Winter, officially

It’s winter here but in Sydney it doesn’t snow, the sun sets at 5 and it just rains and rains and rains and the winds kill you. On days like these I just love to snuggle up warm and comfy in bed with Joe all day.

It’s what is a Didi’s 22nd what is a birthday today! I’m gonna cook some yummy herbed drumsticks for dinner, then everyone’s coming over for drinks. Just a little party cause he hates making a big fuss over birthdays.

Some Hollyhoque goodies that Sheila has sent should be flying towards me now, I’m so excited to get my hands on them! She’s sending me a jacket and a couple of dresses, and some random stuff she bought for me in Korea, and some dresses for my friends as well! Thanks Sheila! <3 I’ve shown the Hollyhoque website to a few of my friends and they love the clothes and their super affordable prices.

Also, has anyone noticed that Joyce looks super different in the Hollyhoque shoots nowadays? She’s looking better and better for each shoot! I really like the way she does her make up nowadays, with the thick falsies and all. She looks like one of those Taiwanese models yeah? It’s sad that she’s coming to Australia to study as well, and now we need to find a new model for Hollyhoque! Let me know if you know any pretty girls who’ll look good in Hollyhoque’s clothes!

Hmmm these days I seem to be addicted to shopping online.. I wanna order heaps of stuff from ASOS cause of their cheap international shipping! I need to get some good boots but I don’t know where to find them in size 35 here!

Oh yes, this is long overdue, but a couple of readers sent in their nail polish shots and I really love them!

Rachelle’s Zebra Konad manicure with OPI’s Done Out in Deco! Really cool and pretty well done! :)

And this is Nicole Neubronner’s favourite polish, Ate Berries in the Canaries from OPI! A lovely bright creme!

Thanks for sending in those photos of your nails, girls! Keep sending photos in to to be featured on my blog if I loooove your nails!

Now for my silly nails of the week:




June 4, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Juvena replied:

    Hi ,

    Why not ask Sheila herself to model for hh ?
    She’s really pretty too !

    • nicole replied:

      I KNOW! She has a really cute cheerful face right? And she always looks radiant and pretty! I told her lots of but she says she modelling is too tiring and I think she gets a bit shy and self-conscious too! Haha yeah so she refuses to :(

      • Juvena replied:

        Yep , she looks really cute ! haha .
        Anyway , since you are coming back in june , are you gna model for hh probably for a collection or two ? If you are , great to see you back , you are also very pretty !!

  2. Cheryl replied:


    • nicole replied:

      Thank you! :D:D It took super long to do though but I love colourful nails xD

  3. Jasmine replied:

    You finally blogged again! Haha :)

    Hmm I’m a size 36, and I got my pair of boots from Novo. I think they were tagged a size 5, but it fits alright, probably depends on the cutting cos I tried another design in the same size and it was loose. But yeah, that’s the ONLY pair of footwear I’ve ever bought in Aust, lol.

    • nicole replied:

      Hi Jasmine! (: Haha oooh okay thanks! Damn aussie women’s feet are so big. Haha.

  4. Rebecca replied:

    Finally blogging again! Yes, it’s getting cold! Albeit not as bad as last year’s winter somehow… No need for a heater this time. Hot food will do, heh! :)

    • nicole replied:

      Helloo! Haha yeah! It keeps raining though. When are you leaving?

  5. Rebecca replied:

    Hmmm plans not definite now. I might be going with him for competition in Europe, if I do then we’ll fly back to SG on 16th June. If not, it’s 1st July. I mailed you! But maybe not getting through. Haha anyhow, study hard!!! There’s not much going out in this weather anyway boo :(

  6. A replied:

    Oh cool! Joe cohabits with you? (:
    Yup, it’s indeed really sweet to just cuddle up in bed together.
    At least it’s cold and nice there.. it’s hot and humid here in spore. and FAR more hot and humid than ever. >.<

    • nicole replied:

      Hey :) yeah we share a student apartment with 4 other people. Yeah I’m quite glad it’s cold here! I like it, just hate the winds esp at night!

  7. D replied:

    Hey I am going to aus soon an I still want to buy HH stuff, how much do u pay for international shipping?

    • nicole replied:

      It’s $9 per item! Standard price for singpost for that weight. Luckily Sheila gives me the clothes for free! She’s awesome. Which part of australia are you coming to?

      • D replied:

        Wow! That’s really ex! :(
        haha maybe she can give me some discount for being a long time buyer! :P
        I am goin to Perth! :)

        • nicole replied:

          Haha, I don’t think so.. It’s the singpost shipping charge, not her own charge. I pay for shipping when she sends stuff to me too! Anyway you’ll be willing to pay for it, trust me, the prices of the clothes even with the $9 shipping is a LOT cheaper than clothes in Australia. There’s also cheaper option, but it takes about 2 weeks. Oh, what uni are you going to? UWA?

          • D replied:

            yupp would be going down to UWA! Pretty scared yet excited cause i am going alone. hahah so lucky u have your bf with you! :)
            hahah yeah i think i would still want to buy and ship there! the place i stay at is super ulu :/

          • nicole replied:

            Haha yeah I heard Perth is super boring.. Full of kangaroos haha.

  8. joan replied:

    hey dear
    which uni is Joyce gg?
    is commerce in UNSW good? was planning to go over also
    pls do reply
    tks alot

    • nicole replied:

      Hey there, I don’t know which uni joyce is going to! Umm obviously I think it’s good that’s why I came here?

  9. Carly replied:


    stumbled upon your blog and really love your colorful nails. what brand of nail polish do you usually use? recently, i have been obsessed with nail polishes. do you do any nail art? also, you really have a nice skin complexion. i have big dark circle around my eyes. do you have any nice recommendation for eye concealer or highlighter?

    i think my comment of you is superfluous but still im gonna say you’re so PRETTY! :D

    • nicole replied:

      Hey, thanks for the compliments! (: I use China Glaze, Essie and OPI. OPI doesnt have very interesting colours though. Hmm what do you mean by nail art? I hate the kind where they stick rhinestones or glitter and that kinda ah lian stuff. My skin is actually really bad you cannot see only! Haha, I use Shu Uemura’s Pro Concealer, think it’s not bad! Dab a bit of white or pearly coloured eyeshadow on the inner corners of your eyes, it’ll make your eyes look brighter! (:

  10. Carly replied:

    You’re very welcome! :))
    Those brands are expensive. You definitely spend alot on nail polishes. I don’t mean those nail art stickers. I was referring like the one you posted in this entry. The purple nail color with zebra prints. Those sort which you have to put alot of time onto it.

    So, you only apply pearly-colored/white shadow to make your eyes brighter? I thought applying early-colored/white shadows make eyes look smaller?

    Anyway, thanks for you tip! I am so envious that you can go back to SG in july. :( I am also currently studying oversea but I couldn’t come back. Miss SG alot.

    • nicole replied:

      The one with zebra prints aren’t my nails! Read the caption, it’s a photo sent in by one of my readers.

      Nope you don’t apply only white eyeshadow, you apply your normal eyeshadow, then dab the pearly/shimmer colour only on the inner corners of your eye. I googled a picture for you. Click here.

      Get it? (:

      • nicole replied:

        or like this but I think it’s a bit too much here.

        • Carly replied:

          ahhh.. got it! Thank you so much! :))

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