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Good morning, just woke up! So sleeeepy. Joe’s in Malaysia playing golf with Eric! I’m so bored. I realise Joe accounts for 90% of my entertainment! He’s always doing stupid things like making stupid noises and trying to disturb me. But he’s coming back in a few hours yay!

Yesterday I had a photoshoot for Hollyhoque’s next collection! The clothes coming up are SUPER NICE by the way! Some party dresses, some day dresses and some warm comfiness! :D Then we went back to Sheila’s place to launch last night’s collection! She pressed the button at 830 sharp! Haha just in time. Sheila and I were so hungry and JY refused to drive us to eat so we literally RAN to Ivin’s! HAHA two hungry gnomes! The chicken curry there was damn good but no itek tim :(:(:(:( then we went back and I did invoicing until 2 AM! Bloody tired and blur. If any of you received invoicing mistakes, SORRY! :\

I just realised I still haven’t uploaded these! Hahaha <3 our bi-annual photoshoot at umm. Secret location. HAHA it’s damn obvious.

Dinner at Chikuyotei <3 Sam’s arm looks normal here! Haha it’s just your stupid hi-tech camera Sheila!

My sparkly nails at the time

Her hi-tech camera

My low-tech one :(

Our matching camera straps cute right! I love my retarded monkey.

Ok WAO so many pictures from last decade. I’M SO BORED! :(

Can’t wait to wear my new Hollyhoque stuff! :D:D:D:D


January 5, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. J replied:

    you always look gorgeous! i’m a huge fan, of both HH and you. (:

  2. rebecca replied:

    hi nicole! can you help me inform sheila that i transferred to her old account instead of the new one ? :(

    • nicole replied:

      Er I think you have to talk to her yourself about that.

    • nicole replied:

      She says not to worry about it.

      • rebecca replied:

        i emailed her too (: thanks so much nicole!! you’re always so fast with your replies. & i always end up spending so much from hollyhoque because you look good in everything!!

        • nicole replied:

          Haha because i have no life. It’s not me the clothes are really very nice! Haha what did you get this time round? And did you get an invoice between err 10 pm and 2 am last night? if you did it was ME! haha

          • rebecca replied:

            YES I DID! (: the shimmer tank in gunmetal grey and the highwaisted skirt. i was praying for my invoice and it came!! thank you!!

          • nicole replied:

            Ooh yay! Hahaha. I have the tank too! (:

  3. s replied:

    hahaha… My bf also went malaysia, leaving me alone here…=(
    i’m also a huge fan of u n HH…
    yest collection got ofs so fast…

    EXCITED of the Next collection!!!!

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha yeah but got backorder what! Oh man i really love the braided straps dress!! did you get one? :)

      • s replied:

        i wanted to after asking sheila if it can Fit UK12… but before a reply from her, its already sold out…=( *sad*
        now waiting for BO…=)

        i also love the Two Colour Block Dress (Maroon) but also OOS… SO FAST!!!!

        • nicole replied:

          The braided straps dress is quite big, might be able to fit! But I don’t think the two colour bod one can.. Haha yeah the stuff is gone very fast, must faster comment once they launch! Haha :)

          • s replied:

            was on night shift yest.. 1st thing i did when i reach hm (Even b4 i bathe) is commenting on the clothes i interested… And in the morning, i check, its almost all pending…=(

            oh… but i though the braided dress and the two colour bod measurements are the same…??
            braided is bigger than 2 colour bod??

            **scratch head**

          • nicole replied:

            I just feel that the braided dress is looser! I guess the two colour bod dress is the form
            fitting kind while the braided dress is the loose breezy kind.

          • s replied:

            oh.. i see… cool..
            thanks so much babe for the information…=)


          • nicole replied:

            No problem! (:

  4. jan replied:

    quick show us some sneak peaks of the next launch!! gonna start saving soon! haaz!

    • nicole replied:

      Haha I don’t think Sheila has even transferred the pics to her computer. Preview will be up a few days before the launch! (: But if I wear any of the items of course I’ll put up pics (:

  5. Jiabin replied:

    Will sheila update the state of those clothes sold any soon? Cause I am waiting for the invoice and the colours available for the dresses so i can pay soon! I cant go online again.

    • nicole replied:

      Hey sheila’s in the zoo! Haha JY says you have to join the backorder :)

      • Jiabin replied:

        Okay thanks! How about Slit Expose Back Flirty Dress?

  6. daphne replied:

    hi nicole

    where did u get the matching straps for your camera? it looks so cute haha!

