THE PULL @ The Butter Factory – A Speed Drink Dating Party

Thursday, January 14th, 2010, 9pm to 3am


1) “The Pull” starts promptly at 9pm, and ends at 3am

2) All guys must reserve a table to participate in the matchmaking

3) Ladies will be introduced to guys at the tables by our cupids.

Ladies that have reserved tables can get our cupid to introduce guys to them too.

4) Ladies – you’ve got to be sporting and sit down for at least one drink with all guys introduced to by cupids. Once you’re done with that drink you can stay for another or move on.

5) Ladies on the dancefloor are off limits. If you don’t want a cupid near you, keep dancing!

FREE ENTRY FOR BOTH LADIES AND GUYS by going to the door and saying you’re on Nicole’s guestlist!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a comment! (:


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  1. Jiabin replied:

    I am going! Is there any age limit for this?
    Would like to ask you about the knit tunic. Is the white sheer? Do you know is there still any available pieces for black or grey? Thanks!

    • nicole replied:

      Yup you have to be above 18 of course! Remember to bring your IC! Hahaha bring many girl friends it should be quite fun! I’m not sure about the availability. Nope it’s not sheer!

      • nicole replied:

        Oh Sheila says it’s better to wear a nude coloured bra when wearing the top just to be safe! if your bra is brightly coloured or white then of course the outline tends to be more obvious.

  2. s replied:

    hi babe…
    sorry to trouble you again.. but what you used to draw the white shimmering at the tip of your eyes??
    i dono izzit correct my phrasing… sorry…=(

    • nicole replied:

      Hello! Do you mean the inner corners of the eyes? Just dab a bit of shimmer eyeshadow or highlighter on it! Don’t use white or silver liner or anything and don’t go too far out, just use a little bit otherwise look like ah lian trying to be kawaii. Hahaha.

      Sent from my iPhone

      • s replied:

        oh i see…
        btw what’s highlighter?? =)
        i got wat u meant by theose ah lianz, i saw alot nowadays at clubs…omg…

        You’re so nice la…=)

        • nicole replied:

          it’s a light coloured shimmer powder! or you can just use light coloured shimmery eyeshadow, like gold or light pink shimmer! HAHA yeah they draw a lot of the white glitter things right! so gross.

  3. J replied:

    I prefer YOU than zoe! you are like sooo pretty! AND MUCH AWESOME(:

  4. REBECCA replied:

    love your nails babe! i always do my nails in crazy colours as well, yours look really nicely done :)

    • nicole replied:

      Thank you! I love bright obnoxious colours but Sheila hates them! Haha :D

  5. M replied:


    What stuff do you use from Urban Decay? Urgent!

    • nicole replied:

      I’d recommend the 24/7 eye pencil. Is there an urban decay spree on now?

      • s replied:

        i search veri long, no UD spree.. only can directly from UD..=(

        • s replied:

          n my eye liner is finishing… HEELLPPPP!!! hahaahaha

      • M replied:

        Im intending to hold a UD Spree!

        • nicole replied:

          That’s great! Please leave us the link when you open it :)

        • s replied:


          do drop a link when you open the Spree…=)

  6. Mich replied:

    Hi nic, what is the exact foundation you use? Like colour and brand and concealer and blush as well. You look so pretty, cant help but to ask. Oh and what is your skin type. Thanks in advance xx

    • nicole replied:

      hello! i use everyday minerals foundation. concealer i’m using urban decay’s one as well, and blush i have nars orgasm and smashbox proof sheet. i’ve combination skin! and sometimes it gets drier and sometimes oiler. very annoying. thanks very much for the compliment! haha anyway i clicked on your blog link, that’s not you right?

      • H replied:

        Are you using the liquid or solid concealer from Urban Decay?

        • nicole replied:

          erm the pencil one? but i wouldnt really recommend it its not that good.. i havent found a good concealer.

          • H replied:

            Oh. You need a UD Spree to get the eyeliner in Zero isit?

