happy birthday Annabelle!

Finally had some Nagomiya with the girls last night! The food was still delish (pork rib and beef tongue… ZOMG), and Cindy our favourite waitress was so happy and surprised to see me! But sadly, they’ve jacked up their prices quite a bit which makes me kinda disappointed cause you know, it’s just against principles. Small good restaurant moves to a nicer place and they promise they would still be the same and not jack up prices but eventually when they get popular, they still do. They even tried to change the menu! Which made Sheila have a total fit. It’s so different now that even Cindy the waitress says she’s not happy working there anymore and is leaving soon. So sad! I doubt we’ll be going back there much more when she leaves also. I hope she’ll teach me the secret of marinating those pork ribs and beef tongue before she goes! Hahaha.

Sheila and I bought Annabelle a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, and Sam was like 2 hours late (what’s new). Hope Anna likes her present! (: After dinner we went to Anna’s house to finish the durian cake that her family got her. So yummy! I looooove durians. She says it’s from Goodwood Park hotel. I wanna go there for high tea soon!

And Anna has this thing about people not sitting on her bed or even TOUCHING it, so we were just lying and rolling around on the floor, it was quite funny haha. It’s been pretty long since all of us hung out together, it was really nice talking rubbish with them again.

And I don’t have pictures cause they’re in Sheila’s camera! We made Cindy take soooo many pictures of us hahaha! And and and I’m so incredibly stupid I forgot to bring my camera charger back from Aussie. So I stole Sean’s camera! It’s so small and cute, much like his.. er, face. HAHA.


On Saturday (3rd July) I’m heading down to Read Bridge at Clarke Quay for the closing party of the Singapore River Festival! DJ Kidda from the UK and The Mix Up Crew from Thailand will be spinning that night, and there will be an exclusive fashion show too!

I love parties at random places, and I think it’s super cool that this one is on a BRIDGE! Like, BEAT THAT! Haha. In case you’re not sure of which bridge, it’s the fat one at Clarke Quay. Yup, that one.

Entry for this party is strictly by guest list only, so just leave a comment to let me know, and mention that you’re on Nicole’s guest list at the door for VIP entry!




June 30, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. Janelle replied:

    Hi nicole!! Wld love to go for the party! Glad you’re back in sg!! :D

    • nicole replied:

      Thanks! (: That’s great, I hope to see you there! Just say you’re on nicole’s guest list at the door ya?

  2. Jiabin replied:

    Above 18?
    I’ll be there!

    • nicole replied:

      Great! (: Say you’re under my guest list at the door! Free flow from 10 pm to 12 am! Bring your friends too everyone can use my guest list! :D

  3. cherie replied:

    HI CAN I BE IN TOO? haha if I go with two-three friends is that okay though?! haha

  4. Lyn replied:

    Hi Nicole glad that you’re back!
    Count me in for the party! :)

  5. Mandy replied:

    Only 18 and above is allowed in?

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