I am nail polish crazy. Really crazy. I’m painting my nails allll the time and I have tons of polish which clutters up many rooms in my house. Joe once asked me if I had to choose between him and nail polish, which I would pick, and of course I said polish! :D

Okay and these are the polish I want!

OPI Dating A Royal

This is a pretty old shade, it came out in 2008 I think. I saw this for the first time at a nail salon but they didn’t want to open the bottle for manicures. Forgot all about it then I saw this swatch online today! I already have a very similar blue, Essie Mesmerize, but this is such a perfect blue, I don’t know if I can resist! (:

China Glaze Four Leaf Clover

This is from China Glaze’s spring 2010 collection Up and Away! What a gorgeous, gorgeous colour. As you can probably tell, I’m incredibly impartial to blues and greens and this is blue AND green, my absolute favourite colour! I have a whole bunch of colours like this and I’m not gonna stop collecting ’em! Woohoo I looove this.

New York Summer Amaranth

This is such a pleasing medium dusty-looking green! Totally the kind of colour that attracts me hah!

The elusive NARS zulu!!!!

Omg this one is my ultimate dream polish. A green, almost black JELLY polish, THAT I WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO GET because it was a limited edition color and extremely extremely EXTREMELY hard to find :(:(:( I LOVE IT SO MUCH THOUGH. :'(

If anybody knows where to get a bottle, PLEASE LET ME KNOW I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER.

Nfu Oh #51

WOW. Normally I am anti-glitter (the sparse kind) and anti-shimmer (still very much am) but this is just AMAZING. It’s a flaky polish, with large iridescent flakes in a jelly base. The Nfu Ohs are almost impossible to purchase here in Singapore though (trust me I’ve done my research!) and aren’t available on the common e-tailers in the states like transdesign.com! I’m trying to find some way to purchase from Aussie retailers but they’re all out of stock at the moment as well!

Nfu Oh #52


Nfu Oh #60

Less eyecatching but very cool still. Looks like burning embers.

If you know any place in Singapore that sells the Nfu Ohs individually please let me know!! (:



p.s. Photo credits to respective photo owners who have stamped their names on the pictures.


January 21, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Elee replied:

    Whr do u purchase the polishes?

    • nicole replied:

      You can get OPI anywhere in Singapore, the others I’d really like to find out where to get them too.

  2. juannn replied:

    hi Nicole!

    where to get the OPI Dating A Royal and China Glaze Four Leaf Clover? love the colour sooooo much!

    • nicole replied:

      You can find OPI anywhere in Singapore!

  3. YB replied:

    hahahaha first time coming across such nail polish fanatic like you!!! omg

    • nicole replied:

      Hahahaha it’s a very important aspect of my life!!

      • YB replied:

        you should take a picture and show us your collection! :)

  4. jel replied:

    haha! I like blue-green polishes too!! And i hate glitters cos it’s super hard to get them off! I got so frustrated taking them off once that i just ended up peeling them off the other 9 nails! I vowed not to put glitters ever since! My fav so far is this bluish-green from O2 skin! haha!
    Anyway just wondering, how do you sharpen your urban decay eyeliner?Do you use a normal sharpener or a special one? haha! thanks babe! Kinda new to this! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Haha I hate sparse glitters because they are frickin ugly. I love the ones where the whole thing is JUST GLITTER only though. YEAH they are super hard to take off. You have to soak the cotton with remover and just cover the nail with it for half a minute then wipe it off HARD. I bought a polish from O2 skin before but their brushes are just sooo bad I wouldn’t buy another one. I use my mac sharpener or my dior sharpener!

  5. Michhy replied:

    Zomgg!NIC! You are making me go gaga over nail polish! And I think we have got exactly the same taste for nail polish shade of color !!!! Hahahah I have got the dating the royal And the china glaze four clover leaf too!!! And after seeng ya blog entries full of polish, I am totally crazy over the nfu oh 51!!!! I love purple shade always! An thus comes in really unqiue kind of glitter shade!!! Haha not sure if you are a fan of suede and Matt polish, but I Am one crazy fan also!!!! I got a small little corner wher I keep all my nail polish collection I have keep thus far!!!! And true enough, nail polish fanatic, always paint their nails!! I pant my nails at least every 1 week! And my frens will go ard askng me m wher I get these weird shade from!!!! LOLs!!!! Hahha any of ncole readers wh knows wher to get the nfu oh 51 pls leave a comment and let us know! I wanna get tad Color too! It’s awesome! And what do you think of MAC nail polshes is it good? I got a purple shade frm them but have yet to try it yet haha! But I think they always do come in very unique colors too!!!! And Chanel nail polish are awesome too! Love their nude and champagn shade! But it dries up easily! Hehehh nicole share with us ya nail polish tips and give us some online tutoriAl too! Hahah!

