We went down to 313 to surprise Elena today! BE HAFF BIRTH ELEN!!! <3<3 I NUMYOOOO.

She was so happy! :D Look at her face.

And we went to some bar for drinks. I <3 watermelons. Annabelle made that ring!

Oh yes remember to support Nevernude!

How hot is Jac seriously! Her legs are like ENDLESS. And she’s sooooo shy. Haha.<3

Nightnight! :)



July 2, 2010. Uncategorized.


  1. thenevernude replied:

    Noo take away photo looks terrible :(

  2. thenevernude replied:

    Oops that was Elena.

  3. thenevernude replied:

    jac: HAHHAHAH! but u look super super happy!

    thanks for helping nic :D u so awesome

  4. EC replied:

    Nicole, did you dye your hair? Where you dye it? Is nice! How much also? (:

  5. Ting replied:

    Hey nicole, for HH garden party bodycon which color would u go for? purple or yellow? & which do u think for fair ppl? Thanks alot! :)

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