Free entry to the Butter Factory this thursday!

Bring as many friends as you want, guys or girls, just go to the door and say you’re under Nicole’s guestlist for free entry! Drinks by the glass and jug are 1-for-1 all night too (:

The event taking place is Boogie Down Butter, which specially caters to a more exclusive and VIP crowd, and the music spinning will be really good to rock out and dance to, from old school hip hop jams to new school top chart hits!

I’d recommend everyone to go at around 11 pm cause that’s when the party really gets started!

Hope to see all of you, let me know if you’re coming okay? Any questions just leave a comment!




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  1. Sherry replied:

    Hello Nicole!

    Just want to say, I’m really impressed with your confidence! I’m actually just about your size and 1.5m only. But the people around me never fail to remind me that I am too skinny! Back when I was having my internship, my supervisor told me my bone mass looks horribly scary. My boss would tell me to eat fatter because I would shrink even more when I’m old if I still remain this size. They think that I have the body of a kid!

    Basically, the world that revolves around me says I am too small. So yes, you could probably guess how I am feeling. I look into the mirror and think that there’s nothing wrong. And there are people all around that are just my size! So sometimes, I can’t understand what’s the deal. I actually think that I would look fat if I gained any weight.

    Well, sorry for rambling so much. I really enjoy reading your blog! Makes me feel less like an alien :(

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha I think your boss is just jealous cause she’s fat! My friends don’t think I’m very skinny, in fact some of them are skinnier and they look really good! Actually most people tell me I’m normal fatness, not really skinny. Well to me and people from most developed countries, being thin will always be a good thing, I would totally kill myself if I was any bigger sized! I really don’t like the look of like, curves and big boobs, it’s just somehow unsophisticated.. Clothes on full figures will never look chic! So don’t worry about being small, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, in fact I’m damn happy and thankful I’m considered thin.

  2. s replied:

    Totally agree with Nicole. Being small is always better.. My frenz are mostly of Nicole and your size, or smaller “148cm” When i go out with them, i simply look like a giant plus i have super broad shoulder.. And all my smaller size frenz are glad they’re small.. i also think those that says your small are jus jealous of you being the size that they desire… so i think don’t have to be bothered by it..=)
    Bigger size ppl lk me love to be like you smaller size gals actually, can fit into almost all sorts of clothes nicely and can wear on high heels…
    Be proud of being small size babe…=)

    Opps, think i’m commenting too much.. just my point of view..=)

    • nicole replied:

      Haha wow thanks, s! Yeah I’m rather happy being small! Nope you’re not commenting too much, you always say such nice things! (:

  3. daphne replied:

    wow why do u have free entry? hehe (:

    • nicole replied:

      Cause I’m an ambassador for the night (: so I have unlimited guestlist! you coming?

      • s replied:

        haha… so Sherry, be happy that you’re small… its easy to b big (eat more) but its hard to be small…=)

        Btw nicole, can i ask y is it always thursday the free entry? not a sat?? hehe…
        cause friday has work n school..=(

        • nicole replied:

          Because the event is on thursday! They won’t give me unlimited guestlist on weekends what haha :)

          • s replied:

            Opps… ya huh. sounds logical..=) thanks babe…=)

            ohya, one more que.. i see from some of the HH photoshoots, your lip colour is near to nude/cream… did you applied lip stick on it? or its your natural lip colour.. i love that colour, looks natural n not dry.. i’ve dry lips, so wandering if you can tell me where u did those natural wet lips…=)

            thanks babe…
            n your reply is SUPER FAST!!!

          • nicole replied:

            Hey! Hmm if it was not like an obvious colour then I don’t think I was wearing any lipstick! Probably forgot to wear. All my lipstick colours are quite dark.