    • nicole replied:

      HAHA OMG! Those colours are awesome! Yeah I love matte polish too, but the formula for the OPI ones is so bad, after a while they lose their matteness! I have the Essie Matte About You topcoat, if you don’t have that you should definitely try it! It turns any polish matte! Try it over holographic and frosted polish it looks something like the suede ones and the satin finish ones! And they do not turn shiny after a while! I have a dark purple from MAC too as well as a bright red but they dried up! The colours are really cool but I think quality-wise OPI is still the best. :D Oh yeah you should try googling the Lancome Magnetique polishes, AMAZING but I don’t think can find also. haha.

    • michhy replied:

      HEH NICOLE! HAHAHA! You are so crazy den me when it comes to nail polish! hehehe! And i dont put on base coat too! SAME CUS I AM simply TOOO LAZY!! =P
      You really know everything and anything about nail polish!!! Yeaps My Purple MAC nail polish is drying up and sadly is a limited edition. Not coming back in SG anymore..:((
      AND where can i get “Essie Matte About You topcoat” in Sg it sounds really great for matt polish!! :) Lancome Magnetique polishes cant be found in sg counters again? HAHAH this is so sad for nail polish fanatics like us!

  6. M replied:

    i’m also a nail polish fanatic like you! i once had nail polish on for 1.5 years straight without airing them (only 2-3 hrs in between when i was changing colour) and my nails became SOOOOOOOOOOOO horrid!!! i used alot of base coat but my nails became so yellowish and brittle ): from then on i only put nail polish occasionally! and guess what! I have Dating A Royal!!!!! unfortunately i only have 3 OPI polishes but Dating A Royal’s one of them! (the rest are cheap polishes lol!) Mad mad awesome colour!! haha.

    so have u ever counted your collection of polishes?

    • nicole replied:

      Haha my nails are NEVER NOT PAINTED. I hate unpainted nails!!! Oh no maybe try another base coat? I don’t use base coat at all! No I haven’t maybe I should try that soon! (:

      • M replied:

        you dont use base coat yet your nails are still fine?! i’m so jealous! i use tons but still damn kns ):

        my 40+ bottles confirm cannot fight with you!! HAHAHA bet you have hundreds!

  7. REBECCA replied:

    oooh the colours are all soooo nice. don’t know where to get them from though but i could look at these all day! love the burning embers one :) keep us posted if you find out where to get them from!

  8. jas replied:

    Hey nic! Talking bout polishes, may i know where’d you get the sparkly nail polish you had on in the post dated 05jan10? It’s really pretty! I commented on the other post too, but thought it’ll be pretty relevant here too. Thanks dear! (:

    • nicole replied:

      Heyyy that’s China Glaze Atlantis from the recently-released 50 glitters collection! (:

  9. sammooo replied:

    eh nic! china glaze’s fortune teller is damn similar to your last nfu thing.

    mizzz you.

    • nicole replied:

      SAM YOU’RE ALIVE! (: haha I think fortune teller’s orange glitter is smaller and regular-shaped! this one is in big flakes! and the base is damn jelllyyyy yum yum. :D

  10. steffi replied:

    HAHA FREAK CHILD YOU LOVE GREEN MORE THAN ME. still dare to come and talk. heehee um, but i rmb eyeing the zulu one too! :x i think i saw it on polishaddict. & omg wtf nfu oh is friggin PRETTY!?

    • nicole replied:

      Nonono I like green but YOU LOVE IT TO DEATH. Hahahaa. Omg zuluuuuuu. I will never own it :( yeah I KNOW RIGHT. I’ll let you know if I manage to buy.

      • nicole replied:

        And stop trying to make fetch happen.

