Hollyhoque launch in less than an hour…

Here’re a quick preview of my personal favourite from this collection!

This is the dress I wore to Butter (in the previous post)! Really love the metallic neck details.

The back of this dress is completely smocked from side to side so it can stretch to fit those of a larger PTP! And I was wearing a regular strapless bra for the shoot, this dress won’t reveal the back of your bra don’t worry! (:

Perfect for a dressed-down, yet stylish day.

Another dress with an interesting back! The material of the dress is linen, gives a very laid-back feel.

This oversized sweater is definitely one of my top picks! Comes with a button-down back for an interesting twist!


January 13, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. venuss replied:

    Wow! Nicole u r really pretty.

  2. YF replied:

    im so excited cos you look so good in everything!! :) the page doesnt seem to load tho.

  3. JY replied:

    Yeahyeah it can’t load too. Is everyone experiencing the same thing?

  4. Sherry replied:

    What colour did you get for the oversized sweater? I can’t decide!

    Btw, the site isn’t loading again is it?

    • nicole replied:

      Omg this is damn bad, the server host keeps shutting the page down because too many people log in at the same time! On monday there were 25 000 refreshes at the same time. The collection will be launched on livejournal soon!

      I got the grey and the lighter blue :)

  5. venuss replied:

    Nicole, can u advise which colour to get for the U-Neck 5 Button Placket Sleeveless Satin Top?

    Pls help as i really cant mk the decision.

    Thank you in advance.

  6. s replied:

    hi babe.. the collection this time size seems quite small…
    you think the dresses can fit small UK12??

    thanks babe…=)

  7. Nicol replied:

    babe i need help! is the smocked dress in coral / pink nicer? so hard to choose…

    • nicole replied:

      Coral! I kept that one! (: I don’t like pink in general haha.

      • Nicol replied:

        ok! i trust ur judgment! thank you!

  8. swee replied:

    hi nicole for the u neck sleeveless satin top, is the cutting v low? Also, for the back part of it will it reveal ur bra strap? thanks much!(:

    • nicole replied:

      Hmm? No it’s not low.. i was wearing a strapless bra so i’m not sure about that!

      • swee replied:

        oh as in the back strap eh

        • nicole replied:

          Nope nope none of HH’s clothes will reveal your bra don’t worry. I always wear normal strapless bras for the shoots and it’s fine.

  9. W replied:

    Hi I really like the make-up on you.
    Can you pls share what products you are using pls.
    Esp the cheeks, really like the colour:)

    • nicole replied:

      Hey I think I’ve shared all my makeup products already, I’m using smashbox proof sheet for this shoot though, but I think I spammed too much! Cause this blush is super bright pink! With nars orgasm I had to put a lit befor it showed up in the photos.

  10. steffi replied:

    ooooh rarrr i want the black butter dress. UK 10 CAN OR NOTZZZ. diplo this friday biatch see you therrr.

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha I dunno you want come my house and try?

      • nicole replied:

        Eww then we can wear the same dress out cause we’re TWINZ

        • steffi replied:

          HAHAHA. Then no one will be able to tell us apart! Muahaha remember The Adventures of Steffi & Nicole? Next episode: Steffi & Nicole Dupe Their Friends!

          • nicole replied:

            Lol except you’re sooo much cuter steffi. And just a wee bit smaller :)

    • nicole replied:

      dude if you want it better hurry up and order i dont know whether it’s out of stock already.

  11. phyllis replied:

    PRETTY NAILS!!! lols. i love different coloured/designed nails.. hehe.. :p

    • nicole replied:

      Yay haha! I even drew polka dots on some of them! hehe next time I do it i’ll take a pic okay! But it’s really quite stupid looking!

      • phyllis replied:

        hehe.. my boy always say my nails look stupid! but it cheers me up.. :p silly looking nails makes me happy! :p i evn tried drawing smiley faces on my nails as well… :p

  12. stella replied:

    hi nicole,
    where did you get your brown booties from?

  13. EC replied:

    Nicole, may I know where you get the maroon colour leggings, black and brown heels? (:

    • nicole replied:

      Can’t remember where I got the stockings, the black strappy ones are from Nine West, are the brown ones you’re talking about the ones I wore with the 2 way knit tunic?

  14. EC replied:

    Yeps the brown heels! Where did you get it from? Btw, how much is the black strappy heels?

    • nicole replied:

      Bought it online from Korea! No idea how much the black ones are, mommy bought for me!

  15. theclarinettist replied:

    Hey! Just wanna ask, do you sell your tops second-hand when you needa clear your wardrobe? Because I kept missing the launches and backorders… :[

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