Hi everyone! Hope you had a lovely Christmas! My Christmas Eve dinner was at my aunt’s house, and there was lots of yummy food, like the turkey my mommy roasted! She soaked it in some special sugar and salt brine so that it would be really tender, and it really was! Yummiest juiciest turkey I’ve ever had!

My Daddydoo, Chief Turkey Carver

This is my newest niece! Isn’t she sooo chubby and adorable? Love the ‘do!

After dinner we went to Eka’s new house! His aunt lives 6 floors up so we chilled there first, and got lectured about the art of opera singing by his weird British uncle. Then we went back down to Eka’s and sat around for the rest of the night. Btw I <3 myojo’s tom yam cup noodles! Anyway Eka’s new house is nice, I like it a lot.


And my little brother is a Christmas Eve baby! So a few days ago my cousins and I took him out for a little surprise celebration. He’s 13 now! But he still looks like he’s 9 or 10! Even smaller than me! But not for long :(

Nicole and Nigel

And these are some pictures from our pre-Christmas mambo!

Jac and me!

Jac, me, Chris and Janine!

I’ll post up pictures of my Christmas loot soon! Stay tuned! (:


Nicole! :D


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  1. H replied:

    You’re really gorgeous !!!!! HAHA <3

  2. elee replied:

    hi!abt the bareminerals u bought fr sephora,did u buy the concealer/finishing powder/foundation?its 42 bucks each rite?
    den what brushes sld i buy?
    thks for helpin me!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey elee! I bought the mineral veil and foundation from the US, it’s usd $25 and it’s a bigger container! You can get them online at sephora.com or beauty.com for the same price. Honestly for foundation I prefer everydayminerals, which is also a lot cheaper. I find that it goes on smoother and lasts longer! Bareminerals is not bad either, but I must warn you that it has very very light coverage, whereas with everydayminerals you can choose the intensity of coverage you want. I really love bareminerals mineral veil though!

      For brushes you can try MAC or Bobbi Brown, but they’re a bit pricey. Again I would suggest everydayminerals flat top brush, it’s rated on makeupalley.com 4.7/5! It’s really cheap too. Just do not ever buy the bareminerals brushes, heard the face brush is really bad and the rating is only 2.6/5!

      Hope this helps! :)

  3. elee replied:

    oh but there r so many kind

    1)Illuminating Mineral Veil (formerly Feather Light Mineral Veil) (completely sheer with luminous finish)

    2)Hydrating Mineral Veil Hydrating Mineral Veil (completely sheer with hydrating finish)

    3)Mineral Veil Mineral Veil (completely sheer)

    4)Tinted Mineral Veil Tinted Mineral Veil (completely sheer with a hint of warmth)

    which did u purchase?or bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation

    • nicole replied:

      Just get the original mineral veil (the 3rd one). And as I said, I bought the foundation also but i prefer the everyday minerals one. You can get it from everydayminerals.com or join sprees. If you don’t want to buy online you can just get the bareminerals foundation I guess. Again, only get mineral foundation if you only want very light sheer coverage. If you need heavier coverage get a traditional foundation. (:

  4. elee replied:

    so whr do i purchase everyday minerals fr?

  5. elee replied:

    thks for yr help!!!appreciate!!!
    btw u just apply the mineral veil 3rd one only?or hv to apply foundation over it?the foundation is bareMinerals SPF 15 Foundation?

    so for everyday mineral,just apply that will do?

    • nicole replied:

      Um, for mineral makeup there’s foundation, then finishing powder. Mineral veil is a finishing powder. Everyday minerals is just another brand, they also have foundation and finishing powder. What I use is everyday minerals foundation then bareminerals finishing powder, which is the mineral veil..

  6. elee replied:

    ok!for the everyday mineral,which specific tone u used?n how i know if the colour suits me?theres no outlet in spore for me to test out the col tone rite?

    btw whr u purchse yr nars orgasm blush fr?

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! Well you can roughly gauge I guess, if you’re more golden/yellow toned you choose from the warm range, if you want a warm but more neutral shade (means with some pinkish undertones as well) you can choose from the beige range. And you should also know if you’re fair, light, medium or dark. I’m light. I got my NARS orgasm from california! Not sure whether they sell it in the Sephora here but you can get it from sephora.com or beauty.com! (:

  7. s replied:

    MERRY Christmas BABE…

    regarding the Helena Rubinstein lash queen mascara… there’s so many different one, i’ve a hard time choosing… wat do you recommend??
    ohya, any recommendation on good place to party on the
    and 31th Dec??

