salad cream

I woke up super early again this morning cause I was drinking last night at zouk! Something wrong with me.. Joe’s still fast asleep, and he just tapped me and told me to hurry up go get my stamp so we can go into zouk. That boy sleep-talks the funniest things. Once he told me he loves me very much, as much as 21 pieces of kfc chicken!! Wtf!

Anyway just another reminder that all of you are welcome to use my guestlist for Butter tonight, feel free to tell all your friends about it too! Everyone gets free entry! The party will be taking place at FASH okay? Pop hits and hip hop jams will be spinning all night! And drinks are 1 FOR 1!!! :D Just go to the door and say you’re on Nicole’s guestlist for free VIP entry! (:

These first few pictures were taken at the recent readysetglo with THE BLOODY BEETROOTS!! They’re fucking awesome! <333×10000 and they are so cute with their venom masks. 1, 2, WOOP WOOP!

My boyfriend’s cheeks are pinker than my blush!

Yucks Joe! Haha

You know you’re a true bro when your guy friends call you Nicholas.

Damnit Steffi why are you always so cute?!

Woookayyy BYEBYE!



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  1. J replied:

    Can you tell me the website to order the stripes you put on your camera? soooo cute :D

    • nicole replied:

      ehhh i can’t rmb! just google it or something haha

  2. cherrypinkpeach replied:

    Hello, what lip colour are you using for this set of photos?

    • nicole replied:

      The photos in this post? YSL rouge personnel in shocking pink!

  3. J replied:


  4. B replied:

    is your outfit in the third-last photo a dress, or a top and skirt? it’s nice! :)

  5. vanessa Yuen replied:

    Nicole your bf is super funny! haha..anyway i was at zouk on the wed of eve or new year eve and saw you and your friends outside velvet. i wanted to go say hi but didn’t want to seem like a crazy person haha..have fun at butter!

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha he’s such a retard! But that’s why I love him so much :) ooh really? You know no one has come up to me and said hi before but tons of people say hi to Sheila!! Haha. next time if you see me just say hi! I won’t think you’re crazy! Haha.

  6. s replied:

    Your bf also love you lk loving KFC?? haha!!
    My bf says smthing similar too.. but instead of KFC, its Poypye’s mash potato… -_-|||
    **and he even laught saying i look lk a potato..hahaha..

  7. venuss replied:

    Where u got ur black dress? U look pretty!!

    • nicole replied:

      It’s from asos! Haha thank you (:

      • Nicol replied:

        Hey looking gorgeous as usual!
        I have probs with dress lengths also. do u know what tailor is cheap but good in sg? mine is super ex!! thinking of changing.
        Also ive never ordered from the ASOS petite range, what size do u get for that range. UK4?

        • nicole replied:

          Yup I got UK 4. But I don’t shop that much ASOS just a couple of items that they happened to have in UK 4. Just go to any of the tailors in far east plaza theyre all pretty cheap!

  8. M replied:

    lol! Nicholas ftw! :P

  9. jel replied:

    hey nicole, did you perm your hair or isit natural? It’s niceeeee!!! Haha!if u permed it, where did you perm it and how much was it? I’m tinking of perming my hair but i’m super scared it turns out to be super aunty!! *faint*

    • nicole replied:

      Hello.. I permed my hair in 2008 but it’s gone already! My hair’s naturally wavy. Haha it was damn dry after I permed it!

      • anon replied:

        Can you tell me which perm did you do back then? thanks :)

        • nicole replied:

          I really dunno! I just said perm. With big curls.

  10. m replied:

    u can wear asos? they are always so big for me. what size do u get?

    • nicole replied:

      I get from the petite range! Some have uk4. Or alter! Most of my clothes are altered.

  11. jessilynlovemuffins<3! replied:

    hey nicole(: love reading sheila’s blog and yours as well as shop at HH! (: I’ve got a question, you knw where to get eyeliner which are waterproof and smerge proof? hard to find heh?

    • nicole replied:

      Hi! (: I’m using Urban Decay’s eyeliner now which is rather smudge resistant. If you want those kind of really completely waterproof and smudge proof liners then go for Lancome’s waterproof pencil. It’s really hard to smudge! I used to use that one, but it’s very “hard”, like not the creamy kind, so it doesn’t go on as smoothly and it’s difficult to blend, but it’s really waterproof. I even drew a line with in on my hand and it was really hard to rub off, even using water! (:

      • jessilynlovemuffins<3! replied:

        Okay, i’ll prob go take a look(: haha! But isnt it hard to remove after that? How about mac? have u tried them before? o.o

        • nicole replied:

          Most eye make-up removers can remove waterproof makeup! Just check the bottle! Yup I have tried almost all eyeliners that exist. the MAC powerpoint eye pencil (most waterproof of the lot) is not as waterproof and smudge proof as the Lancome one, and also not creamy and smooth at all. So it just loses. Worst thing is that it doesn’t come in a true black shade, the darkest shade it comes in is Engraved which is a charcoal colour.

