Hollyhoque’s next collection! (:(:

Heyhey! Doesn’t this collection look lovely? Here are some pictures of my picks!

All 3 colours of this dress are sooo gorgeous! <333 And the brick red one is perfect for Christmas!

With Joe’s sister Siyi in Koh Samui!

Wore this one in Koh Samui too! I think it’s so versatile and flattering!

This one fits up to UK 10! Love the colour.

Haha I’m blogging from Sheila’s house now! The launch will probably be on Friday evening! :)

P.S. :P you Joe!


December 17, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. janice replied:

    hi nicole, for the dirty green tube top, besides black, what other colours is there?

  2. dramamamamia replied:

    hey babe! any other colours for the bluish-green top from the 1st row, last pic? which colour did u keep?

    im out on fri…hope i wun misss out alot cos sheila is too bz for BO nowadays )):

    • nicole replied:

      There’s black and white! I didn’t keep it. (:

  3. venuss replied:

    Hey nic, for the 2nd row left skirt, wat other colours is there?

  4. venuss replied:

    Did u kept one for urself?

  5. Dee replied:

    Nicole, what other colours are there for the top row, far right? Anyway, you look gorgeous as always! (:

    • nicole replied:

      thanks! there’s black and white (:

  6. WX replied:

    i think you should model for more future collections in advance before you fly off. You look fab and you totally make all the clothes look delicious! Def will miss seeing you modelling for HH man!

  7. tisha replied:

    i agree with WX! i think nicole, you are an awesome model (:

    it’s your face on HH that makes HH special.

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