everytime I look into your eyes I see the future…

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me and I apologise for my little hiatus. 10 days left in Singapore now, I’ve been so occupied preparing and settling stuff, spending time with the people I’m gonna be leaving behind here.

The guys threw us a surprise farewell barbecue yesterday at Garrett’s! They bluffed us it was his housewarming party, and while we were sitting down eating, they randomly shouted, “SURPRISE!!” which was really confusing. Haha thanks guys!! :D Steffi, Jac, Elena, Janine, Dwi, Eka, Sonia, Jackson, Kenny, Hermann, Jwong, Peeyoomet and Garrett WE’LL MISS YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCHHHHH :(:(:(:(

Some snapshots of my recent life:

Marshmallows are always the best part of barbecues!! Who wouldn’t love the crispy-outside, sweet and gooey inside PURE DELICIOUSNESS? ‘Cept Jackson of course.


My friend Elena who has a butt on her chest. YOUR CRACK’S SHOWING!

Dinner at Jewelbox at Mt Faber! Nice place, nice view, so-so food.

Got sunblock?

We’ve been going eating at interesting places a lot! We’ve already planned dinner for the whole week and next too! MAKAN GANG.




February 9, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. J replied:

    gonna miss nicole, can’t see her in hh shots niaoooo :(
    all the best in everything! (:

  2. venuss replied:

    We will miss you NICOLE…

  3. jessilynlovemuffins<3! replied:

    we are going to miss you!!!
    and u look gorgeous (:

  4. siying ♥ replied:

    omg. nicole. u know eunice karina?! we’re always teasing her she looks so black she’s like an indian! haha! ;p

    • nicole replied:

      Hahahaha yeah I thought I was tan but she’s BLACK!

      • siying ♥ replied:

        guess what! she was telling us she actually put WHITENER! i wonder what brand it is. will NEVER EVER BUY IT! haha!

        • nicole replied:

          HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. She has no hope already la! BFL -> Black For Life

          • jac replied:

            HAHAHHAHAHA people are still teasing eunice bout how black she is. shall tell her bout it hehehheheh

          • nicole replied:

            hahahaaa don’t think it will ever stop!

  5. J replied:

    how much is the red watch, joe got for you (: so nice!

    • nicole replied:

      It’s sold out in Singapore! Haha thanks (:

  6. priscilla replied:

    i was wondering what you going to study in sydney? :)

    • nicole replied:

      I’m doing commerce and arts double degrees! But I might drop one. See how!

  7. DG replied:

    Ahh you finally updated!! (: anything you wear looks so pretty on you! Are they upcoming dresses on hh?(:
    do update here still after you go aus yeah!(: will miss you!

    • nicole replied:

      Aww thanks! The purple dress is from the latest collection! But of course I altered the length a lot! Hehe. And the coral dress is from one of the previous collections! Yup I will, must still read my
      blog okay!! Haha :D

      • pj replied:

        definitely will read your blog!! Have fun over there yeah! (:

  8. H replied:

    Will you still be blogging? Please dooo! <:
    Where did u get the dress from the first pic ?

    • nicole replied:

      I will I will! But I’m scared no one will read my blog anymore! :( my
      friend Annabelle got it for me from

  9. Rebecca replied:

    hi nicole! eh i thot i saw you just now at wheelock place earlier on. Recognised Joe first from your photos of him here! then saw you. haha!

    • nicole replied:

      Haha yeah I was there! (: why never say hi to me :(

  10. theaddicts replied:

    hi dear, do you have any nice hotpink OPI nail colors to recommend? grrr ;(

  11. theaddicts replied:

    and also shimmer range, can intro? thanks ! :D

    • nicole replied:

      I don’t like shimmer polishes, and don’t have any hot pink from OPI! you can try scrangie.com for swatches.

  12. Nicol replied:

    Hey girl!
    Coming from someone who’s crossed over to “the other side” i must say…REALLY ENJOY WHILE IT LASTS! AND CHOING THE FOOD. heck the calories! You can lose it over there!

    i miss singapore…

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha I have been kind of chionging the food all my life! Not the kind to watch my diet. I’m EXTREMELY foody so I think I’m really gonna die. My favourite foods are the most important thing in my life! Like, even higher ranking than nail polish. I think I’m gonna miss hokkien mee and curry the most! And of course my favourite Japanese bbq restaurant!! :(:( But at least Sydney has super super good Japanese and Italian food!

  13. M replied:

    hey where did u get ur turqoise tube n the first frilly dress from?

    • nicole replied:

      My friend Annabelle bought the orange dress for me from overseas. And I think you’re talking about the green tube dress? She also bought it for me from overseas.

      • m replied:

        aww so lucky! which country? somewhere near?:)

        • nicole replied:


          • M replied:

            OMG! all the nice clothes seem to be at australia! may i know which brand it’s from? so i can just go straight for tt brand instead of hunting the whole aussie for smth in my size :) ty!

          • nicole replied:

            You can just try H&M! They have some small clothes! And cheap.

  14. Rebecca replied:

    Haha…Abit hard to have said hi cos you were in one group with your friends right! Next time! :)

  15. dramamamamamia replied:

    babe!!!! i missssss ur blogging…u finally blog~
    but u r gonna leave for ur studies soon )))): i wan to see u model for HH agn lahs..
    dun worry even u leave for aussie, i’ll still read ur blog constantly… :)))))

  16. ELENA replied:


    • nicole replied:

      you totally do!! haha its okayyy skype!!

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