Joe and I have a cool new sound :D

Anyway wakeboarding on Friday was unexpectedly really fun! At first I was sooo scared because of all the horrible things Sheila said about the last time they went, and I was the only one who hadn’t done it before so I was terrified that I was going to make a complete fool of myself and like, drown in the disgusting dirty Singapore sea. But it turned out to be a nice and chill afternoon on a boat, and our instructor Bobby was super cool and super nice!

And the best thing is, I CAN ACTUALLY WAKEBOARD. I, hater of anything sporty and sport-like and exercising, actually managed to stand up on the board on my very first try! Which Bobby said less than 1 out of 10 people manage to do! SUCCESS! And when I stood up I saw everyone’s jaw totally dropping for like 5 seconds then they started yelling in shock ahahaha. Joe kept saying how proud he was of me! (:(:

The rest were really good! Steffi, seasoned wakeboarder of SMU wakeboarding club (!!!) and Joe started doing little jumps on the water, and Garrett, wakeboarding semi-noob, was pretty good and managed to move around a lot as well.

An autistic kid we picked up


Joe Boodooboob

Stefster getting some air!

“oh fuck I’m gonna die..”


Me again

Me again again

And again


Wet & Salty…


And then we went to eat the best ramen in Singapore and have beers. That’s the life man! :)

<33333 Nicole!


December 20, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. s replied:

    COOOLLLL… you n ur boy is always so sweeeetttt…
    don’t u 2 quarrel???

  2. dramamamamia replied:

    1 word: AWESOME!!!

    • nicole replied:

      IKR!! Have you been wakeboarding before?

  3. J replied:

    Hey nicole. can you leave down ur email? Wanna ask you smth :D

  4. G replied:



  5. silas replied:

    HAHA. WET & SALTY. okay. anyway steffi looks damn retarded as usual. :DD

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha fucking funny right! <3 steffi

      Sent from my iPhone

    • steffi replied:

      Thanks silas. I’m glad you like my seal picture.

  6. soph replied:

    hi! could you give me some ideas for xmas presents for guy friends/boyfriends? :D

    • nicole replied:

      Hi! We went shopping today and I got him a shirt from Ted Baker! You can check out Paul Smith also they have nice wallets and t-shirts! (:

  7. D replied:

    hey! where do you do the wakeboarding and renting of the boat?

  8. gnowj replied:

    HAHAHAH steffi the whale!!!!

    p.s dear s, its true when she says they quarrel all the time. they fight over the smallest most stupid little things that you can ever imagine. (NOT KIDDING)

    ♥ jwong

    • jac replied:

      like nail polish! hahahah!

    • steffi replied:

      whale?! dammit. SEAL, jwong. pls. omfg that photo is SO retarded. -.-

      & yes. i agree. only the STUPIDESTEST OF STUPID, STUPID THINGS.

  9. Lena replied:

    Hey nicole love your pretty pictures!! Anw, whats the cost of renting the boat and all? Been wanting to try it since eons ago but nv had the chance!! Haha thanks!! :)

    • nicole replied:

      It’s $40 for about 20 min of wakeboarding! You can go more than once, so that’ll cost you more. :)

      Sent from my iPhone

      • steffi replied:

        it’s $45 actually. we just got lucky :)

  10. v replied:

    hey nicole, where is your bikini frm? looks so nautical-ish kind of nice =)

    • nicole replied:

      It’s from David Jones in Aussie! Thanks! (:

  11. xy replied:

    hey,where u bought the blue colour shorts? so pretty!

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