I’m back, yall!

Omg why is Singapore so hot??? I touched down and started perspiring immediately.

Sooo happy to see my family again. It’s just so nice to be at home with people taking care of you. My brother’s taller than me now! But still way skinnier haha. Hi Nigel if you’re reading this :D

Met Elena last night at the prata house for supper then she came over to watch TV and paint nails. Missed her so much! <3

Gonna head to Butter tonight finally!

Anyway if you didn’t already know, Hollyhoque launched a new collection this morning!

The highlights for me would definitely be the Shoulder Embellished Side Ruches Dress and the Diamond Cut Out M-Shape Top!

I love the interesting silhouette. It’s edgy and pretty at the same time.

And this is so elegant! Perfect for partying or dinners.

Another nice piece is the Strip Across Knit Top, chic and comfy. I’d wear this to Uni, or for a lunch with girlfriends.

Go check out www.hollyhoque.com before these lovely designs are sold out!


June 25, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. onesquare replied:

    hi nicole! you’re back! (: model for hh for one upcoming coll since you’re back!! hehe.

    • nicole replied:

      hello! :D nice to hear from you again. yup i will! (:

  2. Sheila replied:

    Hello! She definitely will! Hoho (: Nic! How long will you be back for!


    • nicole replied:

      i told you until mid july! haha. dinner tmr with anna?

  3. Sheila replied:

    Oh yes! I think you did tell me but I forgot lol. I’ll be at Plaza Sing this evening! Text me? What about Sammoo?

    • nicole replied:

      I don’t know where the hell sam is hahaha. Tomorrow la! Tonight I’m going zouk kekeke.

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