Coming home tomorrow

Exams are finally over, and I’m finally coming home tomorrow. I’m so excited to see all my friends and family back home (and big comfy bed and princess treatment), but I’m gonna miss Joe :(

Time has passed so quickly, half a year has gone by since I came to Australia, and I think I’ve changed a lot. I’ve been through so much, learnt so much and I’ve really enjoyed it. Life here is so different from in Singapore where I never had to lift a finger, every single thing I wanted was provided for, and I took all the small things for granted. The basic stuff like having to wash dishes after you eat. I had no idea what a complete bother it was. Back home after eating I’d just walk off and everything would be magically cleaned and taken care of, but here the mess doesn’t magically go away. I have to wash every single piece of cutlery or plate or pan. I didn’t realise there was so much trouble involved in having a meal. Back home when I got ready to go out I’d try on clothes and just leave them in a pile on the floor, on my bed, EVERYWHERE and when I came back everything would be perfectly neat again, but here the mess doesn’t go away. Everything requires discipline. Don’t leave the dirty dishes in the sink and walk away, remember to hang your coats up.

Anyway, Garrett’s here now and he’s gonna start at UNSW in semester 2, I’m really happy that he’s here. He’s coming back to Singapore for a week as well. I spent the whole day car shopping with him and his mom yesterday (coolest mom ever <3) and we found a nice jeep! And had drinks at my apartment again at night, with Cayla and Jamie as well. Which ended up with Cayla and I giggling uncontrollably and doing pirouettes around my kitchen. I don’t know.

Pictures from a night out at Verandah! Clubbing here is so different as well.. The culture is completely different, there’s no tables to book and drink at, everyone just stands, and there’s no VIPs or VIP area or anything.. And all the clubs I’ve been to are TINY. People generally don’t dress very well. And the music is pretty bad. Haha. And the worst part is we actually have to pay for entry! The boys were like OMG. Sigh. But we have fun anyway.

The two girls are Cayla and Jess, the two best friends I’ve made here! <3

Ok gonna go pack now, see you all very soon! :):)



June 23, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. EC replied:

    Hey girl, did you get your ring from F21? Where do you get your rings normally? (:

    • nicole replied:

      Nope I don’t shop there. Lotsa places! This one’s from asos, the others are from mango, bangkok, fred flare, tiffany’s, and I make some as well.

  2. jess replied:

    hey hey here to see wat ur up to!<3 shopping on hollyhoque now!!LOL

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