Chinese New Year!

Hi everyone! How was CNY? Did you eat lots of bakkua? :D

I really enjoyed CNY this year cause I got to spend lots of time with my mom’s side relatives (the side that I’m closer to), and since she has 11 siblings, which means I have tons of cousins, it’s always such a noisy fun time!

Reunion dinner and the first day’s gatherings were the last times that I’d get to see them before I leave :( I’m really going to miss all of them! For reunion dinner we went to my cousin’s penthouse, and the kids and I hung out on the lovely roof garden the whole time. And on the first day of the new year we went to this cool temple where my maternal grandparents’ ashes are kept! It’s really interesting to see the elaborate interior of the temple and all the monks chanting! At night we went to my uncle’s house, and I had my favourite kiam cai soup that he cooks only once a year! All of us look forward to eating it every year and we have many many bowls each, it’s soooo yum!

Oh yes, my aunties and cousin and Joe’s parents also gave me bonus angbao because I’m leaving! Yayy :D I’m gonna try and save most of it though!

Since Garrett has my memory card, I’ll just post pictures that I took with my iPhone – all the teeny tiny little babies! Heehee I love babieeessss. These are all my newest nieces and nephews!


Ashlynn! I looove her chubby cheeks and funky hair!


My favourite niece Gabby! She is such a little sweetie! <3

Kimberley and Gabby! They are sooo tiny!

Took these 4 pictures at the playground of my grand-uncle and grand-auntie’s house that we visit every year!

Gabby and sleepy little brother, Gavin. Awwww!

So many cute babies!

Oh and for Vday, Joe got me a Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch! I love it so much!

I’ll update again later and post more pictures when I get my memory card back! And also post up pictures of Butter on friday and last night’s dinner at il Lido!

Happy Chinese new year!




February 16, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. millypede replied:

    oh my! happened to chance upon your blog and realised you’re a relative of my mentor dr marlene teo! what are the chances!

    • nicole replied:

      Haha ooh yeah! You recognised Gabby? She’s sooo cute right!

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