Hollyhoque launch coming up soon!

Heyhey! There’ll be a pretty big surprise with this launch! Heh heh :D Look out for all the lovely dresses exclusively manufactured by Hollyhoque in bright, beautiful colours! Here’s a teaser:

Haha silly pictures with Joe. He was especially fat when this was taken! Look at his chubby face hahaha.

Excited? Me too! (:


Nicole Ann


January 3, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Chloe replied:

    I love the last two closeup pics of yours! You look vry pretty! :D

  2. Sheila replied:

    ALL SO PWETTY, WHO MANUFACTURE ONE AH? HAHA :D The launch will be up tomorrow at 8.30PM Nic!

    • nicole replied:

      HAHAHA _|_ sheila you so smart so good taste so brilliaaaaaant

  3. YF replied:

    hey nic! what blusher do you use? its really good on you :DD

    • nicole replied:

      Hi! I used NARS orgasm for the shoot :) It’s a really nice peachy pink, a cult favourite!

  4. venuss replied:

    Hey nic, which item u kept for urself this collection?

  5. Rach replied:

    hi ! may i know where can i purchase NARS products? how much do the blushers cost? thanks.

  6. tg replied:

    hi, is the material of the 3rd dress like those of bodycon? something like the red/black dress? thanks =)

  7. cassie replied:

    Hello Nicole!!!
    The super cute korean organizers that sheila bought, can i know which spree and site it is..sheila mentioned that it was from sugarhighthingy??
    Really interested in getting those cute little stuff!! XD
    Hope to hear from you again!

    • nicole replied:

      Err sugarhighthingy at livejournal i think. There’s a lot of these korean stationery sprees around. Quite common!

  8. deb replied:

    nic! tell sheila to make shorter dresses!! we’re all short ppl and alteration is expensive!! :'(

    • nicole replied:

      Hey she can’t do that! Even some short people don’t like to show their legs. I like my dresses really short so I alter all of my HH ones too! It’s really cheap, only about $4 in far east! Plus HH clothes are already sooo cheap

      • deb replied:

        the usual 32″ was ok. now I’ll have to pay more to own the same dress as others :(

        • nicole replied:

          Hahahaha dude it’s only 4 bucks!

          • deb replied:

            but still! 4 bucks per dress, 10 dresses will be $40!

          • nicole replied:

            Well whatever it is, it’s not up to me to decide what length the dresses will be, Sheila will choose the length that fits the majority of her buyers, according to the feedback she’s given. She can’t change an aspect of her business just to suit you. From what I understand, it’s only at most an inch longer for some dresses. If you’re not happy with the ones with slightly longer length, then buy only the ones that are 32″.

  9. WX replied:

    Hi nicole! Is the maroon-black dress like a bodycon dress? Will it hug your tummy? lol!

    • nicole replied:

      I think it’s cotton! And I really have no idea haha (:

  10. yun replied:

    What’s the name of the tailor shop at FEP that alters dresses for $4? It’s a gd deal! Do share Nicole :)

    • nicole replied:

      I like Ivan Alteration, I think he does a good job. I’m not sure if it’ll be exactly $4, I guess it depends on the kind of alteration and dress but it’s around there. I think most alteration shops in far east charge around that amount too! (:

  11. Cassie replied:

    Heh Nicole i totally agree with you say! :))
    You can’t just ask sheila to alter the dress to accomodate short people. tallies should have a chance as well. It should be fair and square!

    • deb replied:

      it’s always ‘feedback noted’ when ppl ask for larger sizing n longer length. but when we give fb for smaller n the usual length, it’s cannot n unfair n whatnot. sigh

      • nicole replied:

        All feedback is taken into account, and currently most people are saying to keep the dresses long. Since you’re a minority, and are a lot shorter than average height, you just have to suck it up because the dresses will always be for average height people. And as I have mentioned, the length of the dresses has only increased by ONE inch for SOME designs.

  12. ZX replied:

    hi nicole! Which colour of the studded dress do you prefer?(:

    • nicole replied:

      I like black or grey! I like dark colours :)

  13. cassie replied:

    Simply because sheila and most of her customers are majority a uk size 8 or above. And if nicole is a uk size 6 and yet she can fit in nicely why can’t you? I am sure sheila items fits well for all! If not she wont have so many people of different sizings purchasing from her alrdy. What’s more, sheila can even fit in the clothes that nicole is able to wear it. Actually is very fair for petite girls you know, like what you say plenty of blogshops caters for uk size 6. In fact, many! So its kinda unfair for others who are a uk 10 or even taller in height. Because honestly some asians are really short and nowadays the models for blogshop are so short maybe even a 1.5m. And you can’t expect a 1.65m to buy dresses from them because it will become a tunic or even a top not a dress anymore babe.

    • nicole replied:

      Haha yeah Sheila just makes her dresses according to what she deems would be a good average length. We’re a fair bit shorter than average so it’s our own problem! There’s nothing we can do even if we face inconveniences because we are the ones that are not average size.

  14. zoeraymond replied:

    Its always hard to cater to the needs of every single one. The sizing that Sheila has now best meets the girls already (:

  15. -e replied:

    hey nic, is sheila studying?
    where and what course is she doing!

