Live Fast And Die Young

Hiiii. From today, there’s officially exactly 1 month before I leave for Sydney. I’m just preparing myself for the huge changes to come, thinking about how I’m going to cope. Spending time with friends I’m gonna miss. I seriously don’t know how I’m gonna survive without you guys.

Dwi’s birthday muffin!

Camwhore friend Peeyoomet!

Peeyoomet’s house for dinner and drinks!

Jac, Marese and me! DANCERS <3

Rachel was back from New York!

Me and Shaun

Camwhore some more (YELLOW NAILZZ!!)

And Rachel bought a hell lot of champagne when she doesn’t even drink.


Coolest Kid

BOARDING ON SATURDAY omg we had so much fun!! Don’s boat is like the biggest boat around and it has hugeass speakers with damn solid bass. Joe did a 25 minute-long electro mix beforehand and he mixed in a recording of me going “PEEYOOMET!!!” at the funniest times, like during the chorus of Bonkers and Pon de Floor and we blasted it on the boat and it was fuckingggg funnyyyyy. Towards the end Dwi, Steffi and I got on the back of the boat and started blasting super old school secondary school clubbing days hip hop JAMS like Walk It Out and Get Low and started dancing super retardedly and all the other boats were staring at us :\ BUT IT WAS SUPER FUN HAHAHAHA.

We stayed on the boat for 6 whole hours that day, and rode back under the setting sun, lying on the deck with Time To Pretend playing. Magical. (:

Instructor Don and Dwi!

It’s quite a nice feeling to communally piss in the ocean

Wow the pictures took extremely long to upload. Seeya!




January 19, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. jan replied:

    hi dear,
    u are gg to study abroad alone? what abt ur bf?

    • nicole replied:

      He’s coming with me! (:

      • chloee replied:

        sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet! :D best wishes!

  2. J replied:

    hey nicole. the heels you got from hh issit comfortable? and issit very tall? was wondering if i can bring it to the cobbler and cut the height of the heels(i mean the back)

    • nicole replied:

      It’s about 5 inches! Yup super comfortable I can run in them. No I dont think you can make them shorter..

  3. J replied:

    wow! run with them? i think youre used to wearing heels. i wore heels like only for dinner and special occasions? haha

    • nicole replied:

      Oh! Haha I wear heels all the time. Hate the low ones too!

      • J replied:

        hahaha.. so it’s abt 5 inches uh? are you able to do a favour for me? if you got wear the heels out and happened to see any cobbler able to ask if can cut? :(

        • nicole replied:

          Err I’ve never seen a cobbler in my life? Anyway I really don’t think they can be cut shorter..

          • J replied:

            do you have pics to show the height of it? thanks!

          • nicole replied:

            Umm you can refer to the pics on hollyhoque.

  4. chloe replied:

    What school and course are you going to study? Is your bf taking the course as you? Take care! We’ll definitely miss you as hh’s model! :(

    • nicole replied:

      I’m going to UNSW! Doing business and arts double degrees. Thanks! I’ll miss you guys too haha

  5. steffi replied:

    fuck, 1 month? cb why are you leaving meeee ;(

    • nicole replied:

      I will be with you in spirit, Steffi.

      • jac replied:

        O.o what the

        • nicole replied:

          what what huh you got problem isit???

      • steffi replied:

        ahahaha. like a little pet ghost. sigh what will i do without my gnome twin. :(

  6. dramamamamia replied:

    babe!! i saw ur “Hi:)” msg at the back of my parcel!! heeeeee..i’ve yet to meet u in real life (only saw sheila) & u r leaving like soooooo sooon!! )):

    im gonna missssssss u. huff!!

    what are u keeping for the next HH’s launch?? im alr standbying to add items to my cart! HAHAHA=p

    • nicole replied:

      HAHA yay you saw it! :D Do you like your stuff? I kept the 2 dresses shown in this post as well as the white abstract art collar blah blah long name dress.

  7. C. replied:

    definitely going to miss you as HH’s model! how long are u going to be there?

  8. H replied:

    Hey, it was really lovely to have the “Nic says hi” behind my packageee!
    It totally made me smile (HAHA!!!! i knowwwwww)

    How long will you be leaving for?
    I’ll miss you as HH’s modellll!!
    You’re so pretty.

    • nicole replied:

      Yay glad it made you happy! Haha I’ll be gone for about 5 years. :( thankss dear!

      • r replied:

        5 Years?! Including Masters?

  9. J replied:

    Hey nic, do u prefer the splatter tube dress in grey/navy/plum? haha :)
    and can it fit a UK8 without squeezing those armpitfat? :X
    Anyway its so nice of ur bf able to go overseas for studies with u :)

    • nicole replied:

      I kept the one in grey. It should be ok since it’s made in Sheila’s size and it fit Joyce fine too, but it might fit different for different body structures.. not too sure. Yup thank god he’s coming with me!

