Zomg it looks awesome!

The new iOS 4 features multi-tasking! Which means you can run apps simultaneously and switch between them. Like, Bejeweled, read and reply SMS, then straight back to Bejeweled. This is a very crucial feature that has been lacking with the iPhones and iTouches and iPad (ew) so far, and it’s something I’ve been hoping for for a long time. Nice job, Apple!

The phone is 24% slimmer, and encased in scratch-resistant glass on the front, as well as on the back, giving it a super sleek, sexy, sophisticated look (I alliterate). It’s also got an amped-up display which has supposedly 4 times the resolution of the current iPhone 3G. The camera is also now 5 megapixels, and has an LED flash.

The point they’re trying to sell the hardest is the forward-facing camera, which lets you make video calls. This is pretty neat but it isn’t new, so why are they trying to make it sound all revolutionary?! Also it only works in wi-fi zones. For now.

It comes out in Australia and Singapore in July, a month after its release in the US and 4 other countries. Needless to say, having owned every other version of the iPhone, I WANT THIS ONE!!!!! (The black one. The white one looks really ugly from the front.)

Click on the image below to jump to Apple’s website (if they haven’t already SPAMMED your inbox), where you can read more about it and watch videos of Steve Jobs and other balding men talk about how great their product is.


June 8, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. S replied:

    Its super cool… You gg to change ur 3.5g to 4g??

  2. jess replied:

    haha nicole, u wrote ur blog with so much effort, which surprises me. LOLLL wanna go get iphone 4 when we go shopping together?

    • nicole replied:

      darling it only comes out in late july.. and costs over a thousand dollars.

      • jess replied:

        lolllll. btw which website did we shop on dat day at ur place? d one with the not-so-hot chics lol i wanna find it n see if i could get something outa there. needa chill at home bored.

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