Ooh I just found out that for the party on the Clarke Quay bridge on Saturday there’s FREE FLOW from 10 pm to 12 am! So you get free entry under my guest list + free flow! How awesome. Let me know if you wanna come and just say you’re on my guest list at the door for free VIP entry! (:

Hehe last night was sooo funny!!!

Sheila and JY came over for dinner cause my mom cooked, she made yummy kiam chai soup which Sheila loved cause it tastes like Ivin’s itek tim.

Then Sheila and I went to pick Annabelle up and we went to Movida for Moet & Chandon’s Sex and the City party by Elegantly Wasted! The theme was Black & White tuxedo so Sheila and I wore two of Hollyhoque’s upcoming black dresses. The place was so nice! All black and white with black and white chequered floors and white and black balloons. We were given party props at the door too, all of us got black feathered masks and I got a silver hat! Needless to say, we took about 250,289 photos. Even though I was wearing my massivest heels I felt superrrr short cause all the girls there were so tall! Haha. Photos are with Sheila again! I need to get them from her. Wish she knew how to use facebook :) We drank soooo much Moet Rose. Haven’t had champagne in such a long time cause in Aussie we only drink moscato.

Then we went off to butter with everyone, managed to squeeze 6 girls in the backseat! And I had a hotdog in the car that was really good, cause it was a cheesy sausage and I spammed ALL the sauces mayo mustard tomato and chilli and onions and pickles hahaha. I was sitting my bony ass on Naomi and when she took a bite of the hotdog she dripped sauce on me so she licked it off, and there were all these suggestive things said and the guys in front were like, we should totally record this. Ahaha.

Normally I don’t go to Butter on Wednesdays cause I don’t really like the Wednesday crowd. Who does. We spent most of the time there running around cause we’d be dancing and some random would come over and be like, “Excuse m-” but then we’d be GONE cause we’re NINJAS. Haha it was hilarious. I figured out how to keep Sheila sober! Continuously feed her ice cubes the whole night. I really like dancing with Anna and Sheila! <3<3 Even though the music was hip hop. Oh and there were so many old uncles in the VIP how gross.

The few photos from Sean’s camera:

Yah I know I’m fat :(

Andrew busy DJ-ing

Okay gotta go surprise someone. KEKEKE. BYE.


July 1, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. lula replied:

    hi! what cleanser do you use? your complexion is really good!

  2. nicole replied:

    do you use falsies? love the lashes!

  3. zee replied:

    Hello Nic.. welcome back.. nice to see u here again.. btw i like ur falsies, whr u get from?

  4. bian12 replied:

    hi nicole! what makeup base and foundation do you use? your complexion looks really good! Do you happen to use concealer too, if yes what brands? thanks :)

    • nicole replied:

      Hey, my complexion is quite bad lately, but I think my foundation is really good! I’m using Shu Uemura’s creme foundation, as well as their concealer! :)

  5. YF replied:

    hi nicole! you look great in the HH black dress :D may i know if you altered the length or is it it’s original length? if so, how much shorter did you alter? thanks for answering :)

    • nicole replied:

      It’s altered! I dunno, Sheila did it for me!

  6. elaine replied:

    which shu umera cream foundation n concealer?they only gt one kind?

  7. thenevernude replied:

    Omg! This was pre-my surprise kekeke.

    Also, I realised I’m logged in as nevernude. I’m not nevernude, I’m Elena.

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