I’m alive!

Hellooooo! Omg this is the first time I’m online since I got here.

Sydney is awesome! I just had the most amazing peking duck at a Chinese restaurant Dai-wen brought us to!

These 2 days have been incredibly busy, we’ve been literally setting up house, buying sheets and pillows and pots and pans, unpacking and organizing everything. I feel so grown up! BTW we got really really awesome pillows that I’m super happy about, the full comfy micro fibre kind. They’re like comparable to the gel fibre ones that I used in Singapore!

I was really worried about what my roommates were gonna be like, but THANK GOD they are cool and nice to chill and drink beer with. They’re a really tall couple from elsewhere in Aus (I always end up hanging out with tall people huh, G and Steffi) and I mean REALLY TALL the girl is taller than Joe! And they listen to good music which is super important.

I’ll take pictures of my room and post up when I’ve tidied it proper so you can see what it looks like :D I’m trying sooo hard to be neat. I’m naturally a very messy (and lazy) person, so it takes a lot of effort. Living on my own really makes me appreciate all the small things my mom and maid used to do for me, like buying lunch and picking up all the crap I leave around on the floor, folding clothes and getting drinks for me.

Luckily my dad is here with me to help me get everything (and pay so I can get good quality stuff..) and set up all my crap.

Currently very proud of myself for finishing my unpacking and setting up everything! :D:D

Update again soon!




February 20, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. jy replied:

    am i the first person to comment?
    hello :)

  2. steffi replied:

    hahaha you attract biggies!! eh ahmgz, if i don’t end up going for my eurotrip this midyear mebbe i come find you guys!! and crash your messy apartment. and sleep on your awesome comfy pillows. and drink all your beer and eat all your peking duck. muaha. pls welcome me with open arms.

    • nicole replied:

      Yeah omgz, come find us! Yeah you can just crash with us, don’t need to pay for accomodation! :D

  3. dramamamamia replied:

    babe!! it’s great to see ur 1st blog entry at aussie!!! do upload more pics when u hv the time. tk good care of urself always!~ missssss ur prescence!!

    • nicole replied:

      Yeah I will! I need to set up my internet first. And I have limited internet usage!! So I have to limit my downloading and uploading. Hehe thanks! (:

      • philbert replied:

        does that mean no more glee and skins?

        • jackson replied:

          wah glee is imba

          • nicole replied:

            HI JACKSON!!! hahaha. yes it is quite funny.

        • nicole replied:

          I’ll just pay for more internet and download haha!

          • jac replied:

            jackson so free ah

  4. (: replied:

    Nicole!!! I miss all your blog posts and modelling. If you come back to Sg for visits please do some modelling for HH as well okay! :)

    Take care over there and have lots of fun! ;)

    • nicole replied:

      I’ll still be blogging! Haha I’m not sure whether Sheila will want me to! Ask her? Lol :D

  5. Em replied:

    Hello! I know this isn’t a good time to be asking such questions, since you’re probably busy as hell unpacking and settling in. But I’ll just ask anyway cos I’m thick skinned haha. Do you order nail polishes by yourself on Transdesign or do you join a spree? I’m thinking of ordering with a few friends but I’m not sure how much shipping would cost. Thanks babe!!
    Looking forward to your next post too (:

    • nicole replied:

      Hey I ordered through a spree the last time. Normally they order 100 bottles at a go and shipping was around $3 a bottle. I’d definitely advise you to join a spree if you don’t want to pay high shipping costs. Another way is to go to nailvibe.com, they’re a Singaporean site that stocks or orders (if the colour you want is not in stock) and it’s really cheap. OPI is only $10.90, not much more than I pay for OPI polishes from transdesign. (:

      • pb replied:

        how much does one bottle of opi costs from transdesign? thanks so much!

      • passer replied:

        hi how much does one bottle of opi cost on transdesign? not including shipping fees all those. just the nett price in sgd. thank you so much!

        • nicole replied:

          if i’m not wrong it’s 4.99 USD. not sure what the exchange rate is now.

  6. G replied:

    OMG, I am dying at work and I just wanna get my fat ass down under and forget about everything and shop and eat. I wonder if i can start moving my stuff over in March, and maybe use your rooms as storage. HMM.

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha hey G!!! miss you! Well if you have like one suitcase that you can stuff under Joe’s bed it should be fine.. We’re going wakeboarding this friday! :D:D:D

      • philbert replied:

        we’re going on sunday!! how was it today?

        • nicole replied:

          Ooh okay but it’s like 1/4 the price here HAHA.

  7. Jen replied:

    hey nicole! the light green polish you wore in the shoot for the upcoming hh launch issit from chinaglazE? (:

  8. Kaelyn replied:

    Do you have guest list to butter on thurs(4th march)?
    I want t go but you are not around in sg. :(

    • nicole replied:

      If it’s boogie down butter or the pull you can still use my guestlist don’t worry! (:

      • Kaelyn replied:

        Ah, sure! Thanks! When can it be used?

  9. Jen replied:

    what did you keep for hh latest launch? (:

    • nicole replied:

      tube dress thing in black and the cardigan in black also

  10. pj replied:

    HI NICOLE! Haha why didnt u keep the lace insert dress!! I think the white one is sooooo pretty lah!! But a bit mature and no occasion to wear :(

  11. YB replied:

    hello, hope you’re settling well in aussie! :)

    anw may i ask where did you get the black heels you wore in the latest HH shoot?
    thanks! :)

  12. silas replied:

    NICOLE!! HAHA. i cant imagine you being all independent and grown up. it’s like when eka’s voice broke. totally unimaginable. haha

  13. Kae replied:

    Hope you are settling well in aussieland! There is quite a number of chinese restaurants ah? Tell me when is free to go butter! :) Oh did you paid to get in to zouk?

    • nicole replied:

      Hmm I’m not that sure nowadays, if you wanna go butter on thursdays just let me know and i’ll check it out for you when I have unlimited guestlist! Should be most thursdays. Whenever they have the events The Pull and Boogie Down Butter. Usually friends sign me in.

      • Kae replied:

        This week. Is my holiday till april so would like to know when is possible. :) Thanks!

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