore your make up! (: it’s like so nicely done all the time . did you learn it yourself ? are they all minerals which you mixed them from tkb?

    • nicole replied:

      Hey thanks! (: yup I learned to do it myself. Nope I only have 3 pigments from tkb! The other eyeshadows I use most often are YSL, Guerlain and Dior :)

    • rebecca replied:

      babe does free entry only applies for girls only ? (:

      • nicole replied:

        Applies to everyone dear! You can bring guy friends as well! Just say you’re on nicole’s guestlist! :)

        Sent from my iPhone

  3. jamie replied:

    hey nic,

    so means there is free entry on 31st dec? will u be there for the countdown? :)

    • nicole replied:

      Oh yeah sorry not next next week either cause they can’t give free entry on huge days like that. So I guess the first Thursday of the new year! Or you could just come tomorrow and use my guestlist.

  4. venuss replied:

    Hey nicole… faster upload ur pic, cant wait already?

    Btw what u get from HH new collection?

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha which pics? I’ll update later tonight about the HH stuff okay? Check back later! (:

  5. venuss replied:

    Around what time tonite?

    • nicole replied:

      Hmm not too sure. I’m going for photoshoot now, then probably going over to sheila’s after, so when I finally get home!

  6. debbie replied:

    ah babe? anyway u can help me get essie’s nailpolish? :)please!

  7. Lena replied:

    Hi!! Would like to know when is the HH launch and also, is butter akways crowded on thursdays? Thanks!!

    • nicole replied:

      Hello, it’s not super crowded, it’s targetted more at the exclusive VIP crowd. Quite a chill out night. :) if you wanna come let me know!

  8. debbie replied:

    babe, what’s the opi nail polish colour you used abt 2 collections ago? :)

    • nicole replied:

      What does the colour look like?

      • debbie replied:

        umm looks greenish? bright. or was it turquoise. maybe light turquoise

        • nicole replied:

          Oh! It was China Glaze Atlantis. I’ll upload a few pics so you can see what it looks like later!

          • debbie replied:

            ooh yay! thanks babe :) is china glaze good? the name seems bit dodgy. haha. only really heard of opi and essie.

          • nicole replied:

            Haha yes it’s good. It’s by the same company as opi or something. China as in the porcelain not the country! Hahaha. Go check out !

            Sent from my iPhone

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