Good morning! Haha yesterday was so fun! Joe and I went shopping, he bought a cute polka dotted polo and I bought new shorts for wakeboarding cause I have so little um.. sporty clothes. It’s so hard to find awesome board wear for girls cause they usually have stupid floral prints and stuff like that but I totally love Volcom! The other surf brands like Ripcurl and all are so disgusting.. Only Volcom has awesome prints! Joe’s fabulous colourful boardshorts are from there too! I also bought a Shu Uemura foundation, because as you can see I’m like 10000x tanner now and needed to get a new one so I decided to try something other than mineral powders! The sales assistant was saying my skin is damn dry, and it’s already so much better compared to last week. Last week it was peeling like MAD! :( Having combination skin is such a hassle.

Then we met up with Sydney friends Eric and Dai-wen and Emily, and headed to Holland for dinner and ice cream. Jwong and Garrett came too! After that we went to Eric’s place to have Joe’s bottle of ice wine and some beers. And then at 2 am we went mad, suddenly decided to strip down to our underwear and jump into the pool! Omg FREEZING much! Haha it was sooo hilarious.

Anyway, I wanted to show you one of my favourite polishes, it’s a holographic one, China Glaze Let’s Do It In 3D.

This is with topcoat, under flash:

Just painted! So messy! :(

Haha my hand looks like a baby hand next to Joe’s!! This just looks so ridiculous!

And this is the same polish with Essie’s Matte About You topcoat, which transforms polishes to give them a matte finish:

Amazing!! You can’t see it properly from the pictures, but it’s like translucent, feathery, completely matte graphite! I love both versions just as much!

I’ve been asked about my preferences in polishes, and I must say my usual colours would be bright or dark vampy cremes. I hate hate HATE shimmer polishes, they just look so ugly, as well as sparse glitter ones, which just look plain unsophisticated. However, I loooove polishes where the whole thing is packed FULL of glitter spam (with no space in between), and the glitter has to be complex and fascinating to stare at. Ahhhh! Basically I only like very unique colours, with absolutely no tolerance for pretty pink ones (and the kind of people who wear them), or even worse, PALE PINK AND SHIMMERY OH MY GOD YUCK JUST DIE RIGHT NOW. And one of my most hated colours EVER is yellow that’s paler than a perfect bright sunny egg yolk yellow. I’m sure you know what I mean..

–> The right yellow. All other yellows are wrong.

I want a polish this colour that comes in a good formula, with absolutely no shimmer.

Oh yeah, Skins series 4 is out already, have you guys seen the first two episodes? Btw, if you don’t know what Skins is, you’re sorely missing out.. It’s a British teen drama that is absolutely brilliant. And fucked up. And the best thing ever. Go watch now!!!




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  1. J replied:

    hey nicole! just to check with you do you prefer OPI Gargantuan Green Grape – Matte OR china glaze refresh mint hehe! thanks

    • nicole replied:

      Refresh mint for sure, plus OPI mattes are really bad formula, very streaky and don’t last, plus they don’t actually stay matte for long. And if you’re fussy about this kind of thing, mint is damn last season. But i’d still wear it!

  2. J replied:

    haha. Quite a unique color wat right :D ok thanks for the suggestions!

    • nicole replied:

      Actually there are tons of mints from last season! I have Essie mint candy apple, and there’s Chanel Jade which allegedly sparked the whole mint obsession.. and OPI and MAC have their own versions too.

  3. Nicol replied:

    where to get the polish! its so prettyyy

    • nicole replied:


    • nicole replied:

      Nicol I’m sooo jealousss you can get things online so easily and quickly! When I’m in Sydney I won’t even be able to join sprees anymore and order from transdesign and all! :(:(:(

      • Nicol replied:

        AWWW nic! Come to the US then! cant u get those things in Aussie? :(
        If you want u can ship to me and i can try to ship to you but i think the shipping will be ex!

        • Nicol replied:

          NIC! when are you leaving, did u stock up on food. get ur parents to send u lots! (:

          And i cant see the holographic one on the website! where is it ah? :(

          • nicole replied:

            I think they don’t have that particular colour anymore! But you can find more holos under China Glaze Polishes A-Z! Check out http://www.scrangie.com for polish swatches! See the China Glaze OMG and Kaleidoscope collections! And OPI Designer Series as well! And unfortunately I can’t bring food into Aussie! :(:(

          • Nicol replied:

            omg really! u cant bring food??!!? its ok come home every break (:

  4. Joanne replied:

    Hey nicole! i just bought the HH Shimmer top (nude colour) recently and was shocked to find the material so thin! its like semi translucent… what kind and colour of bra did you use in the photoshoot so that the bra colour and shape doesnt show??

    • nicole replied:

      I used a regular black strapless bra! I don’t think it’s very translucent leh.. Maybe if you’re worried about it you can use a skin-coloured bra which is seamless. You can also wear skin-coloured bras under white tops that would otherwise expose the outline of your bra!

