Sorry for the lack of updates, I’ve been so busy this week! School’s started already, and omfg it’s sooo boring. Not to mention I don’t know anyone in half of my classes, and since I’m the kind of person who really needs someone to talk to all the time, it’s so annoying sitting in a 2 hour lecture alone! Sigh :(

Part of why I’ve been so busy lately is cause Garrett came up to visit us this week, so we’ve been taking him around and going out to dinners and stuff!

Anyway, since you guys would know how much I LOVE nail polish, and if you love nail polish just as much as I do…

I want you guys to send me photos of YOUR nails in YOUR favourite polish at nicooole@gmail.com (and please include the name of the shade), and I’ll pick my favourites to post up here! (:

Alright? Come on fellow nail polish fanatics! :D

Going to watch Alice In Wonderland now! Finally. BTW I just paid A$21.50 for a movie tickets which is like S$28!!! WTF?!


lotsa <3, nic


March 16, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. EC replied:

    Hallo! So glad to see you blogging again! Hahha! Do update whenever you are free! Just painted my nails too! But a little shy to post it up! =/ Hehehe, purple is nice! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Haha why shy! Don’t need to show your face or reveal your name! Yes I agree, I like purple too! (:

  2. H replied:

    I miss your blogging!!!! Heee.

  3. Jen replied:

    Hey nicole!
    where you got the brown covered heels?

  4. M replied:

    we’re missing the Nic on HH :(

    btw.. I know right? 3D movie tickets are kind of expensive!! we get student discounts in Perth on 2D movies though.. dunno if it’s the same in Sydney! if so you should definitely flash your student card everywhere you can! haha.. ouh, and sign up for a Student Edge card if you haven’t already! gets you crazy discounts on so many stuff!!

    have fun <3

  5. philbert replied:

    is it even in 3D?

  6. kokykok replied:

    purple is naiceeeeee. blue too. i hate pink especially those pale-pink! nic, how often do you change your nails’ colour? i change them every 2-3 days and i realise my nails are turning orange-yellow. look pretty unhealthy. any ways to keep them fit? does this happen to you?

  7. Aiyah! replied:

    I just removed my fav polish! :(

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha! It’s okay you can use any polish that you like!

  8. charmaine replied:

    hey nicole!! movie tickets are shitload expensive here in melb too!! but at least we have tightass tuesday which gives us abit of discount!

    cheeeeeers! sch can be boring, but it’ll be fun to dress up when winter comes (:

    • nicole replied:

      Hey! haha i don’t think people here dress up that much! And it doesn’t get thaaat cold in winter, like at most 10 to 15 degrees! Haha (:

  9. sammy replied:

    “a movie tickets” ???

    england super powderful there haha

    • nicole replied:

      Haha omg typo! Can’t be bothered to correct it though

  10. jona replied:

    hey nicole! so you are majoring in biz huh. what about joe then? (: hope you’re coping well!

    • nicole replied:

      He’s doing business too! Haha well it’s okay, I wouldn’t survive in Singapore unis for sure.

      • jona replied:

        why not!

        • nicole replied:

          Cause people start studying on the first day of school. And continue studying everyday for 4 years.

  11. Michhy replied:

    Hello Nicole!
    What color shld I get for the old English carligan? White or black? Which one can match easier? :)

  12. Michhy replied:

    Hahaha thanks Nicole! I am just afraid tad the Black one will cover the lace details! :( ohh can inaldo love the zipper jacket tooo! Heard tad ther is 2 colors! Grey and black! And did you like anything from the recent collection too? :)

    • nicole replied:

      cropped top and blazer for sure!