  11. EC replied:

    Just wondering, where do you get ur accessories? :>

  12. Liz replied:

    You have awesome taste. I like OPI Damone Roberts 1968 (it’s green too) Also where do you get your China Glazes I’ve been looking for China Glaze in Recycle forever!!

    • nicole replied:

      Omg I love grey too! I get mine from transdesign.com, a US website.

  13. lyanne replied:

    hey how much do you usually buy your opi polishes for? i get mine for 12 only : )

    • nicole replied:

      When I buy from transdesign its around 5 USD, then plus shipping.. Around 10+ I think? Where do you buy yours from? (:

  14. J replied:

    what time is sheila launching tml? she say most likely morning but what time??? :( dun wanna miss the launch!

  15. Nicol replied:

    HH site hung again :(((

    • nicole replied:

      OMG! She even paid a lot to change the server host and everything and they told her this time it wouldn’t crash. Guess they just handle that many log-ins at the same time. :(

      • nicolsha replied:

        ahh!!! its been 1.5 hours and i havent been able to buy the clothes! im sleepy haha its quite late here in usa alr. stayed up the night to order.

        • nicole replied:

          You’re buying from the US?? omg crazy. Go to urban outfitters or something! Haha.

          • nicol replied:

            haha!!! i loved the fushia dress too much :(

            anyway! omg nic this is bad after seeing ur post i went on a frantic nail polish shopping spree and bought like tons of polish! abt $100!!! omggggggggg

          • nicole replied:

            Holy shit $100 of polish is a lot! like USD? Did you buy directly from transdesign over there? (:

          • nicol replied:

            ps the pink heart monster is way cute!

          • nicole replied:

            omg you can buy Nfu Oh from fabulousstreet.com since you’re in the US! :D

  16. M replied:

    “I am nail polish crazy”
    haha, you’re crazy full stop! :P never met anyone who’s THAT into nail polishes! hihi..

  17. :) replied:

    hey nicole, can you pleaseeee get sheila to launch it at lj instead?

    it’s been 1.5 hours already. imagine all the frustration of having to wake up early and getting disappointed..

    • nicole replied:

      She’s not launching on lj. She’s equally disappointed too. The new host company promised the site wouldn’t crash and now she’s trying to get them to fix it but they’re being difficult and demanding she pay even more. She’s really having a hard time now. She’s trying to get it fixed as soon as she can so wait if you want and if you can’t wait then don’t.

      • chloee replied:

        the company is so unfair to her!! how can they expect her to pay more when they’re not doing a good job! arghh! new host company means they have no experience in handling this? they’re so not doing a good job man.. poor shelia! thnks nicole for letting us know *hugs*

  18. theaddicts replied:

    Hey nicole, is Embroidery Frills Neckline Frilly Tiered Dress (Sea Green)nicer or the blu-gray one? which one suits better for fair skin? and also, can the dress adjust the length since it’s smocked at the bust there? The pic of you in the dress, the length looks ok?!

    • nicole replied:

      Um I have no idea, didn’t keep that piece. The straps are adjustable.

      • J replied:

        any idea, if we must wait for notifications before making payment or? cause i nv receive any auto msg from hh!

        • nicole replied:

          I think you should receive an auto invoice.

          <3 Nicole

          Sent from my iPhone

        • nicole replied:

          She says as long as you have a confirmation number you can transfer.

          <3 Nicole

          Sent from my iPhone

  19. linetwong replied:

    Hey nicole, I wanna know if Chiffon Back Tiered Flouncy Dress is able to send for alteration? As in the length.

  20. timjang replied:

    hi just wanna ask order #100000241 = order no #241 rite?
    so i can just transfer e money?

    • nicole replied:

      Dude I really dunno. All I know is as long as you have an order number your order is accepted.

  21. Kellie replied:

    Hi nicole, which eye liner and blusher would u recommend? Mind tellin me the price and where to get them? Thanks :)

    • nicole replied:

      Urban Decay 24/7 eye pencil USD$17 and NARS orgasm USD$25 from http://www.sephora.com

      • Kellie replied:

        Thanks for ur prompt reply :)
        U’re gg overseas for studies, do takecare! Miss ya as HH model!

        • nicole replied:

          Thanks! (: Will miss you guys too!

