I think people should really learn to spell and type properly.


March 2, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Michhy replied:

    Hello Nic!
    Really love your post they are always so interesting and entertaining! Haha! :)
    Good To know that you still blogging frequently! Haha I bet there are tons of faithful readers out there anticipating you posts everyday! Haha thanks for sharing all about you nails craze and fashion! I’ll always check back frequently! :) and I love your red Marc Jacobs watch? Hehe so pretty! Can I know how much it cost? :D

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! Sorry i totally didn’t see you comment mich! Thank you for always commenting and being so nice <3 They don't have my watch anymore in Singapore!

  2. Rebecca replied:

    HAHA!!! Absolutely Agree!!!

  3. janice replied:

    rebecca, did you mean absolutely AGREED?

  4. Rebecca replied:

    erh no. don’t be lame. If I absolutely “agreed” that would mean I don’t agree now. But I still do. OMG your grammar sucks to the outright core

    • janice replied:

      Did u just embarrassed yourself? At least i wasn’t being mean like you are. For one, your personality sure sucks to the core.

      • nicole replied:

        Dude Janice, it’s ’embarrass’ not ’embarrassed’. I think you should learn to speak English first before attempting to correct people.

        • jackson replied:

          HAHAHA. very fierce person this janice.

  5. GRAMMAR NAZI replied:

    AHAHAHA!!! Janice… You shot yourself in the foot. OMG indeed… I absolutely agreed with your comment! Wahahahaha!!!

    • nicole replied:

      Hahahaha (: But then again it can be ‘agreed’ as in..

      “Let’s get out of here.”

      Because it’s only a verb and not a complete sentence it could either be part of “I agree” or “It’s agreed”.

      Both are correct unless you say “I agreed” which is totally wrong.

    • janice replied:

      you sound like someone who tags on someone’s back. do you even have a mind of your own?

      • nicole replied:

        Stop being annoying or I will block your comments.

      • GRAMMAR NAZI replied:

        Wow! You certainly have a mind of your own then… going against all that flow of… simple, perfect english.

        I, however, am just but a follower of people who tags on good english. Teach me how to spoke poor engrish?

  6. C. replied:

    Hey nicole! Random qn: is the timezone on your wordpress set to Aus or still Singapore’s timing?
    Anyway hope you’re settling down fine! When will you be starting school? :)

    • nicole replied:

      Umm, I don’t know! Will go check soon :) I’ve just started!

  7. Rebecca replied:

    :)))))) enjoy the awesome UNSW campus!

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha very far to walk leh! Hey add me on facebook!

  8. Rebecca replied:

    Eh but it’s damn nice right? summertime can just lie on the lawn. wintertime also la.. with a hot choc to thaw out. Unfortunately I am one of those who don’t use facebook! drop me an email with your email then we can skype or something! :)

  9. kokykok replied:

    hey nicole, how’s life back there? anyway what does UNSW stands for? do they have any criteria to make it into the uni? cause i was thinking of furthering my studies.

  10. laughing-stock. « the sweetums in life. replied:

    […] nicole’s post on speaking good english! […]

  11. kokykok replied:

    i am not from JC but poly. i got a fair gpa of 3.5. not intending to go for local uni. LOL

    • nicole replied:

      Oh, okay. What course are you planning to apply for in uni then? For poly requirements I think you have to check with the university cause they only published the A level requirements.

  12. kokykok replied:

    anyway i took logistics in poly.

  13. Michhy replied:

    Heh Nicole! What are you getting from HH’s new collection? :)

    • nicole replied:

      Umm, I’m kinda far to get stuff? Haha.

  14. Confused replied:

    hello! I heard unsw don’t look at GP grades, how true is that? And srry for being frank to ask why didn’t u study at local uni?

    • nicole replied:

      I think they do, it’s just not as important as H2 subjects. Go see their entry requirements for more details. Well I don’t like the university culture here, and I just think it’s experience to broaden your sights.. Some people say you can tell right away if someone has studied abroad or at local unis.

  15. YF replied:

    hi nicole! how’s school :> may i ask you the reason why did you choose to opt for overseas studies instead of local uni such as NUS, NTU? is it better to get a foreign cert in your opinion? thank you!

  16. Underage replied:

    Hi what did you get for A’s?

    • nicole replied:

      Why would I post my A’s results online, anonymous?

  17. Underage replied:

    Cos I just want to know if I can get into your uni tooo.

  18. Conan Kwan replied:


    • nicole replied:

      Only gangsters like you spell so weird.

  19. Conan Kwan replied:

    hahaha wel i kno you can spell weird too!
    u just did it on msn =O
    UR A LIANZ!!

    • nicole replied:

      I had to think very hard to try and spell bad. Hahaha.

    • nicole replied:

      And bad spelling makes you sound super fob! You’ve no right to make fun of my Singaporean accent when you type like a fob huh haha

      • jac replied:

        hahahahha! omg. i love reading your blog and the comments.

      • philbert replied:

        nicole, why do you even bother to reply such comments?

        • nicole replied:

          haha which ones? funny WHAT

          • philbert replied:

            in a way, it’s true. anw have you gone to pancakes on the rocks?

  20. D replied:

    hey rmb u did mention abt some alteration place in Far east? what is the shop called? and which level? :) thanks!

    • nicole replied:

      it’s ivan alteration! level 4 i think.

      • nicole replied:

        the workmanship is okay but what i like about him is that he’s super fast, can request to have it done in 45 min.

        • D replied:

          ok! thanks so much. was walking around FEP and all of them charged $10 for alteration of length! :/

          • nicole replied:

            No prob! I think he charges about $6? I WANT NEW HH CLOTHES :(

  21. kokykok replied:

    haha, seriously these comments are entertaining! hey nicole, i think i want to get into some business course or continue with what i have now. but sad to say i looked at the requirement, they dont seems to have what i want and i dont seems to have what they want )):

  22. S replied:

    hey nicole, what’s your height and weight?

    • D replied:

      she’s 155

      • nicole replied:

        and 38 kg (:

        • m replied:

          omg we’re of the same height n weight! hahahaha

          • nicole replied:

            Hahahaha like twinz!

  23. (: replied:

    Update your blog!!!

  24. jo replied:

    babeee! you got me hooked on nail polish too!
    hahaha. anyway, how are you doing in aus? (:

  25. steffi replied:


    • nicole replied:

      we’s not be sfeek in the lang for kweet a wahl stayf! ve meesing it.

  26. Jen replied:

    hey nicole! may i know where did you got the covered heels in brown ???? thanks (:

  27. joan replied:

    Hey, the calculation need to include pw and mt? Thanks

  28. kennyJACINDAjackon replied:

    omg hi nicole i’m an avid reader of your blog! your latest entry has inspired us to ensure that we’re ALWAYS using QUEENS ENGLISH when we speak. what is life without good grammer? it’s like, milo ping without milo, fried rice without rice, and. er. ya u get my point.

    anyways hi oompa loompa lizard shit. we miss u from singapore.

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha like char kway teow without the kway teow? I miss you guyzzzz :(:(

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