crush a bit little bit roll it up take a hit

Aaaaand… No hangover. My liver is brilliant.

My blog views has taken a serious hit thanks to me being lazy and not blogging for so long.. :( where are my loyal readers! Haha..

Wow my life seriously revolves around food. Since I wake up in the morning I start thinking about what I’m gonna have for lunch, then after lunch I look forward to dinner, deciding what flavours I should add to my cooking, or where to go if we’re eating out. And then after dinner I start marinating meat for the next day’s dinner! And one thing about me is that when I’m set on eating a certain food, I MUST HAVE IT. If the restaurant I wanna go to is closed, or they don’t have the dish I want, I THROW A HUGE TANTRUM. Hahaha.

Anyway, this is a roast pork leg that my roomie Kylie and I roasted in our sucky oven! Yummyyyyy. I’m getting really good at making gravy from scratch as well! Caramelised red onions + beef stock + butter + milk + rosemary + black pepper + red wine + DRIPPINGS FROM ROAST then quick spin with corn starch to thicken. Easy peasy, and VERY yummy. So, the roast:

The crackling was so delicious and crispy!

Last week my friend Cayla brought me to her favourite cupcake shop in the city.

This is what we got.. Chocolate, Passionfruit,
Strawberries&Cream and Black Forest!

I shall end off with some camwhoring shots. I don’t actually take pictures of myself very often. Not one of those girls. But indulge me please.

Shopping outfit. Very memorable day. Haha.

My camera sucks.

And yup, that’s my bedroom. Pathetic, huh? It’s about 1/3 the size of my bedroom back in sg. :(

I would really like to upload my photos in a larger size, but the text column is too narrow. If you click on a photo, then click again I think you’d be able to view it larger. Anyone got a solution? Maybe I should change my layout!

Hmm, later!



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  1. Rachel replied:

    hi nicole, this is actually my first time chanced upon your blog and i like to say i really enjoy reading your interesting entries (:

    i have a question in mind that is, may i ask you to share about your daily make-up? eg, do you use faux lashes, compact powder or liquid ones, what are the brands that you would recommend?

    i hope it’s not too much to ask from and as detail as possible? cause i really like your make-up, looks natural to me (:

    thanks in advanced (:

    • nicole replied:

      Hi Rachel! Thanks :)

      Yup don’t worry, makeup is one of my favourite things to talk about.. I’ll give you a list of products I really like:
      Shu Uemura Face Architect Foundation – this is a creme/liquid. I think shu’s shades really suit our Asian skin tones, and I love its light texture.
      Urban Decay eyeliner – creamy, smooth to apply, doesn’t smudge very easily.
      NARS orgasm blush – gives a nice glow, suits almost all skin tones.
      Helena Rubinstein mascara – very black, lots of volume
      Majolica Majorca (is that how you spell it) mascara – less dramatic, quite lengthening.

      I don’t use false lashes often, occasionally if I go clubbing. Hmm, I guess my tips would just be to always always use mascara, for everyday go easy on the eyeliner, just line your upper waterlines and use brown eyeshadow for the lower lid, and wear a peachy pink blush! Can’t go wrong. :)

  2. M replied:

    you’re alive!! :D
    welcome back!! the cupcakes look yummoz!

    • nicole replied:

      Yes I am! Haha. Thanks :) yes I know! Wonderful buttery icing. How’ve you been?

  3. virgoscott replied:

    I’m still reading! haha!

  4. CHambo replied:

    LOL u look like bubzbeauty in ur luvos! HIGH FIVE xD

    • nicole replied:

      Lolll are you srs. You like it right.

    • nicole replied:

      i just went to watch one of her videos. fobby looking asian girl + irish accent = BIZARRE.

  5. Janelle replied:

    Hi Nicole, nice to see you blogging :)

    Can you recommend any mineral loose powder/foundation ? :) Thanks !

    • nicole replied:

      Everyday minerals! I think the ingredients are better than Bareminerals (which I think irritated my skin and caused me to get bumps due to the bismuth oxychloride) and there’s a wider range of shades! It’s cheap as well :)

      • Janelle replied:

        Thank you for getting back =) im going to purchase them now heh.

        • nicole replied:

          No worries! (: hope you like it! Mineral makeup provides very light coverage though, if you’d like anything heavier or a more polished look, I’d recommend a creme foundation! If you just want light coverage and a slight glowy look then mineral foundation should be fine!

  6. estherchiaxy replied:

    I’m still reading. Nice blog post Keep up the good job man! :)

  7. s replied:

    hi nicole, glad to see you blogging again :) i have white bumps after my aussie trip too and i recalled you had the same problem. did you get it cured? because i don’t know what to do :( thanks!

    • nicole replied:

      Hmm mostly? But I have a bad habit of scratching at my skin so I have some scarring. Hope that goes away soon! I don’t know what to do about it either than just wait!

      • s replied:

        haha i have the same habit too! i can’t stand them. good luck to both of us then! :)

  8. b replied:

    hey! what nail colour is that? it looks gorgeous! :)

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