  12. dramamamamia replied:

    i just gotta agree u are hot gorgeous:) so sad u cant model for HH soon! ):

    • nicole replied:

      Ah thank you I’m very flattered. Don’t worry the next model is prettier than me! (:

  13. Kaelyn replied:

    Hope you enjoy your night at butter! Anyway just to ask do you know when HH backorder will close? Didnt want to mail them to increase their unread mails. Do you think white or blurple for Braided Straps Chiffon Dress suits all occasions?

    • nicole replied:

      I think should be closing today cause they need to send in the orders today in order for it to reach by CNY. Both are good! White is slightly more casual, and better for tanner skin, blurple is better for fair skin (: that’s what I think!

  14. ELENA replied:

    I’m gonna pretend like I found this all on my own. I can’t believe nicole ann leong blog came up on google autofill hahahaha niggle you are famous!!

    • nicole replied:

      !! hahaha. you are damn fail la google me still cannot find my blog then must ask me again. GO AND SLEEP.

  15. starryun replied:

    hi nicole!

    the urban decay eyeliner u are using is the liquid one or the 24/7 glide on or sth else?

    • nicole replied:

      24/7 glide on! Don’t really like liquid eyeliner unless you’re going for that thick winged eyeliner look like Dita Von teese, but anyway most Asians can’t carry it off because our eye creases are not deep enough.

  16. silas replied:

    haha! joe loves you as much as 21 pieces of KFC. HAHA.

    • nicole replied:

      I know right. Sigh. Haven’t I told you this before!

  17. joycelyn replied:

    hi nicole!

    you and your boyfriend are one goodlooking couple! noticed that you’re really good with make up and i am always having trouble finding the perfect makeup for my skin. im pretty fair and looking for a foundation and blusher that will suit my skin and of cause, give me flawless looking looking at mild makeup for everyday look! thank you in advance! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Hii, thanks! I can’t really help you without knowing what type of skin you have! Are you oily or dry? Sensitive? Need heavier coverage or want something sheer?

      • joycelyn replied:

        hi! thanks for your reply! i do not have sensitive skin and i’ll say my skin is generally okay! just with slight blemishes here and there but not too severe also. im looking for a foundation with can give me a smooth coverage without looking like uhhh, as if ive too much makeup that kinda thing. yes, sheer! :)

        • nicole replied:

          Hi Joycelyn! If you’re skin is in good condition then maybe you can get away with just a tinted moisturiser for very very sheer coverage! Or if you want makeup makeup, you can try mineral foundations like Everyday Minerals (this is what i use) to even out your skin tone. The coverage is sheer also and gives a less cakey look than traditional foundations. You could also try bb creams since you’re fair, they’re good cause most of them have suncreen in them! Very important. Popular brands available in Singapore are Skin Food and Missha. (: For blush most brands will do, like MAC and Bobbi Brown etc, just find a shade that suits you! Can’t really help you with that but just try to find one that’s warm-toned, which means a more peachy pink colour. Or you could also try cheek stains/tints, which give a very sheer natural flush, but they’re more tricky to apply.

          • joycelyn replied:

            hi nicole! thanks for the very detailed explanation! will try it out! :) thanks!

  18. steffi replied:

    LOL i love you as much as 22 pieces of hashbrowns baby.
    thks i knw. you’re really cute too. -.-

  19. jo replied:

    hey babe! would like to ask you what blusher colour you use? cos i am really fair too and if i dont put blusher, i look like a white sheet of paper. haha. & worst thing is when i put, the blusher comes off easily. im using mineral alrd but still doesnt work. u have any suggestions? (:

    • nicole replied:

      Hey same here! If I don’t put blush I look so pale! Yeah I find mineral blush comes off really easily too. Try normal blushes?mac, Bobbi brown, Dior. I can’t help you choose a colour, you gotta try yourself. I recommend you get a warm toned blush though, one that’s peachy pink as opposed to a purplish pink.

      • jo replied:

        mineral blush is supposed to help the skin, not so “cloggy” though. ): have your tried cream blush? does that work? yeap, i’m using something like coral now, will try peachy pink. arghh, the problem is making it stay! haha. thanks anw.

        • nicole replied:

          Nah, those are just marketing gimmicks. Mineral makeup doesn’t actually make your skin better. For example, a main ingredient in Bareminerals foundation is bismuth oxychloride, a synthetically produced chemical and known skin irritant that makes some people break out, but they still market their foundations as made with “pure and natural” ingredients and all that crap. Cream blush is oiler and harder to blend out, and might rub off your powder foundation. I’ll stick to my normal blushes, high quality ones definitely won’t clog your pores and they last all day.

          • jo replied:

            hahah, omg you seem to have studied the content of the blush. thanks for your suggestions babe. you’re such a sweetie. rock on nicole!(:

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