nicole is sad to go.

leaving in 11 hours.


February 17, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. REBECCA replied:

    so soon :( i’ll def miss you as HH’s model! have a safe trip.

  2. Jane replied:

    can you tell me where can i watch skins the link pls i dk whats torrent!! thanks so much for that

    • nicole replied:

      I have no idea what links you can watch it at because I downloaded it through a torrent! If you don’t know what’s a torrent I can’t help you either!

  3. minchell replied:

    Bon voyage! Good luck in everything you do there! Looking forward to see you back again :)

  4. DG replied:

    Hey babe!!! Gonna miss your presence here, and as hh’s model!!! Do continue to blog whilst you’re there ya?!

    All the best to you during this transition period of your life!!! (: you’ll do great!

    • nicole replied:

      Thanks DG! Yup I’ll still blog! :)

  5. Sheila replied:

    Sheila is sad Nicole needs to go :(


    *Email me your Aussie address!

    • nicole replied:

      Ok I will once I find out! Haha. I want I want confirm again soon! :(:( gonna miss you sooo much Sheilaaaaaa :(

  6. Janelle replied:

    All the best Nicole ! :)
    Do blog often !

  7. jy replied:

    :) hello

    • nicole replied:

      .. Hi Jingyuan. Haha. I always knew you secretly read my blog!

  8. C. replied:

    Oh man, you’re leaving so soon! Sad to know that you cant be HH’s model anymore, you did a great job!
    Anyway, all the best for your studies and do continue to update us with your life in Aus!
    Good luck :)

    • nicole replied:

      Thank youuu :D Yup I will blog frequently, remember to check back :)

  9. EC replied:

    Hey Nicole, all the best for your studies in Aussie! (: Will continue to read your blog! (:

    • nicole replied:

      Thank you dear! Yay glad to hear that :D

  10. jessilynlovemuffins<3! replied:

    Nicole! will definitely miss u la!!! ):
    all the best to ur studies & continue to update ur blog!!!

    Take care too love <3

  11. cj replied:

    awww… will miss you and joe the fab looking couple. ahah. anyways, nicole where do you buy your long pants from? those you wore in the past photoshoots are nice and they look great for work clothes…

    • nicole replied:

      Hehehe thanks! The light grey ones is it? Sheila got them in HK and gave them to me!

  12. Nicol replied:

    all the best dearie. any complaints about overseas living can feel free to facebook me! i totally understand

  13. onesquare replied:

    hey nicole(: best wishes and im definitely gonna miss you as the face of hh! good luck for everything! (:

  14. sheila replied:

    hey nicole, all the best ya?!and CONTINUE TO BLOG! im gonna come back once in a while to see if you BLOG! heh!

    • nicole replied:

      HAHA yes thanks! I’m so busy right now trying to settle down!

  15. Naad replied:

    As a HH supporter,I’ve purchased clothes many times which I felt look gorgeous on u and ended being too ‘fitting or short’ for myself. But I still continue to do so. =)

    All the Best for crossing over to another land which I’m sure u’ll still be rocking on. =) U’ll be missed as the HH’s Model with an attitude. =)

    • nicole replied:

      Awww so sad they don’t fit you well! But I’m sure some of them do, gotta check the measurements! Cause some of the cuttings are big on me too! (:

      Thanks for the well wishes :D

  16. tjxcasey replied:

    I always buy from HH because you make all the dresses look nice! Now howwwwwwwwwww ? Anyway, take care over there ya? We will definitely miss you :(

  17. Ling replied:

    Take care, Nicole!

  18. Vanessa replied:

    hey hey!!have lots of fun in aussie ok?i’m sure joe will take good care of you.will definitely keep reading ya?

    • nicole replied:

      Hehe yes he takes super good care of me (: Thanks! :D

  19. kokykok replied:

    bon voyage nicole (:
    may i ask, those prices in transdesign are in sing or what currency is it? thanks babe

  20. windmill00qi replied:

    all the best in aussie! think the rest have said wat i want to, but just wanna say u will be missed as HH’s model :(

  21. M replied:

    good luck with everything Nicole! (:

  22. steffi replied:


    hahaha. anw i hope you liked the photos hahaha THERE ARE MORE but i ran out of time/photo paper. GIVE ME YOUR AUSSIE ADDRESS. so i can write you love letters like, all the time. ps. I MISS YOU ALREADY.

    pps if joe is there pls flip him off for me THANKS!

    ppps. SKYPE!

    • nicole replied:

      HELLO STEFFI. This is the first chance I got to use the internet! I’ll be getting my aussie number soon and I’ll let you know soon! Omg they were damn cute and awesome THANK YOU STEFFI <333333 My aussie address is… Nicole Ann Leong/904.5 Gate 2 High Street UNSW Sydney NSW 2052! Ta-da. Feel free to send me like.. a McSpicy or something. Apparently they have all kinds of Singaporean food here! I just had the most amazing Chinese food tonight! Peking duck! Yumz. I MISS YOU TOOOO! <33

  23. jac replied:

    today jackson and i were in town with nothing to do and we were saying that if u guys were still around, we would probably be with you guys.


    • nicole replied:

      :( Awwww so sad :( I MISS YOU GUYS!!! I miss sitting around with y’all doing nothing.. It’s actually when we have the most fun. Haha.

  24. dramamamamia replied:

    babe!! i hope u settle safely in aussie & all the best to ur studies! sad that u r gg…like so SOOOOOON ))))):

  25. H replied:

    Heyyyy! All the best to you and Take Caree! <:
    I'll drop by frequently for your updates! Haha.

    Anyway, just a question, you do have a pair of purple heels right, where did you got them? And around what height is the heels. Thanks!

    • nicole replied:

      Thanks Hueymin! They’re from Fendi! Hmm, about 4 inches?

  26. ELENA replied:

    Hi. I overslept your send off. I feel bad :( Sorry. I still love you.

  27. jy replied:

    Hi. I overslept your send off. I feel bad :( Sorry. I still like you.

  28. J replied:

    what course and what school are you in?

    • nicole replied:

      I’m in UNSW doing a commerce and arts double degree!

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