I have neglected you :(

School has been driving me crazy with so many projects due at the same time and tests, and when there are none I just want to curl up and my bed and SLEEP, get drunk, or watch gossip girl and how I met your mother and house and scrubs.

Exams are in a week, and I haven’t started studying. Completely and utterly screwed. Well at least I’ve done pretty damn well for all of my projects, which make up a large proportion of my final grades.

So it’s been intense. I’ve had such horrible times, not sleeping for days, but also fabulous times out with my girlies. I promise to do a proper long post after my exams! They end on the 18th, and Garrett is coming over on the 19th, it’s gonna be mad fun, I can’t wait. Stay tuned!!

And one last thing, I’m coming back end June for 3 weeks!!!!!!!!! CANNOT WAIT.

Ciao! xx


June 1, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. sheila replied:

    omg. nicole! you have finally blogged for like a damn 12345 yearsss…. I MISSED YOUR BLOG POST like seriously.. urgh, do continue to blog please! HAHHAA


    • nicole replied:

      haha thank you! i hope i’ll have time to update more frequently! (:

  2. sheila replied:

    oppppss *miss*

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