          • Kellie replied:

            :D hope u can come bck sg durin ur ten breaks and model for HH if possible! Haha.
            Hmm btw are these 2 brands available in the sephora outlets in sg?

          • nicole replied:

            urban decay coming to sephora singapore on 4th feb!! nars is not.

          • Kellie replied:

            *term breaks

  22. momo replied:

    aiya u nv try fast enuff to get this…


  23. momo replied:

    why dunch someone open a spree to buy from Ecsalonce? heard they only sell 150 bottles at a go… can get so many ppl who loves nfu.oh tog~!

    • nicole replied:

      haha 150 is a lot! you open la! :D

      • nicole replied:

        actually i think they only sell the full range. thats what they said when i called them up.

      • momo replied:

        haha… but i tot u would be buying in tens already?

  24. leeann replied:

    u can find the nfu oh polish at http://www.fabuloustreet.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=&zenid=8ddb1d284ff9908c382425b848136d33

    • nicole replied:

      Thanks but they don’t ship to singapore!

  25. Michhy replied:

    Zomg Nic are you serious abt that!
    Hahah rada gonna be awesome!!! Yeahpieee!! So wanted to get the urban decay eyeliner have been waiting like ages!!!! Ever since I start reading ya blog! Hahaha but I bet they are goin to jerk up the price like hell exorbitant!!!

  26. m replied:

    u’ve a look alike twins. her name is ravinder.

  27. EC replied:

    Hallo, may I know the nail colour that u are using for the latest HH’s collection? :>

  28. priscilla replied:

    hi nicole, would you mind if i mention your name in one of the selling posts at sgselltrade?

    i’m selling some tkb trading makeup (bought too much argh!) that i bought recently from a spree after reading your recommendation on them. i was thinking, if i quoted you, i have a higher chance of selling them as people probably recognise you as HH’s model :), and you’ve mentioned before in your blog that that tkb trading is not as recognised, but i think if people have read your posts, they’d definitely go for it.


    • nicole replied:

      Yup sure! what items are you selling by the way?

      • priscilla replied:

        thanks so much! i’m selling the angel white and artisan coral micas :)

  29. Nicol replied:

    yeah i got from transdesign!!!
    no lah SGD! i converted!
    i got nfu oh #51 will let you know more when i recieve it! #52 oos!!!

    haha you sound so excited! i saw that they sell in aussie too! less than 1 month away babe (:
    are u excited?

    i think its good u have ur bf w you, im super super super miserable and home sick here. i wish my bf was here too..makes live more livable. but i think aussie has more sgians! so fret not. also i dont drive/ have friends here…the people are religious and i dont really wanna mix with them. really regret choosing where i am now instead of cornell though the b-sch ranking is higher.

    • Nicol replied:

      *life (woops)

  30. EC replied:

    Hallo, may I know the nail colour that u are using for the latest HH’s collection? :>

  31. EC replied:

    Hallo Nicole, may I know the nail colour that u are using for the latest HH’s collection? :>

    • nicole replied:

      Umm I’m not too sure, was it like a dark red? I think it’s
      OPI got the blues for red!

  32. Kaelyn replied:

    I saw hh wp updating on the shoes! Do you know how high is the heels? Sorry to ask you cos i cant comment there.

  33. sheila replied:

    hey nicole, i need your help!
    you mentioned earlier on that you are using urban decay eyeliner uh. but how do i purchase it? how much is it? im a total noob at it. please guide me..!!

  34. ariel replied:

    Heys Nicole! If i wear size 37 for flats, i should get size 36 for heels right? so it wont be too lose?? (:

  35. xx replied:

    nicole! saw Nfu Oh nail polishs in a manicure shop at novena today!! but didnt enter to ask if they sold the bottles.. :(

    • nicolsha replied:

      which shop!

    • nicole replied:

      Yeah they only sell it by the full range.

  36. onesquare replied:

    hi nicole! wanted to ask you does the new hh heels/flats fit you ok? cuz i dont wear c&k and im a size 35 like you, so wanted to ask you hows the fit(:

    • nicole replied:

      There’s no size 35.

      • onesquare replied:

        so you wore size 36 for the shoot? is it very loose? :/

        • nicole replied:

          Yup and yup. Most uncomfortable shoot ever!

