Boogie Down Butter on thursday

Heya, even though I’m not in Singapore, you guys can still use my guestlist this thursday!

Drink promotion will be March promo: Chivas bottle at $198 & 1 for 1 all night on housepours by glass and jug.

Just go to the door and say you’re on Nicole’s guestlist ya!

Cheers (:


March 1, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Ling replied:

    Hi Nicole,

    Can we use your guestlist every Thurs or every alternate Thurs? :) Also, are there any requirements we need to fulfil (like, entry before a certain time?) in order to use your guestlist and enter free? Thanks so much!

    • nicole replied:

      It should be every Thursday, except for certain days where there are other events. If you wanna go just let me know and I’ll check for you! Yeah you have to enter before 12, which you would want to do anyway cause the party ends at 2 or 3.

      • Ling replied:

        Hey Nicole,

        Hope you’re having a good time in Australia :) Anyway I was thinking of heading to Butter this thurs! Would it be possible for you to help me check whether there will be free entry if I use your guestlist (as well as any other requirements for free entry). Thanks! :)

        • nicole replied:

          Hey Ling, this thursday at Butter the event is The Pull! Just go to the door and make sure to say you’re on Nicole’s guestlist (: You need to go before 12 to get free entry. Try to go early anyway as the party ends early at 3 am! I think a good time for you to go would be around 11 pm. Hope you have fun! (:

          • Ling replied:

            Thanks loads, Nicole! :)

          • nicole replied:

            No problem (: let me know how the party goes!

  2. guangling replied:

    hey babe, would i still be able to use ur name to enter butter for free next thursday (6th may)?

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