Oh mannnn…

I had way too much to drink last night. And drinking makes me wake up the next day really early, feeling really refreshed! Not shitting you. Boogie Down Butter (the event at butter on Thursday nights) gave out 6 complimentary bottles of Nikka whisky to the first 6 VIPs who RSVPed, and Garrett, being extremely up to date with emails cause of his Blackberry, got a bottle for us! Japanese whisky tastes really.. Japanese. It was all clean and crisp! I also have vague memories of whisky dry’s, Russian Standard and cranberry, jagerbombs.. Hmm.

Joe’s so nice he sent me home, heated up chicken rice for me, watched me eat then tucked me in before he went home, when he had to wake up super early this morning for his golf game with his daddy. (: You’re the best, Joe! <3<3

Pictures pictures! My top is from Hollyhoque’s next next collection! :D

Nicole, Steffi and Aruna! We made our boyfriends take so many shots of us! :DD

No pictures of Joe cause he’s FAT. HAHAHA. That boy is sooo fat now. RIGHT SHEILA!! He put on 7 kg in 1 month! But luckily he loses weight quite fast when he wants to. I’m going wakeboarding later with Joe, Steffi, Garrett, and Pet! So exciting I’ve never gone before!

And here’s some viral marketing for you..

Check this video out, it’s two of my buddies from Stellastory, Silas and Narpal, doing an acoustic piano cover of Bad Romance!

You can catch them live this at St. James this sunday for the flea market party thing-thing. I’ll be there! Right in front screaming. HAHA.

Here are more of their videos:


Seeya! (:

<3 nicoleeeee


December 18, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. val replied:

    wo0o0o0! i like tt top! glitter glitter! what other colours are there?

  2. Vanessa replied:

    haha the funny thing is i totally understand and experience the same thing you do when i drink too much.its like the next morning i am super resed and my concentration is ultra good haha..everyone thinks i’m funny!thought i’ll just share with you. have a good weekend!

    • nicole replied:

      Haha omg! Ok I don’t get the good concentration thing but I just feel super awake! Haha :) you too!

  3. min replied:

    Hi, do u mind checking out the font name with Sheila? the one she wrote hollyhoque? I have been looking for it for the longest time! :) Please reply here, my hotmail having problems!

  4. WX replied:

    hey there! Where did you get your black rose clutch seen in the latest HH collection? thanks! (:

    • nicole replied:

      It’s from salad at haji lane.. Don’t think they have it anymore.

  5. sheralynnn replied:

    Hi nicole! Do you know when is the pant-dress, which sheila wore on the day to kitty lab, launching ?? Which collection ? Next ? Next Next? =D

    • nicole replied:

      No idea I’ve never seen it before.

  6. yl replied:

    That’s good to feel really awake the next day after drinking so much that day! I always have hangover whenever I drink too much! & there’s once when I even knock out & faint in public! Omg man.

    • nicole replied:

      Haha oh my! I’ve never got a hangover before! Haha.

  7. EC replied:

    Hey Nicole, can i know where you get your striped jacket? Saw it from the picture that you took with your friends, with Sheila in the picture! Hahaha, its very nice! :) Hope you dont mind me asking!

    • nicole replied:

      Got it from Bangkok! Haha. Thanks! :)

  8. Nat replied:

    how do you curl your hair? its so nice!!! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Hey it’s just my natural hair texture :)

  9. venuss replied:

    Hey Nicole, when u going to upload your picture with the girls?

  10. Zee replied:

    Hey Nicole, did u kept the Lace On Satin Cocktail Dress for yourself?

  11. Venuss replied:

    Hey Nicole, can i ask u which colour is nicer for the megan fox inspired pleat detail top?

  12. debbie replied:

    hey babe, what’s the colour fo your nail polish for this collection? it’s not the china glaze one right? haha i think i was asking abt this colour

    • nicole replied:

      Heyy, it’s Essie’s Mint Candy Apple from their christmas collection! (:

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