  37. theaddicts replied:

    Hey nicole, where you got ur shoes from in this pic https://thedeclasse.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/img_1475.jpg ?? It’s nice :D

  38. yl replied:

    Woo! I saw the preview for the next collection! It looks awesome! May I check with you, does the Mermaid Structured Pleated Bodice Tube Dress fits you or is it kinda lost at the back?

    • nicole replied:

      The top part is tight but it’s loose around the waist and hips! But then again, as you can see I have like, negative ass. It’ll fit better and look hot on people with a full booty! (:

      • nicole replied:

        And whoaaa, the names are getting out of hand these days man.

      • yanlingchua replied:

        Haha! Negative ass can be good too! :D Thankssss man! Hopefully it fits me perfectly! Oh! & btw, is the waist area very lose?

  39. DG replied:

    Hi Nicole! Wanna ask u, between your ninewest heels that your mom bought for you, the previous awesome HH heels and the heels which are gonna be launched tonight, which is the highest? Thanks!(;

    • nicole replied:

      The previous HH heels are a lot higher. The ninewest heels are a tiny bit lower. The heels from this collection are incredibly low. Not my style! Haha.

  40. Net replied:

    Hey Nicole, do you have facebook? If yes, do you mind me adding you? Thanks =)

    • nicole replied:

      Sure! What’s your real name?

      • Net replied:

        I’m Linet! Ok I’ll add you in facebook. =)

  41. Cassandra replied:

    Hey there’s a stall in Thomson Plaza selling NFU polishes. Not sure about the price though. It’s at one of those temp stalls near Hans, quite near the lingerie shop.

    • nicole replied:

      Ooh! Okay thanks I will def go check it out!

  42. Huiying replied:

    Hey dear you love this piece right? The elusive NARS zulu. I once saw a colour close to this, from opi. I can’t rmb the name, saw it from my manicure shop. But it’s super similar so u can try ur luck at opi =))

    • nicole replied:

      Heyy, I believe I’ve looked at all OPI dark greens already, what you saw was probably Here Today, Aragorn Tomorrow, but it really isn’t a dupe.. The colour’s a lot more mossy and there’s no jelly finish at all :( thanks anyway!

  43. theaddicts replied:

    Hey nicole! shld i get the flats in brown(pink) or Nude (khaki) better ? :D

    • nicole replied:

      I don’t know dear, I didn’t keep any of the flats!

  44. pj replied:

    hey nicole! Why have you stopped blogging? :(

    Oh yeah and i tried the ninewest shoes you got there but its like so rockety, no? Is there a way to stabilise it or just walk slowly? lol!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey, so sorry I took a while to approve your comment, didn’t see it! I’ve been quite occupied these days :( Hmm I don’t find the shoes very unstable! But maybe it’s cause I’m very used to wearing heels? Haha I think you can just walk normally you won’t fall down or anything (: I really love that pair! It was actually my mom who bought them for me!

  45. nicol replied:

    No lah! nic looks more like ong ai ling!

  46. jac replied:

    nicoleeeeeeeeee! i went for mani/pedi with elena! and my fingernails are blue now hehe :D

  47. jac replied:

    nicoleeeeeee! i went for mani/pedi with elena and now my fingernails are blue hehe :D

  48. Kaelyn replied:

    Hi, is joyce fair or tanned?

    • nicole replied:

      She’s pretty normal toned! Like medium.

  49. Elee replied:

    May I know whr u buy the sharpener for urban decay eyeliner?

    • nicole replied:

      Just use any eyeliner sharpener. Mac sells. :)

      <3 Nicole

      Sent from my iPhone

  50. Michelle replied:

    I just received my whole collection of nfu oh flakies!!! the photos really don’t do justice. I super love them. Singapore don’t sell flakies which is sad lah! hope to get more in future.

    • nicole replied:

      Yay congrats!!! They’re so exciting right? Where did you order them from?

  51. Michelle replied:

    You can find essie matt about you in singapore..

    • nicole replied:

      Nailvibe is it? I normally order from Transdesign! Got it immediately when it first came out! They didn’t have it in Singapore yet.

    • nicole replied:

      And I also managed to order my Nfu Ohs in Australia :)

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