Heyyy! This is just an appeal to all Hollyhoque customers, Sheila’s been really super busy and stressed out lately, I’m really worried for her! Juggling her internship and Hollyhoque is really not easy at all, and it’s taking its toll on her health, she’s fallen sick yet again! So please please try to be patient and understand if she takes a little longer to get back to you and stuff, and try not to bug her with questions that are not extremely pressing, cause you may not know this but even replying emails and answering questions take hours and hours of her time everyday! And please try and be understanding if there are little mistakes made, she’s really trying her best! A healthy Sheila = pretty clothes for everyone yeah? (:

If you have some time do drop by her blog and give her some encouragement too okay? (:

Take care Sheila! <3


January 8, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. YB replied:

    you’re such a good friend nicole! very different from your appearance as in you look kinda cold (saw you in town before) but you’re really helpful and approachable :)

    • nicole replied:

      Haha omg people have told me they thought i was kinda scary before they knew me and found out I was just a retard. Haha thanks! Just hope she gets better soooon!

  2. dramamamamia replied:

    HH is lucky to have you! what’s even better is that sheila is even MUCH MORE luckier to have you! :)

    i totally agree that A healthy Sheila = pretty clothes for everyone!!

    hope the lousy days for sheila will be over asap ):

    • nicole replied:

      Yeahh she’ll be better when her zoo thing finally ends! Some people can be really demanding and keep bugging her and emailing her stupid questions :( Like “is this top sheer?” when she already stated it in the descriptions on the page! She really spends a few hours everyday answering questions like that!

  3. en replied:

    take good care for yourself. we do understand u

    but if you are really so busy, and couldnt struggle with both, the n i suggest u shld close down HH temporary during your attachment period until your attachment finish

    i know is not easy but you must understand.
    we pay money to buy from u.
    but we always got our parcel so late. and i must say the address that you wrote on the envelope is very untidy and hard to read. i think if you continue, the parcel might just be lost somehow. really hope you can look into that.

    if u are really so busy, then just dont open HH for the time being until u are really free to work on.
    because what is the point of launching but you got no time to work on it.?

    1 week after order but still didnt receive the parcel, then wat is the point of ordering online, and ordering from u?

    i am not trying to create trouble here for u. because i do understand.
    but is just not fair for us.
    you have ur reason and we do have our reason too to receive the parcel fast because we paid.

    tkcare shelia.

    • nicole replied:

      Errr. Maybe you should comment that on Sheila’s blog instead?

      • Vanessa replied:

        Haha..love your frankness!have a good weekend Nicole!and I’ll say hi to you should I pass you in future.

        • nicole replied:

          Haha thanks! That would be nice (:

          • s replied:

            i think shelia had done a good job so far… and your intention of writing at nicole blog is?? yes we’re buyers and r suppose to get good service, i think shelia had given a great service and her part in answering those que and invoicing.. but as buyers, nicole and shelia had explained the reasons for HH slight delays and stuff, and as reader/buyer, we’d got the answers and reasons and should be more understanding and reasonable..

  4. Casey replied:

    Saw you at the mass meetup today at cine. You’re really very pretty lehhhhhh!

  5. D replied:

    Yeah! I agree with Casey! I think yr really pretty and I wish I had yr Petrie size!!

  6. Casey replied:

    Me too me too! I wish I was that small too! You look quite different from the photos too! (: Stay pretty!

  7. JY replied:

    Just now you were really sweet:) Sorry I was too shy to say hi=X Its just me haha!

  8. onesquare replied:

    hi nicole! i saw you at the meetup today at cine haha you look real pretty in real life too! (: when will the new model start modelling for hh? we will miss you as the face for hh manzz ):

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! Thanks :) you’ll see her in the next next collection! I’ll miss hh tooo! So sad :(

      • onesquare replied:

        but you ll still model when you come back to visit right? haha those collections sure sell out! when are you leaving?

        • nicole replied:

          Haha if Sheila wants me to! Leaving after CNY!

  9. steffi replied:

    awww nicole being so caring.

    • nicole replied:

      I care about you all the time steffi.

      • jac replied:

        awwww so sweet. i’m jealous hee

  10. grace replied:

    i also agree! nicole is so pretty and mini sized! yup different from photos but gorgeous still!

  11. M replied:

    everyone would want a friend like youu! take care you too and enjoy our time with your friends/family before leaving! <3

    • nicole replied:

      Haha yes I will! You’re a very loyal HH customer ah Meli, even buy the clothes from Aussie and pay for shipping! Haha.

    • yilin replied:

      hey babe may i know how much is the shipping? i’ve been thinking of the same thing =x

      • nicole replied:

        around 9 bucks per item!

        • M replied:

          I know! I’m so hopeless right.. but I love HH too much, can’t help it!
          could you maybe still model for them from Aussie too? :D

          • nicole replied:

            Haha no, cannot! So troublesome! Haha. Maybe I can do some collections when I come back to visit! (:

  12. shan replied:

    hey nicole! why arent u modeling for HH anymore:(

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! Cause I’m going to be studying overseas!

  13. jamie1612 replied:

    Hi nicole! stay pretty and gorgeous too! :>

  14. YF replied:

    hey nicole, dont mind me asking you a few questions abt make up again! can recommend any brands for blusher cos the one you used for HH shots, the one from NARS cannot buy from spore:( really like that shade :)

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! Try mac, Bobbi brown, Dior, Chanel that kinda thing they’re all good, just up to you to experiment what kind of tones and textures you like. Haha even of you like that shade on me it’ll probably look different on you!

  15. michhy replied:

    Hey nicole!
    Just kinda curious, how tall will the new model be?

  16. anon replied:

    hey nicole! sry to bother u, just want to know where u got ur cuff bangle in this picture? http://i215.photobucket.com/albums/cc229/holasheila/blala/10-2-16.jpg
    thanks so much :)

    • nicole replied:

      Hey Joe’s mom got it for me from overseas!

  17. anna replied:

    hi nicole, sorry for bugging you. But may i know what do you use to draw your eyebrows :D

    • nicole replied:

      Hey I use a powder. Eyebrow pencils are a no-no!

      • anna replied:

        oh i see may i know which brand do you use? (:

        • nicole replied:

          One that can’t be found in Singapore, again.. Haha but any brand will do la, I think you can even use a dark brown/grey eyeshadow, as long as it’s like like, shimmery or anything.

          • s replied:

            hi babe… can i ask whre you bought those imported stuff from?? they’re all so pretty..
            I got the urban Decay Eye liner… seriouly the best liner i’ve used.. I bought 2 from the previous spree, and my frenz took one from me… **thumbs up**

            ohya, any ideal when urban decay spree coming again>??

          • nicole replied:

            Glad you like the eyeliner! Haha I buy most from overseas or from sprees. Nope no idea just gotta check her page! Join her mailing list la! :)

  18. Net replied:

    Hi Nicole, do you have any idea when the next HH launch is up? Thanks

  19. Elee replied:

    What brand of eye brow powder u used?

  20. s replied:

    thanks babe…=)
    haha… i’ll go join her mailing list now, didn;t know..=)
    btw, wat other spree to recommend on make ups??
    love your products, but can,t find on stores in s’pore..=(

  21. swee replied:

    HEY! Why have you stopped blogging? Been checking back here for updates everyday! :(

    • nicole replied:

      That is true. Just posted though! :D sorry!

      • nicole replied:

        Anyway you could just enter your email and subscribe on my main page and wordpress will send you a notification when I update so you don’t have to keep checking back! (:

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