    • nicole replied:

      Hi! From korean stationery sprees online! haha :)

  7. Kaelyn replied:

    Thanks! How about Slit Expose Back Flirty Dress? Do you prefer Braided Straps Chiffon Dress in blurple or yellow?

  8. shan replied:

    hey nicole! I received the invoice ystd but the mail title stated 3 items but the total amt payable is just for two items. so did i get 3 items or 2 items? sorry to trouble u!

    • nicole replied:

      Ack sorry for replying late, your comment somehow ended up in spam :\ Haha was there a reply saying that one of the items was BO? If not then it was probably a mistake, just add the price of the item to the total and transfer that amt, so sorry! (:

  9. ZX replied:

    hey! Is the ruched side sleeveless top in light grey still available? Cus its not on backorder :(

    • nicole replied:

      I don’t know, this kind of thing have to ask Sheila and JY.

      • ZX replied:

        oooh cus i thought u were in charge of invoicing last night so you would have a rough gauge of which are still available etc.. & theres no ways of getting a quick reply from sheila & JY :P

        • nicole replied:

          Hahahahaha that’s true! Sorry but I’m not sure.

  10. Grace replied:

    hey what’s the website for the korean stationery spree?

    • nicole replied:

      Can’t remember, there’s a lot a lot of the same sprees everywhere. It’s actually damn common, think a lot of ppl have the stuff :(

  11. jan replied:

    i prefer zoeeeeeeeeeee. she has got more poses! can u ask sheila when is she coming back to holly hoque!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey Jan, emailed you at first but you didn’t reply so I guess you only check for comment replies and not your inbox. I feel that everyone has their personal preferences, but why did you choose to comment on my blog to tell me that you prefer someone else over me? Why not just ask Sheila herself or Zoe? Just curious. (:

    • joe replied:

      WOW Jan, you’re quite stupid.

    • popo replied:

      eh but i prefer nicole leh

      different ppl got different preference

      • nicole replied:

        Hahaha it’s fine that she prefers Zoe but I just think it’s damn weird and rather off that she chose to come HERE and tell ME that? Like if someone went up to Zoe and said like, you know what I prefer Nicole to you, it’s damn wtf also. RIGHT

        • Zoe replied:

          I PREFER NICOLE TOOOOO!!!!!! eh! The straps are really cute! (:

          • nicole replied:

            Hahahaha wtf Zoe you’re an idiot!!! I commented on your fb haha your statuses are damn funny

          • Zoe replied:

            AHAAHAAH!!! I was reading papers with my Dad and that was the article while i was surfing fb! I share news with people who don’t read the papers okay!

          • nicole replied:

            Hahaha yeah having Zoe on fb means no need to read newspapers already!

  12. dramamamamia replied:

    oh babe! ur replies to our enquiries are really damn fast. i love to read ur blog cos i like ur frankness & ur reply v str8 de, wun scare if e person will bu shuang u or what…HAHAHAH=p

    u noe HH’s recent collection is so good that i dunno what to get. i tot i’ll be on BO..but guess what, i rec’d ur invoice at 12+am!! im grinning frm ear-ear.i cant believe it lohs. oh i was asking sheila if i can do meetup with her this sat (cos i din state in my comment) & do i still nit to pay for postage.

    what did u keep for this collection? i got the Braided Straps Chiffon Dress – Blurple + Button Down Pocket Skirt- Black. i like the shimmer tank in gunmetal grey..but my leggings also gunmental..so cant match lehs )):

    btw ur cam is equally good. my fren has it & i think is rather good. canon is forever good de lohs. i think i blah blah alot in this comment. OOps=p

    • nicole replied:

      Hello! Hahaha yup i’m quite a frank person. :D haha yes I love the braided strap dress! Hmm the ruched tank I think can wear with skinny jeans! Cause it’s a top and too short to wear with leggings. Like can see the butt. Haha. Leggings should only wear with those short short dresses or like very long tunics. At least can cover the butt that kind. I wore mine with black skinny jeans! :) haha glad you got your invoice! My camera is okay la, but sheila’s one is really very pro, even in super dark lighting the pictures come out very bright and clear! :)

  13. celine replied:

    hi nicole!

    may i ask if the chiffon overlay top looks too long if i match it with a shorts?

    and which colour would you recommend?