  4. xx replied:

    hey nic! you’re not thin, you’re just the right size! :) with zero fats. haha (:

    btw, do you know whether for Ruched Side Sleeveless Shimmer Top, Light grey, it’s not on backorder. does it mean there are still stocks avail for ordering?

    thanks! (:

    • nicole replied:

      Does that mean I’m muscular! Hahaha Sheila says probably no stock but just send an email to Hollyhoque so if there’s a dead buyer or anything they’ll get back to you. (:

      • xx replied:

        thanks nicole! :)

        hehe yeah you do have nicely toned legs! good stuff come in small packages! (:

        please please help sheila with the search for small model when you’re gone. SIGH :( you’ve done a really great job with HH. really think you’ve boosted HH to a higher level. of course kudos to sheila for the pretty clothes too!
        but of course the model’s impt too. you make the clothes pretty (: with other models, i gotta just try to stare at the clothes and mentally photoshop the model away. =X

        get sheila to model when you’re gone! (:

  5. m replied:

    hey what are you studying in uni

    • nicole replied:

      Commerce and arts double degree but I might drop the arts.

      • daphne replied:

        haha wow which uni? awww when are u leaving? do psycho sheila to model when u’re nt arnd ahahha:D

        • nicole replied:

          I’m going to UNSW! (: Hahaha she doesn’t want to :( says it’s too tiring. But I think I’ve found a new model who’s pretty!!

  6. passerby replied:

    I’m stranger to u but don’t mind can use your guestlist? haha.

    • nicole replied:

      Sure! It’s only for this thursday though (:

  7. passerby replied:

    Oh. I thought u are the ambassador for every thurs? Anyway thanks a lot babe! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Hmm it’s not every thursday! It’s like around alternate weeks but not exactly? hahaha. As in you can’t use my guestlist on other days like friday and saturday. I’ll let you guys know if more events come up.

  8. passerby replied:

    yea yea no worries k :) keep us update if there’s any event. Hope to see u there..

  9. JY replied:

    Hey there:) Wanted to ask. You know the nude top you wore for the black button down pocket skirt for the latest collection at HH? Where’d you get it from? I love it!!

    • nicole replied:

      as in the plain spag?

      • JY replied:

        Mm yeap!

        • nicole replied:

          Hahaha can get that kind anywhere what! You won’t believe where I got mine.. $1 from bangkok!!!

  10. michhy replied:

    Heh Nicole!XD
    Where do you always get nice shades from?
    Haha i mean those reasonable price but yet chic-looking! Forever 21 are too common alrdy. Do you think Aldo has nice shades in your opinions?
    And sadly, Marc jacobs are alittle pricey for me! :(

    • nicole replied:

      Heyy! Hmm I have three pairs, one from Marc by Marc jacobs, one from Marc Jacobs and one from emporio Armani! Marc by Marc is not very ex, about $200? cheaper than all those high end brands where they’re like 400!! I’m not sure about Aldo shades, sorry!

  11. s replied:

    not wearing any lip stick?? OMG..!!
    sssooo goooddd…=)
    You’ve nice lip colour!!!

    • nicole replied:

      Haha I just went to see.. Yeah collection #66, the one with the duo colour bod dress, I think I was in a rush and didn’t bother to put! Oops. I think Sheila didn’t notice otherwise she would have scolded me. HAHA. I think in pictures look nicer la.

      • s replied:

        haahah.. I see… But it still looks nice.. nude wet look..**Thumbs up**

  12. Lena replied:

    Hey nicole!! So I just go down to butter and just say your name? Will prob be down with my boyf :) Anw, butter closes at normal time at 4am right? Cause most prob im going at 1am! Thanks!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey nope it closes early cause it’s a weekday party! Closes at 2! And you have to go in by 12.30 cause after that the guestlist stops working. If you can only go at 1 am then I don’t think there’s any point going! haha (:

      • Lena replied:

        HEY nicole! We’re going down to butter tonight!! Hope to see you there! Must you verify our names or anything first?

        • nicole replied:

          Hahaha nope no need just go to the door and say you’re on my guestlist! :)

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