Pictures from last weekend!

I haven’t been able to upload these! Too caught up with Christmas shopping!

Last Saturday was Sean Poh XBY’s officer commissioning parade, so the whole gang went all the way to Jurong to watch!

Kenny, Sean, Jackson, Joe

Mike and Joe

Janine, Mike and me

All of us :)

Then Joe and I headed back to his place for a dinner party his parents were throwing. Jwong came too! My favourite part was roating marshmallows over a tea candle. And then, off to BUTTER! (:

We managed to get 2 tables in the VIP area even though we didn’t make reservations so we hid out there most of the night.

And in celebration of my Great Wakeboarding Success, Garrett decided to open a bottle of Dom Perignon! Assuming one bottle = 6 glasses, one glass would come to over $60! And I couldn’t even tell that much of a difference between this and normal Moet. He says we should have got Krug instead.

Garrett <3 his expensive bottle

Me with Zul and G

Our very excitable DJ Adrian Weeeeee! Hahaha he’s awesome.

Jackson fail. Sorry sean!

The boys!





December 25, 2009. Uncategorized.


  1. A replied:

    hey hi nicole! mind sharing how did you manage to get the lighting effects on the photos? which mode did you use? (:

  2. jen replied:

    hi nicole! did you mentioned urban decay liners are good? which one exactly? im so gonna get it!

    • nicole replied:

      Hi Jen! Yup the 24/7 glide-on eyeliner. It’s the best!!! Hahaha go buy it NOW

  3. Jiayi replied:

    hey :D may i know where you got your necklace from ? it’s really beautiful (:

    • nicole replied:

      it’s from marc by marc jacobs!

      • Jiayi replied:

        do they still have it now ? and how much does it cost ? :D

        • nicole replied:

          It just sold out at the taka branch! You can check the other outlets. It was $200+! :)

  4. Jiayi replied:

    oh okay thank you dearie :D

  5. jess replied:

    BAHAHA. i found a pic of garrett!!!

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