    TIA! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Heya! It’s a little long on me, since i’m only 1.55 m :( the shorts i was wearing with the lilac one for the shoot are SUPER short though! That’s why you can’t see much of the shorts haha! Paired with shorts that are a little longer it should be fine though! Especially if you’re a bit taller than short me! Haha :) I like the black one, very elegant. Can match it with pants or jeans also! Sheila wore it for christmas dinner in sentosa! :)

  14. michhy replied:

    Heh Nic!
    Need help here on cosmectics advice!!Hehehe Need a pro here as pro as you!
    I Was wondering where do you always get nice eyeshadows to blend from retail shops? Do you think MAC is the best brand for eyeshadow? Haha cus i actually prefer the cream kind instead the powder ones..
    And also where do you get your lipsticks, lipliners, lipglosses?
    And lastly, where should i get eyebrow pencil from? :)

    • nicole replied:

      Hi Michhy! I think MAC eyeshadows are very pigmented, so they’re quite good! It’s very important to buy a blending brush. You put on the shadows with your regular brush, then you take the blending brush and go over the parts you want to blend in like little circular motions! I don’t like cream shadows! They’re harder to blend! Haha. Hmmm for lipstick I like MAC, Chanel, and Dior addict is good if you want those super shimmery ones! I think lipglosses are all kinda the same.. Most important to me is the flavour! I have some from Bobbi Brown but they taste yucky :( Guerlain one also no taste. I like the Victoria’s secret ones cause they are super sweet and yummy! :D And I only have 1 lipliner and it’s from Guerlain.. Not bad. comes with a lip brush on the back.

      • michhy replied:

        WOW your reply was super fast!!HA! :)
        oh NOO didn’t know that cream shadows are harder to blend!! So with a blending brush i’ll be able to blend in better?Can get it from MAC also right? What kind of eyeshadow palette should i get? The four different types that has a darker shade for smoky eye and a lighter shade to blend in ones? And i think your lipcolor selection is awesome! Complements very well with your skin color! The correct way of putting lipstick is it to firstly apply the lipliner, den lipstick for the shimmer color and a finish touch with the gloss to add the glossy look? Haha please correct me if i am wrong, Nic! And chanel has very nice lipcolor! but quite pricey Haha 40bucks!

        • nicole replied:

          Haha maybe I just find them harder to blend. Yup blending brush blends super well. MAC has some, go check them out! Blending is really important (: For lipcolour to match your skintone, it’s quite simple! Most of us are warm-toned (more yellow undertones) so we should get lipsticks with warm undertones instead of cool undertones (blue-ish pinky), and they will confirm suit your skin tone! Unless you’re going for a more dramatic look, then you can use like cool-based hot pinks and bright reds. The super red lipstick I wore on Halloween is from Chanel! I like it but I do agree that it’s rather pricey. MAC lipsticks are good and cheap, I just bought an amplified creme one, and it’s so creamy and smooth! (: Yup your way of applying lip colour is possible! But I like to either go for a completely matte look or a completely glossy look. Most times I just apply lipstick (and lipliner only if the lipstick colour is quite dark) because I like the matte look on lips, and the creamy smooth velvety texture of the lipstick shows (: Honestly I only use gloss when I’m lazy because it’s easier to apply. Hope this helps!

          • michhy replied:

            ha it totally helps alot! Gonna go check out MAC tml! I love the kind of lipsticks that you have just describe! Those velvety and creamy ones! Hopefully i can find them in MAC tml!:) Should go get myself a nice lipstick for CNY. HAHHAHA! XD I like your super red lipstick you wore for the halloween post and some of HH’s photoshoot! you’ve become everyone saviour here! Haha always anwering to our never-ending enquires with regards to cosmetics and HH stuff! Once again, thanks nicole! ;o)

          • nicole replied:

            Haha no problem Michhy! I love makeup a lot and I love talking about it.. so feel free to ask your questions. Yup check out the MAC lipsticks that say “amplified creme” cause those are the good creamy matte ones! <3 and they are really pigmented. And cheap! The red one I wear sometimes for photoshoots is from NARS! It's sort of a dark vampy red colour. :) When I go out in the daytime most times I just use a flavoured tinted lip balm I make myself!

  15. jel replied:

    Hey nicole!!
    I notice that you answer everybody’s question on HH so I shall ask here. Hope you don’t mind!!!

    Just wondering, is the low back dress from the latest collection very low at the back? As in..if i wear a normal bra, will the strap be seen? Haha!
    Thank you so much for your time!

    P.S. I read your comments on your recommendation for urban decay eyeliner. I’m now trying to get my hands on my first eyeliners! wahaha!

