Online at last

Hiiii I just got my internet plan! Internet here is so expensive.. And I can’t get an unlimited plan either. :( Our roommates and Joe and I just cleaned our ENTIRE FREAKING APARTMENT! Washed the floors and toilets, vacuumed the carpets and washed two fucking filthy balconies. WOOHOO.

We found a super good Indo restaurant, thank god.. The sambal there is sooo delicious.

Here’s a picture of us at our uni!

At the airport when we left :(:( Some of our friends even stayed over at the airport because ours was a super early morning flight and they didn’t want to oversleep. Thanks guys! <3<3<3

These are the VIPs of our lives <3

Sydney Opera House

And some shots from our last night out in Singapore! At Butter, of course.

Last wakeboarding in Singapore.. Joe got himself an awesome new board! It lights up when he jumps. Which of course you can see because we go wakeboarding in the middle of the night. Real smart.

And this is Essie Mesmerize! Taken in my old room.. Which I miss to bits. I want my big bed!!!


<3 nic


February 28, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. onesquare replied:

    hi nicole! it’s nice to see you’re settling down and having fun! hope you have a rocking good time while you’re there! and do blog frequently hehe ((:

    • nicole replied:

      Thanks! I will if I have the time! (:

  2. Jen replied:

    hey nicole! any nice red polishes from OPI can recommend? (: hehe!

    • nicole replied:

      I like Got the Blues For Red. It’s the dark red one that I wear sometimes! You can try for polish swatches, she has like all the colours.

      • Amanda replied:

        Hey. The nail polishes in the above website you mention, are they for sales or? Thanks!

  3. Ling replied:

    Omg that nail polish is very very pretty! Where can I get that colour babe?

    • nicole replied:

      Might be able to find it in salons in Singapore. I got it from!

  4. shinyshinyshimmering replied:

    you still look very pretty (: update often! if possible :D

  5. S replied:

    Hey nicole! whats your height and weight? you look so slim!

  6. Vanessa replied:

    hey!in the airport photo everyone is sooo much taller than you!haha..where did you get the blue tote you were carrying in the photo in school?looks really nice!

    • nicole replied:

      I knowww! Hahaha. It’s from Marc by Marc Jacobs. Miley Cyrus has it in pink.. gross.

      • Vanessa replied:

        haha no idea what shade of pink she owns but i the bag from a recent collection?how is school anyway?

  7. Net replied:

    Hey I love the blue dress that your wearing. Where did you buy it from? Thanks =)

    • Net replied:

      Is it from HH previous collection? Haha

    • nicole replied:

      It’s actually grey! Yup it’s from Hollyhoque.

      • Ari replied:

        I like that too!! It was from a past collection?! ARGHHHH~~

  8. M replied:

    you’re totally spottable in the group airport pic! (: your clubbing pictures are mad awesome! I love the effects! I’ve tried doing it with my camera but it doesn’t work. oh well. you’re the prettiest girl ever.

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha I’m tiny :( Thanks! Those were actually taken by Philbert with his DSLR. What camera do you use?

      • M replied:

        I’m using lumix lx3 :( and I’m not very good at picture taking!
        I read the explanation you gave about how to go about it a long time ago, in one of the comments of your very first blog posts.. but I’m kind of hopeless. LOL..
        hope uni’s being kind to you! has the semester already started for you guys?

  9. Rebecca replied:

    Nic! Where’s the Indo restaurant? Share share! Am a frequent visitor to Sydney and miss REAL chilli-ey stuff when I stay for long! Thanks! :)

    • nicole replied:

      It’s near my uni at Anzac parade! Do you come to this area?

  10. Rebecca replied:

    Yes I do! Boyf studies at UNSW too and stays fairly nearby! And when I go over I get quite sad cos there’s not much authentic asian food (or at least haven’t discovered them). Ok so it’s near Anzac parade la… name of restaurant? :)

  11. Rebecca replied:

    ?? Haha!

    • nicole replied:

      Ugh the thing screwed up! What I actually said is.. Ooh cool! You should let me know when you come visit :) it’s called erica’s indonesian restaurant or something. There’s lotsa super good Asian food here!

  12. Rebecca replied:

    Ok I will! Probably coming at the start of May and staying till end June; almost 2 months! Great! When I do you must intro me to more foodssss!!! :)

  13. Elena replied:

    Niggles! I might come Australia in June. And you’re not on MSN/Adium :/

  14. Nicol replied:

    enjoy your time babe!

  15. pj replied:

    youre so cute nicole!!! :D

  16. dramamamamia replied:

    babe!!! u hv beautiful long nails & nice colours u’ve got :)

  17. michelle replied:

    hi nicole, always like to your blog, blog often if you can ya, i like you nail col blue, iszit absoultly alice by opi? i start to like brigh color ever since i read your blog :) your grey dress from hh ber nice too.. :) do take care ya :) stay pretty.

  18. Evan replied:

    Good to know that you’re doing fine there!! :)

    By the way, mind telling where you got that jacket in the airport pic? It looks really nice on you. Heh. & you’re absolutely tiny! Haha.

    • nicole replied:

      Hey thanks! Hahah don’t know if you can see but it’s actually a crossword (: It’s from Depression! Far east plaza #04-41. I really love them! You can tell that the two designers really put their heart into the clothes. And.. YES I KNOW.

      • Evan replied:

        Thanks for sharing! Will go check out the shop soon! :) And I don’t mean it the bad way.. I think tiny is good! At least you are very proportionate! :)

        • nicole replied:

          Yup you should definitely check it out! I think they have more men’s stuff though. Haha, thanks. Yeah thank god I don’t have like, long body short legs or something. Btw you have a very uncommon name for a girl! Like Evan Rachel Wood.

    • nicole replied:

      You can see it more clearly here ->

      • Evan replied:

        Woah. Thanks for the picture! I think you look better than the model!

        • nicole replied:

          That’s the one from their catalogue. Haha really!

  19. Janine replied:

    AWWWW so sweeet nicole! I’m a vip in your life! MWACKS

  20. =) replied:

    hi nicole! where did u get the jacket u wore to the airport? looks really unique! :)

  21. Sylvia replied:

    Hey , i was wondering how tall are you ?? You looking really tall in HH’s pictures (:

  22. charmaine replied:

    hey nicole, just wondering… what course are u pursuing at uni?

  23. jwong replied:

    joe put on weight again???

  24. jwong replied:


    getting drunk isn’t the same anymore

    • nicole replied:

      :D miss you too jwong! Yeah no one to run after you when you do your ninja disappearing acts huh! Haha hope you’ve been having fun anyways! Can’t wait for you to come and visit (:

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