    • nicole replied:

      you can still see the details esp if you wear a light coloured top underneath! shall wear it and take some photos tomorrow (:

  13. Michhy replied:

    Okok! Do take pictures alrighty! Have been thinking of which color to get? :) hope the material is good too! And is the shoulder padded removable? :)
    Yep I took the blazer in white/blurple :) didn’t’t get the crop top though! Nicole te cop top is still available in light grey!!!! Go get it now! Sheila shld provide international shipping too! :)

  14. Michhy replied:

    And nicooole! Did you model this piece before during HH’s shoots? Glamour Armour Tube Dress Coral !!! Am thinking of buying this for my bday outfit! Hahah! XD
    Just wondering, if you feel that the bust area is tight for you as I am a cup c :( Sadly, some of HH’s apparels is tight for me ard the bust area especially for tube dress! :(

  15. michhy replied:

    NICOLE!!! I kinda fall in love with the OPI Alice in Wonderland series! It’s one of the color called “Mad as a Hatter”! Do you think i should get it? Do you think it’s nice too? :D
    And is it the full glitter kind like Nfu? Or is it the sparse glitter kind?
    Thinking of buying it from nailvibe.com! It’s only goin for S$10.90! Haha i am excited to paint my nails glitters too! But sadly, can’t get Nfu in SG! :(

    • nicole replied:

      Umm I don’t like the Alice in Wonderland series, sorry. Nfu isn’t glitter, it’s flakies and it’s amazing cause the flakes are holographic. Mad as a hatter is full glitter, but it just doesn’t appeal to me. The glitter pieces are all too small and regular and they’re not holographic. There’s no like, complex mesmerising look about it. It’s just boring. I like the China Glaze glitters better, the glitter is chunkier and more eye-catching!

  16. Jen replied:

    Hey nicole!
    there’s 2 types of urban decay pencil on th site

    which one are you using?

    thanks get back to me asap :D

    • nicole replied:

      errr huh? they’re the same..

      • Jen replied:

        hmm. there’s 24/7 duo and 24/7 glide on pencil.

        • nicole replied:

          24/7 duo just means that they’re selling two pencils together.

          • Jen replied:

            Oh i see…
            ok thanks (:
            Btw, issit difficult to remove and issit good? cause i realised, sometimes after applying liner, it disappear by itself after like hrs!

          • nicole replied:

            What liner were you using? I don’t think any decent liner should disappear after a few hours.. Well I like it alot, in my experience it has the best staying power amongst all the liners I’ve used, and I’ve tried lots, including MAC and Lancome and Dior. I like this one best because when you first apply it, it’s very creamy which allows you to blend, then it dries and stays there. It might still smudge on you if you have oily eyelids though.
            It can be easily removed with a waterproof makeup remover, I use Garnier Clean Sensitive and it works fine.

          • ice replied:

            hey nicole (: I know this sounds slightly random but I really think you should do like a makeup tutorial. ’cause I think your makeup is like the MOST amazing ever. Do consider!

  17. Michhy replied:

    Hehe it’s ok l! Can I know what series of china glaze has glitters? :)
    what glitters polishes do you suggests and is able to get from SG still? ;)

    • nicole replied:

      It’s just the china glaze glitters series. there’s about 50 of them. go look for swatches online.

  18. michhhy replied:

    Ohmy I just saw it from scrangie.com!
    I really love the Atlantis and nova!!! :) So pretty really. Wher can I get china glaze glitters from? As Nailsvibe do not seems to be selling the glitters series from china glaze! :(

    • nicole replied:

      Yup i have atlantis <3 i got them from transdesign!

  19. michhhy replied:

    To buy from transdesign do I need to have a credit card? Does it ships to SG? :)

    • nicole replied:

      I think they do, and yeah you’d need a credit card. If not, look out for sprees!

  20. WL replied:

    Hi Nicole! I’m kinda interested to study at unsw! But I checked out their accomodation price is like $300 per wk! Where do u stay there? Is it the avg price even in suburbs?? Hell lot expensive $$ uh. Their first sem starts for yr1 starts ard this time next yr is it? Sorry to bombard u with so many qn! Thankyou (:

    • nicole replied:

      I’m staying in the student apartments on campus! It’s $225 a week. You would probably want to stay on campus too unless you drive. yeah first sem starts 1 march, second sem starts in july.

