Where’s yo head at????

HELLO. Sorry I haven’t been posting these few days! Been very busy over the weekend. I went wakeboarding again! This is the fourth time I’ve went already, I can move about quite a lot and cross the wake both sides!! YAY. We went on both saturday and sunday because the guys are very ONZ about it. Saturday was SUCH A BAD DAY not funny. Wakeboading was horrible because it was sooo crowded and there were so many boats there, each time a boat came near us there would be horrible rollers and it would get choppy and I would just fall. Think I wasn’t used to the boat also cause we went with a different guy, it was so so bad. All of us kept falling down, even Steffi the experienced pro. AND. MY FUCKING NEW MARC JACOBS SUNGLASSES GOT KNOCKED OFF MY FACE BY THE ROPE AND FELL INTO THE FUCKING WATER!!!!!! And now they are at the bottom of like, the punggol sea. OMGGGGG. So pissed off. Now I want new shades!!!

Wakeboarding on Sunday was super good though, we went with yet another guy and his boat is hugeee and beautiful and he has amazing speakers for blasting music :D That’s when I finally managed to cross the left wake! Elena the noob came also, but she didn’t really manage to get up at all :( What a waste, hope she manages to stand up properly next time!

By the way I am SUPER TAN now okay. Think I’m darker than sheila!!! But my face is peeling and nose is red and eyebags super bad. ARGH.

Okay okay, who actually wants to read all these words that I’m typing.. I say, PICTURE TIME!


Joe’s snazzy new Volcoms

Steffi being sex

Me err eating or something

It is very fast.



My new boyfriend Tom. What a total hottie.

Me Garrett and Bobby being totally schmexy.

Anyway the dress I’m wearing will be launched in tomorrow’s Hollyhoque collections! Even though you can’t really see it properly. It’s damn gorgeous!

We <3 Fash!

I finally got to watch Sherlock Holmes last night! It was damn good! After I went with Joe Garrett and Peeyoomet for 21 inch pizza!! Omg so yum

And today I went for a HH shoot (yes with disgusting burnt face and gigantic eyebags) with our new pretty model! (:(: SECRET. Aren’t you excited!! Yes she’s taller than me -.- about 1.63 m and UK 6-8! Haha you’ll get to see her on the new Hollyhoque.com next week! You guys will love her as the new face of Hollyhoque!

Ok I shall be getting to sleep. Joe’s already asleep sprawled all over my bed. Oh dear. Goodnight! <3



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  1. C. replied:

    Awww man will be sad to see you go! HH will be different without you! Plus its so much easier to gauge if the clothes fit cos I’m arnd your height too! Sucks to be short though, for me :(

    • nicole replied:

      Heyy! Haha aww don’t worry, the new model is very pretty and I’m sure you’ll like her even more! Hahaha why sucks to be short? I like being short! I think it’s cool :)

      • peiling replied:

        Ain’t the height and UK sizing just like Zoe Raymond? Why isn’t HH using Zoe back again, Nicole? She has tons of experience! Or HH new face is a popular model too!!! =)

        • nicole replied:

          Hello! The new model is thinner than Zoe, exactly Sheila’s size but a teeny bit taller so she will fit the clothes perfectly! Anyway not up to me to decide who models, it’s Sheila who decides! Haha she’s very pretty I’m sure you’ll like her.

  2. Nicol replied:

    man! sorry about ur marc jacob’s sunnies babe!!!

  3. Isabelle replied:

    hi nicole!
    :) i think u r really pretty.
    wonder where do u perm your curls. realli v nice …
    and i love your complextion….

    i agree with C. i love your height as HH model cause i can gauge better :)

    • nicole replied:

      Thank you, I permed my hair in 2008 so the curls are gone already, this is my normal hair. Haha yeah I realise a lot of HH customers are petite like me!

  4. 4dd replied:

    OHNO! I can’t decide to get the burple or gunmetal grey for the ted baker dress! Any suggestions, nic? Oh! & may I ask what degree are you persuding in Aussie? :D

    • nicole replied:

      Grey! I’m doing business and arts double degree :)

  5. 4dd replied:

    Oh! You reply is v fast! :D I see. How long is your degree dear?

    • nicole replied:

      5 yearsss! hahaha yes I am online now doing invoicing.

  6. EC replied:

    I think I just received the invoice from you! HAHHA :>

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha yeah either from me or my boyfriend! If it has a calculation error then it’s my boyfriend :D:D

  7. jac replied:

    i like tom too. he’s cute. hehe

    • nicole replied:

      and SO HOT RIGHT <3 bet you’re jealous he’s my boyfriend. you only have kenny but i have.. TOM!!

  8. michelle replied:

    hi Nicole ,you are leaving hh liao? oh no i like you being the model lei , youa re pretty and i like you curl hair too . i like you more than any other model… :)

    • nicole replied:

      Hey yeah I’m leaving Singapore in a month! :( thanks for your support!

  9. Lily replied:

    Hi Nicole!!
    Think you’re gorgeous!
    Curious to know what degree your boyfriend will be persuing, and at same uni as you? You’re so lucky to be gg over tgt!! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Thanks! He’ll being doing foundation studies at the same uni as me (: Yeah I know! We’re so excited to live together (:

  10. Lily replied:

    ok just realised I spelt pursuing wrong in the previous comment omg. anw, it’ll be a GREAT experience I’m sure! Haha and now I know why you’re so famous for your fast replies! All the very best to you both! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Haha you caught me online (: I get an email when you comment see, so my msn goes DENG DENG. And when I’m out my phone also rings when I get an email. And wordpress is awesome, it lets you reply comments just by replying the email!

  11. Lily replied:

    Haha congrats you must love the system! btw, do you have an email add?

    • nicole replied:

      HAHA yeah I do, that’s why I can reply so fast when I’m free! WordPress is awesome (: Of course I do, why?

      • Lily replied:

        As in, do you have one whereby readers can write to you at?

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