    AND the turkey looks YUMMY…..

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! For the mascara i’ve only tried the lash queen feline blacks. But from what I know, think they’re
      all the volumising kind! Haha go and ask the SA to find out which one is most suitable for you? Btw i don’t recommend this if you have short lashes, cause it’s volumising only, not lengthening at all! :)

  8. M replied:

    you like mambo? :D it would be interesting to see u doing the moves!

    • nicole replied:

      hahaha! yeah i used to go for mambo a lot, but i think it’s getting really bad now! music’s getting worse and worse too.

      • M replied:

        totally agree to the music getting worse and worse! i used to go alot too until school started and i didnt have as much chance to go anymore ):

        • nicole replied:

          Haha why? My friends in school still go! Haha. Yeah it was so fun in 2007 and 2008!

          • M replied:

            hahaha cos sch starts early the next day! ): how sad for me. went for NYE’s one? so crowded!

          • nicole replied:

            haha yeah last night was so packed. i didn’t go into zouk at all just stayed in velvet the whole time!

  9. jen replied:

    nicolee!!! what’s the makeup base you used before applying mineral makeup or any foundations? recommend!! (:

  10. Lena replied:

    Hey nicolee!! Just would like to know where did you celebrate your birthday at previously!! I need to book a place for my boyfriend and searching for a place frantically now. Haha!! If you know the cost of it too, it will be very good THANKS :)

    Stay pretty :)

    • nicole replied:

      Um, I’ve never actually planned any birthday celebrations for myself. My friends just kind of pop out of the dark at my house every year! And last year they came early in the morning before I woke up, decorated my house with balloons banners streamers and candy, then LEFT. It was bizarre. Haha!

  11. Kate replied:

    Hey, would like to know where yougot your red Miss Marc watch. I was looking for it but they dont stock it here in Singapore! And how much was it? :)

    • nicole replied:

      I got it at DFS galleria. Yeah they don’t have it at mmj outlets in Singapore which is why I didn’t see it at first!

      • Kate replied:

        Oh, is it the one at Orchard? :)
        You got it quite a while ago huh? Dang, I think they sold out too :P

        Thanks though!

        • nicole replied:

          Hmm? Yeah. Oh really? I just got it! Just posted about it what. When I got it there were still quite a few pieces left I think! Must have all been snatched up within these few days.

  12. jen replied:

    hello nicole! what makeup base do you recommend before putting on minerals makeup? (: happy new year in advance!

    • nicole replied:

      hey i dont use makeup base! thanks and same to you!

  13. Jane replied:

    sorry i dont get it for i want sheer coverage, i shld use bare minerals or everydayminerals?

    • nicole replied:

      They’re both the same thing, just different brands. Bareminerals is sheer, Everydayminerals you can choose the level of coverage you want :) So both also can!

  14. Samantha replied:

    Hi Nicole, may I check with you do you have a dress called “Lace Toga Dress?


    • nicole replied:

      Hey Sam, nope I don’t think so! Why?

  15. G replied:

    Hi Nicole, just want to ask, what kind of foundation do you recommend?

    I’m just looking for something that is simple and fuss-free.

    Thanks! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Hey, I’m using Everyday Minerals! (:

  16. elee replied:

    whr did u perm yr hair?n what perm is that?btw u nv dye hair rite?

    • nicole replied:

      My hair’s not permed and not dyed! (:

  17. elee replied:

    whr did u perm yr hair n what perm is that?btw did u dye yr hair?

  18. H replied:

    Hi, can I know where did u get your red belt that you wore with the ASOS inspired scoop neck dress in black from Hollyhoque? :D

    • nicole replied:

      Hey I can’t remember!

      Sent from my iPhone

  19. Elee replied:

    Den which salon u had yr hair cut?

    • nicole replied:

      Mad About Hair at Holland V! Haha my stylist is Von and you can get him at 92995052!

  20. esther replied:

    hi may i ask where you got the puff sleeve top from? :)

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