    • nicole replied:

      She’s in TP doing hospitality and tourism, why?

      • -e replied:

        just curious! (:

        btw where did you get your grey skinnies from?
        the one that you wore w the grey shimmer top in the photoshoot!

        • nicole replied:

          Sheila got them from HK! (:

          • -e replied:

            you look reallllly nice in it! (:

  16. Jo replied:

    Hey Nic! Can i know where you got the long pants in pink?

  17. cassie replied:

    Hey zoe! what you say completely make sense! :)
    And for petite girls, they should probably look out for collections who are modelled by Nicole. And for tallies who wants to get their hands on hollyhoque stuff, should look out for you modelling it such as it is a better gauge for them! Thank god you are one of the models for HH. Looking forward to you modelling for HH once again!

  18. michhy replied:

    hehh nicole! can i know what items you kept for HH’s collection this time round! i think everything is awesome this time round.
    Like the,
    Two color tone dress,
    Ruched Side Sleeveless Shimmer Top,
    Stud Embellished Sleeveless Dress, and the
    Chiffon Overlay Sleeveless Top is soo niceeee!!! Hope it sheila will make it more exclusive! if not more pple will have the same clothings as you..
    And do share with your readers what have you gotten alrights! XD For people who are as fair as you should opt for a lighter or darker shade?

    • nicole replied:

      I really love the braided straps chiffon dress! I think it’s very versatile, can be worn as a summer dress to go out in the daytime and can also be worn out partying! LOVE IT. :D I also love the ruched side sleeveless top of course, I posted pictures wearing it at butter! Really nice party top! The gunmetal grey one is sold out I think, but the other colours are very nice also! And I also kept the Stud Embellished Sleeveless dress in grey! I also like it in black. I think it really stands out.

      • michhy replied:

        haha i think you look transparent alrdy hahahh damn fair la! XD
        I love the Stud Embellished Sleeveless dress too!!! :) But the nude one is all sold out so sad :(
        Den should i get the grey one or the black one? I am not that fair but yet not too tan. hahaha maybe yellow! LOLS!

        • nicole replied:

          Lol it doesn’t even come in yellow! Haha I think only tan people look good in yellow leh. Like Sheila! She looks super good in yellow. The backorder for the nude will open tmr or the day after! You could join the backorder, the stuff will reach before cny! Or get the black! Haha.

          Sent from my iPhone

        • nicole replied:

          Anyway I am a lot tanner now okay, the photoshoot for this launch was 2 weeks ago! :D

          Sent from my iPhone

    • nicole replied:

      And heyyy I’m not that fair anymore after going to Koh Samui and wakeboarding okay! HAHA. Ok I think fair people definitely look better in dark colours, otherwise they’ll look washed out. But then again tan people also look good in dark colours! Haha i’m definitely for dark colours, don’t like pastels. Esp pink. Ewww.

  19. SW replied:

    Hey! For the cross front low back dress, will it expose the boobs or chest area is fully covered?(;

    • nicole replied:

      Hey, from what I remember it fit me well and didn’t slide down.

  20. s replied:

    but if you say $4/ alteration and $40 for 10 alteration is alot…
    have you though that sheila is always maintaining the selling price of the dresses… she nv increase them like other blog shops, not onli that, she also gives discount for occasions… Yet did shelia complain giving her customers too much discount or charging too cheap? I don think so.. I think you’re just 计较 and being a 小气鬼 and 自私鬼. I believe there are more than 1 size 6 buying for HH, but they don complain n request for shorter lenght..
    i’m a size 12, many pretty clothes from HH can’t fit me, but i’ll just wait for the one that does. I won’t go request sheila to make bigger size, cause its not considering other common size gal (UK8-10). sheila is already trying her best to meet all HH’s cust requirement.将心比心 please.. y not you eat fatter to compromise the clothes?

    Btw no offends to other smaller size gals..=)
    Note: no offends to you too nicole..=)

    • blah replied:

      thumbs up to what you said! :)

  21. June replied:

    Hi Nicole. Just wondering if the first dress will be too big on a uk size 6, bust A person? Coz it looks a tad big on you :( But it looks oh-so- pretty :D

    • nicole replied:

      Hi! Hmm it was a bit loose fitting but I’m fine with it like that, I got a piece too! But if your cup size is A it might be even looser.

      • June replied:

        Ok thanks for the info :)

  22. vanessa replied:

    hihi, would like to ask if ruched side sleeveless top is very glittery?

    • nicole replied:

      Yes it is! I would say it’s more of shimmery than glittery. It looks exactly like the pictures! You can look at one of my previous blog entrees, I took some photos wearing it :)

  23. jac replied:

    nicoleeee! you look so grown up in the clothes. so weird hahahah! i like the pics with joe. so cute.

    • nicole replied:

      HAHAHA excuse me what are you talking about I look grown up and mature all the time okay! Umm thanks. I like the picture of you piggybacking kenny! More cute.

  24. Josephine replied:

    where did you get the grey/silver heels from?

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