  21. michhy replied:

    heh nic! you know any sprees that is spreeing for transdesign? :)

  22. Jen replied:

    hey nicole! any nice color polishes from essie to intro? (:

    • nicole replied:

      I like Essie Mesmerize, Greenport and Mint Candy Apple!

      • Jen replied:

        Yea Essis Mesmerize is nice (: Essie got any nice red ones?

        • nicole replied:

          I’m not sure.. You can check for yourself at scrangie.com. I’m not a very huge fan of red polish, too normal! Haha.

          • Jen replied:

            Ok (: thanks anyway! blog often with your pics (:

      • Magdalene! :D replied:

        I love Mint Candy Apple! I bought that when I was in the US recently. I like greens in general, like Sally Hansen Insta-dri in Jumpin’ Jade :D And I like Chanel shades!

        • nicole replied:

          I love greens toooo! <3 I think you would like Essie Greenport! I haven't tried any Chanel shades yet, I've only seen one which I really really like which is Chanel Holographic, which is like impossible to find..

  23. D replied:

    Essie’s mint candy apple is NICE! can’t seem to get greenport anymore :( I WANT!

    oh yeah which marc jacobs store did you get your watch from? (:

    • nicole replied:

      Hehe, I HAVE! :p I got it from DFS galleria but it’s sold out already so I hear.

      • D replied:

        suckssss. hahaha. I STILL WANT :( oh it’s the one opposite FEP right? okie thanks. just wanna go down to take a look (:

        • D replied:

          oh yes, how much is one watch? rougly?

        • nicole replied:

          Haha yeah. Damn cheap! Only $200+ (:

  24. Magdalene! :D replied:

    Hello! Where do you get your Nfu-Ohs from?? They look realllly great!

    • nicole replied:

      I got them from vividnails.com.au/shoppingcart! Although I think I bought all their current stock. Thanks!

  25. EC replied:

    Hey Nicole, what nail polish colours you suggest for fingernails? Cant decide and I dont think every colour goes well! Purple for toe nails? (:

    • nicole replied:

      Hahaha I love bright colours on fingers! Like blues, greens and egg yolk yellow! Don’t like shimmer. I especially like mints on fingernails too! I tend to paint my toenails darker colours for some reason. Mmm, purple is good! (: Although, my belief is that toes are inherently ugly things and no matter how we pedicure them toes will still be ugly toes. So I don’t bother too much with them.

      • EC replied:

        Tks for taking time to reply sucha long message! Hm, yeah I prefer dark colours for toes! I got super ugly toes! Small toe nails! AHGLEE to the max!

  26. carol replied:

    hey babe, do u use a primer b4 applying foundation etc? :)

    • nicole replied:

      Nope I don’t! I don’t believe in them! A good foundation will act as a base itself, no need for extra primers!

  27. michhhy replied:

    Heh Nicole! Do you know which brand of foundations are good? Lancome, Chanel, MAC or Bobbi brown? Which are better? And what type of foundation donyou use? Liquid, compact or two-way? I am using BB cream and I think the coverage is quite good too! :)

  28. D replied:

    hello! where do you get nubar from? transdesign doesnt have any :( i like nubar’s GEM! and omg OPI’s merry midnight! WHY IS IT DISCONTINUED?!!?! WHYYY >:(

  29. EC replied:

    Hi Nicole! Which part of BKK u got the heels from? Can you leave me your email, wanna ask you things via email! (: Would you mind? (:

  30. Kate replied:

    Hi, what’s your makeup routine like?

  31. s replied:

    hi nicole….
    i heard from my frenz…
    Urban decay is having 30% sales again…=)

  32. vanessa replied:

    I like Jade Is The New Black by OPI, the HK collection. Anyways, did you take the biker jacket from HH’s upcoming collection? I cant really see the details on the black one.

  33. Rebecca replied:

    Hi Nicole! You haven’t been blogging in a long time! Anw, I’m in Sydney now and would like to ask if you could recommend anywhere with good Asian food?? Let me know if I could email you or something. Thanks!

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