    • nicole replied:

      Hello! For me it wasn’t too low, I was wearing a normal strapless bra for the shoot! (: Yup I love Urban Decay eyeliner. Only thing is they’re so creamy that they use up really quickly! :( haha. No problem :)

  16. mandyy replied:

    hey babe, really love how self-confident you are! saw your comment on sheila’s blog replying to someone who says that you’re “flat” and skinny and short. glad that you’re not too affected by it! (: for one, asians are usually rather flat. secondly, it is not good to be too tall. so hard to find boyfs since guys and dresses are getting shorter these days. haha. and lastly, i think proportionate is the keyword here and i think you’re pretty much well-balanced out. not overly skinny nor flat nor short!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey Mandy, thanks for saying all these nice things! Yeah I’m pretty comfortable with my body, I know I’m quite straight-figured but I like it that way! I would even like to lose some weight if I could. I guess being a dancer since young I think it’s good to be small and skinny. I also love wearing really short dresses and bare-ish tops and I think it’s harder to look overly skanky/slutty if I’m not voluptuous! LOL about guys getting shorter! Luckily my boyfriend is not too tall, about 1.76, otherwise we’ll look super weird together yeah? :)

  17. j replied:

    hey nicole, just wondering if there will be free priority entry at butter factory this thursday under your guestlist? thanks!

    • nicole replied:

      Yes there will be! Just go to the door and say you’re under Nicole’s guestlist! (: Bring as many friends as you want, guys or girls! Haha I should probably post about this. Hope to see you on thurs! (:

  18. michhy replied:

    Wow! you are so talented! :)
    Heeheehees can teach all of us your loyal readers how to make your own lipbalm? Haha!
    Sadly there is no urban decay or NARS in sg,if there is i will buy and stock up at home!! Do you happen to know any spree holding for these brands? So sad that SG is really missing out great brands like that!

    • nicole replied:

      No la I’m not talented, I just have the ingredients like pigments and stuff. I can’t teach cause most people don’t have the ingredients and containers and they’re not easily acquired! Yeah I know! :( But if the sg sephora brought them in they’ll also jack up the prices like mad.. like how the Benefit here is a lot more expensive than in the US. Just look out for sephora.com sprees they carry both brands (:

  19. swee replied:

    hey! Your pant-kings are really awesome! Cant find em in singapore huh.. Like everything nice cant be bought in SG lor, how sucky.. :/

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha yeah I know right! Maybe I should call them pights. or paggings. Actually HH brought in something like that before! elastic banded at the waist but made of thick cottonish denimish material. there was light blue and black I think!

  20. EC replied:

    just wondering how much Sheila bought her LX3? (:

    • nicole replied:

      At least $800 I think! The pictures come out really high quality, it’s a really sensitive camera! Just that I don’t think the colours that turn out are as pretty as canon, they seem a little dull and always yellowish-greenish.

  21. jae replied:

    hurray to petite girl! =)

    u r way to kind to answer all the question here! =)

    got sth to ask u regarding the slit back dress, I like the whole piece of the dress, fr color, front, back etc. but the slit part. is there anyway to kinda “hide” the slit part? also, purple n magenta u prefer which one?

    Thanks in advance! ^^

    • nicole replied:

      Yup definitely cause everything is kinda stretchy so you can just pull the two sides together to hide the slit. Umm I think purple! But I dunno your skin colour and everything quote hard to say!

  22. v replied:

    hey nicole :) do u paint your nails yourself? or do u do the gel nails thing like sheila?

    • nicole replied:

      I do them myself! I am a nail polish fanatic!! (:

  23. juannn replied:

    hi nicole,

    what facial foam/toner/moisturizer will you recommend for oily face? currently i am using neutrogena but it seem of no use. :(

    THANKS! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Umm I use vichy cleanser, skin food toner and any random moisturiser! Don’t really know much about facial cleansing products. Maybe that’s why my skin so gross. I shall go research and look for super good ones! (:

  24. michelle replied:

    hi Nicole, where do you get ur jaket that u take pic with Sheila and 2 of ur fren? i like it.. is nice ;)

    • nicole replied:

      Hey, got it from this cool shop in Bangkok!:)

  25. michelle replied:

    wa bkk ah , nice things dun awas find it in singapore hor … so sad :( next time nust go bkk find great stuff haha :)

  26. michelle replied:

    hi Nicole, do you rem which shopping center in bkk you got the jacket?:)

    • nicole replied:

      Umm, not sure but anyway they probably wouldnt sell it anymore.

  27. jas replied:

    Hey dear! May i know what’s the brand and colour of the sparkly nails you had on in the photos of this post?! It’s so pretty omg!!! Thanks yea! (:

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