Marc by Marc Jacobs


Second from left, Burberry

I REALLY CAN’T CHOOSE. Everyone’s telling me to get the Marc by Marc Jacobs one cause it’s cute and suits my retarded personality and I really do like it but I like the Burberry one as well! And I don’t own anything Burberry yet but I already have a bunch of Marc stuff. They’re both casual watches and suitable for everyday wear.. the Burberry is just more mature and classy while the Marc one is kiddy and fun? ARGHHHH HELP!!!


December 23, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. Mandy replied:

    Hi babe, i vote for th Burberry one!!!
    Haha unds ur pain in choosing two of your beloved!
    Well i vote for th Burberry one cos u r already vry fun-lovin!
    You do not need a watch to show ur personality either!
    =) Tk cre!

  2. B replied:

    Burberry! it’s more classy and versatile :)

  3. amanda replied:

    Burberry. (:

  4. nicole replied:

    Ah really? But now I’ve kind of decided on the Marc one cause some of my friends say the Burberry one is ugly.. And the Marc one is a lot
    cuter on me.

  5. s replied:

    i vote for Marc by Marc Jacobs…
    although i think burberry is classy… but i prefer burberry bags n wallets than watch.. the watch is too matured for u le… young should have those young spirit…haha…=)

    hope u won’t mind my straight forward…hahaha

  6. Kaelyn replied:

    Marc by Marc Jacobs! Love the size which is not too big.
    Pick the one that suits you more. :)

  7. lynn replied:

    Marc by Marc Jacobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! x 87635774329

  8. renee replied:

    Hi, how much are the 2 watches? the Marc one looks so much better!

  9. Jo replied:

    Hey! Can i ask how much is the Marc by Marc Jacobs watch?

  10. M replied:

    My vote goes for the Marc by Marc Jacobs one!
    I think the Burberry one is ugly too :X

    haha.. have a lovely Christmas hun!

  11. debbie replied:

    marcs! wear stuff u can wear when u can. haha when u grow older, ppl will ask you to stop wearing them.

  12. dramamamia replied:

    im like Marc by Marc Jacobs cos i like big faced watches!!
    but somehow i think the burberry will look nicer on you cos of ur slim wrist & u can carry out branded well :)

  13. starryun replied:

    Marc by Marc Jacobs! It looks much more special, though Burberry one looks classy.
    Get the cute one while u still can! It will look awkward on a 40 year old lady with that Marc Jacobs watch =D

  14. debbie replied:

    aiya. just get both! HAHAHA

  15. Lingz replied:

    Marc by Marc Jacobs!

    The Burberry watch is too ‘boring’ for your personality.

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