  5. sexy replied:

    hi where to get china glaze’s polishes and how much for one? thanks!

    • nicole replied:

      I got mine online from transdesign.com!

  6. siying ♥ replied:

    hey nicole, u mentioned that u use footpetals. im able to find some in watsons, like the slip stopper & heel liners, but i cant find the full insoles (from footpetals).. where do u get your footpetals from?

    • nicole replied:

      I got mine from Taka. You can just ask the sales assistants to show you where it is!

      • siying ♥ replied:

        yay! thanksss =)

  7. vanessa replied:

    ive watched the 2 episodes of skin!! love the show!! first episode was boring to me though cos it wasnt bout effy. hahahha

    • nicole replied:

      HAHA OMG YOU LOVE EFFY TOO? Ok who doesn’t. She is like sooooo hot!! But she was being such a slut in series 3 eh. Hahaha. I hope she finally gets with freddie soon. DO YOU LIKE MAXXIE? I LOVE MAXXIE.

      • vanessa replied:

        I LOVE MAXXIE!! Omg he is so damn cute. Hahaha. I dont like Cook at all. Hahhaha. Yesss! I want Effy to just HURRY UP AND REALISE SHE LOVES FREDDIE. Hahhaha

  8. cassandra replied:

    hey nicole, any idea where i can get Essie’s Matte About You topcoat in singapore? :D thanks!

    • nicole replied:

      I don’t think you can get it in Singapore!

  9. Jane replied:

    hi where to start watching skins online?

  10. (: replied:

    Nicole!! I’ve been reading your blog alot and alot! Like constantly stalking it! Haha! I will definitely miss all your shoots with HH! I love your modelling most! Stay pretty and cool okay! I love your opinions on things. Please blog alot when you’re in Sydney too!

    • nicole replied:

      Hey there! Thanks so much, very sweet of you. I will continue blogging if you continue reading (:

  11. sheila replied:

    nicole! would u mind sharing how u put on eye liner? i just bought the UD eyeliner you recommended. BUT i have absoulte no idea how and where to start! you need to help me love!

    • nicole replied:

      ??? It’s just eye liner! Umm just use light short strokes to draw a smooth thin line on your lash lines. Make sure there’s no gap between the line and your lashes. do you understand what i mean? Quite hard to explain. Then use a small eye shadow or eye liner brush to go over the line to smudge it a little and smoothen it. Ta-da!

      • sheila replied:

        oohh okay. i kinda get what you mean. but its like damn diff for me. cos i always get shaky hands and end up messy!

  12. Jane replied:

    may i know any links to watch skins season 1?

  13. steffi replied:

    i like eggs. see you tonighte beeeyotch.

  14. Melody replied:

    You will love OPI’s “Mad As A Hatter” from Alice in Wonderland series. Multi fine glitter all in one bottle of goodness. (: (:

    • nicole replied:

      I don’t like it that much actually! I find it just okay.. The colour of the glitter just doesn’t catch my eye, it looks quite dull. And the glitter pieces are maybe too fine.. Not complex sparkly holographic WOW enough!

  15. jo replied:

    hi nicole, can you recommend me some blusher? ive tried benefit’s benetint and it works well but i wanna try a diff brand! how bout mac? and do recommend me some shades, im fair.. but not that fair, if you get what i mean. sorry to trouble you, thanks!

    • nicole replied:

      The two blushes I use can’t be found in Singapore. For a natural look I’d recommend NARS orgasm, a cult favourite, which is a peachy shade with soft gold shimmer and suits almost all skin tones and it’s very sheer. Very easy to find online, they have it at sephora.com and drugstore.com. Joyce uses it too! But you also find very good blush here in Singapore. Quality-wise almost all blush from most departmental store brands is fine, you can try any of them. It just depends on your preference of texture, cause some are more shimmery, some are more pigmented like MAC (cheap too!), and some are more sheer like Lancome and Chanel. You just have to go and try them and find out what you like. I’d recommend you pick shades that are warmer, which means they look a little peachy, as opposed to cooler pinks. And if you like shimmer choose warm gold-ish shimmer instead of silver. You can browse http://www.makeupalley.com for reviews and ratings of products! It’s very useful.

  16. kokykok replied:

    you going aussie for further studies? how long? oh my, guess i will miss you modeling for HH ):

    • nicole replied:

      Yeah going for uni. Probably 5 years! :(

  17. Jane replied:

    whats torrents? may i have the link or guide me thru? thanks!!!

  18. nn replied:

    hey nicole! do you have any orange nail polish? which ones would you recommend? :)

    • nicole replied:

      Hey, I have Misa six-pack summer, it’s a very neon orange that glows under UV light! You can check out scrangie.com for swatches of almost every nail polish shade there is out there!

  19. Jenny replied:

    Do you like Illamasqua? They have really bright colours and I like their yellow!

    • nicole replied:

      I haven’t tried their polishes! Are they good? Haha do you get them online?

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