          • nicole replied:

            that’s how i got it? you can just order from the website if you like

  7. Mich replied:

    Hi nic, was wondering if you could tell me the exact foundation and shade you use, also concealer and blush. You look so gorgeous i couldnt help but to ask. And could you tell me your skin type as well? Thanks in advance xx

  8. Josephine replied:

    What’s your eating habit? Did you have 3 proper full meals per day? I love to have your figure! :P

    • nicole replied:

      Haha I usually have lunch dinner and supper? (:

      Sent from my iPhone

      • Josephine replied:

        full proper meals? wow… and yet you’re still so skinny! envy!

  9. elee replied:

    nicole,pls tell us if u know any ud spree ok!thanks\

    btw whr do u purchase yr nail polish fr?>

    • nicole replied:

      I buy most of it from! (:

  10. V replied:

    i still prefer u as HH’s model! dont leave la :(

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha unfortunately higher education > modelling. Thanks for your support! (:

  11. swee replied:

    hahaha yeahh! im also gonna miss u being the face of HH !!

  12. grace replied:

    hihi nicole,

    may i ask if the ralph lauren inspired pullover/knit long sleeves top in soft pink will be launched on Hollyhoque soon?

    previously, it was launched in teal and green and you looked really nice in it!

    thanks! thanks!

    • nicole replied:

      Umm what makes you think there’s a soft pink one?


      • chloe replied:

        • nicole replied:

          Oh it’s not launched yet? I’ll ask Sheila.

          • chloee replied:

            yea.. not launched yet but dk how ppl got stock and pics of it? =/

          • nicole replied:

            Hey ok it’s launching soon. Some ppl have it because last time there was overwhelming demand for the blue one so Sheila let some people have the pink one first because they did not have enough stock of the blue one!

  13. chloe replied:

    i saw hh’s new model! Quite pretty… how did sheila manage to find her?

  14. theclarinettist replied:

    Hey.. I don’t know if the pricing is in S$ but there’s a dot com that I found somewhere which sells OPI and China Glaze laquers at a much cheaper price than those retailing.. It’s :)

    • nicole replied:

      Nice I’ll go check it out! Transdesign is in usd and still have to pay for shipping!

  15. J replied:

    wow!!! hollyhoque new collection is so yummy!!! anyway for the preview pic the one in green,3 pic from left! is there any other colors? DO you love that? is that too long petite girls like us? :D

    • nicole replied:

      It comes in blue also! I think it’s okay, not really my kinda thing (:

  16. Nicol replied:

    hey nic! i’ve nvr bought frm opi before, any recommendations of ur favorites? are matte or shimmer better? (less translucent)

    please help (:

    hope the event was fun!!!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! I usually buy the cremes, which are the non shimmery or glittery ones! You can check out
      for swatches! The designer series is cool also. It’s holographic! China glaze has a holographic series also.

      • Nicol replied:

        thanks girl!!
        anyway should i get the mesh jacket from HH in black/grey?

        • nicole replied:

          You mean the Awesome Mesh Thing? :D GREY!

          • Nicol replied:

            thanks so much nic! sorry for always bothering u with my trivial questions. u have such good taste in clothes, plus it helps that you’ve seen it so u know which is nicer! cos whenever i online shop i always end up with things that arent that nice or are impulse buys!

          • nicole replied:

            Haha don’t worry about it! Yeah I know what you mean, I’ve bought stuff online before and it looks so nice on the model but when i wear it it’s totally weird. Sheila still has stock of the awesome mesh thing? I have the grey one myself and i <3 it to bits!

  17. s replied:

    Everyday mineral spree is on 45% off..
    wat product u recommend from ther nicole…

    • nicole replied:

      It’s always 45% off if you order more than 12 items! So all sprees. I’m using the foundation!

      • s replied:

        oh.. izzit?? i was feeling so excited seeing it…hahaha… =)

        thanks babe still..

  18. christina replied:

    hey babe,

    this thurs, 21st jan, can i just go butter and says that i am on nicole’s guestlist and i get free entry? wad is the earliest time i can go in using ur guestlist? able to bring a few pax? do reply me thru my email. thanks babe!

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