  10. m replied:

    ur the only girl whom i came across looks good even if you dont smile with teeth. ( :

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha thanks! When I smile it teeth it somehow looks very forced and unnatural unless I actually am very happy haha :)

  11. michhy replied:

    Heh babe!
    The fuschia dress you worn is it loose on you? :D
    As you are a uk size 6 and i am a size 8. Not sure if it will be too tight for me.
    And to add on, its bodycon material so i am afraid it will be too tight as in too body-hugging?

    • nicole replied:

      I think it should be fine for you if you’re only one size bigger than me and it’s made according to sheila’s measurements anyway, unless you’re uncomfortable about it being curve-hugging. But I guess that’s the entire point of the piece being a body con one! The material is not the tight stretchy kind, I would say it’s more of the thick satiny kind. Depends on you I guess. I don’t mind my clothes being tight but if you do then don’t get a body con dress!

  12. M replied:

    hii! you and your boy look uber cute together! you’re so tiny and he’s so tall compared to you.. teehee!
    all the best!

    • nicole replied:

      Heehee yeah I realized! And his face is very big also hohoho :D thanks dear! Have you received your hh parcel?

      • M replied:

        Yup I did actually! :D it came uber fast, like only 1 week after postage? I looove my dresses! I’m waiting impatiently for Saturday’s launch! haha! I’m kind of resisting urges to buy for that!

        PS: I want a message from Nic too on my next parcel! *throws tantrum* lol

        • nicole replied:

          Haha I didn’t write out your address sorry! Yeah I loooove my dresses from this collection!

          • M replied:

            lol, I see! that’s all right, you don’t have to apologise! haha.. I just was being an idiot! :P

  13. Michhy replied:

    Heh babe! Thanks ! You did help me! Hahhah cus I am afraid the bust size will be big. Can I know what’s ya vital stats. Cus ya bust size seems very big on you? And I love ya yellow nails!!! So coool! Wher did you get it frm?

    • nicole replied:

      I don’t know my measurements! Umm I’m b cup? Hehe thanks it’s some random brand cause one of my friends broke my OPI The It Color!!! >:( need to buy a new one!

  14. r replied:

    hey babe! What camera are you using for the wakeboarding pictures? The colours are so pretty, hope you don’t mind me asking! :)

    • nicole replied:

      They’re from my friend’s camera! You can’t get colours like that straight off a digital camera. He played with the colour curves on photoshop!

  15. Michhy replied:

    Hey babe! I am sooo inspired by ya nails tad I paint my nails yellowed too! Hahahah! XD
    I love ya colorful obnoxious candy nails too! I bought mine all frm étude hse! Heehee wher you put yours frm? Mine us cheap and nice! Only 2.50 and is very good ones. Dont dried u. Tad easily also! Hahahh!

    • nicole replied:

      OOH NICE! Haha oh they have nice cremes there? I should go see! Almost all my polishes are from OPI China Glaze and Essie! The yellow’s from some random brand Sheila and I found in bangkok! It’s not very good though, quite streaky and not opaque. I had to paint 3 or 4 coats to get it even! But it’s so hard to find a perfect bright true yellow! I hate those light coloured lemony yellows. Need to find another oneee!! I reallyyyy <3 yellow nails! :D

  16. Michhy replied:

    Heh babe! Hahhaha it’s not the light ones! They have those in dark yellow! Like the mustard shade! It’s a very vintage color! I think the opi IT color is nice also! ;) hahah but all the nail color you purchased frm online? Can’t find it anywhere else in SG sadded!! ;( And when
    you go Sydney to study, rmb to still
    update us ya blog alrights!! Your blog is our every dose of reading! Enjoy reading it constantly! Hahah we are all ya loyal readers! ;) heehee all the best babe! XD

    • nicole replied:

      Oh cool! Ok I’ll go check it out. How’s the formula? Opaque in 2 coats? and no shimmer right? They have OPI EVERYWHERE in Singapore! Almost all nail salons use it! But it’s more expensive. go to (: one of the readers told me about it!

  17. Elena replied:

    Stupey next time go out with Sexytime pls ask me! :(

    • nicole replied:

      I didn’t plan it! Philbert just invited us to his house for dinner I cant just invite other ppl!

      • Philbert replied:

        elena i texted you! you didn’t reply me ):

  18. C. replied:

    5 years is darn long! we’re going to miss youuuuu (or maybe out of sight, out of mind? hehe oops! just kiddin!)
    would you be coming back during term breaks and stuff? it’d be nice to see you occassionally on HH :)

  19. stella replied:

    hi what camera are you using for the pictures?

  20. =) replied:

    hey may i ask where u got yr shades from? thanks! :D

    • nicole replied:

      marc by marc jacobs! very long ago though.

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